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Larisa Borushko – Russian actress, talented, organic, compelling, with thoroughbred beauty, a bright star flashed in the acting firmament and faded all of a sudden, untimely and unclear…

Happy in my personal life

The family life of Larisa Borushko was happy with Eugene Menshov – the Soviet theater and cinema actor, TV presenter, whose name is always associated with the television festival, ‘song of the year”.Larisa Borushko In the marriage with him she lived for 18 happy years, giving birth to a beautiful son Alexander. And the first years of married life in material terms was quite heavy. Larissa Eugene left his first wife Natalia Seliverstova. The first time the lovers lived in a communal apartment in a tiny room with no furniture, slept on Newspapers spread out on the parquet floor. And it is at the peak of fame Eugene Menshov! Only after some time friends helped them with getting separate apartments.

Creative ways

Larisa Borushko-Menshov – a native of Brest. The light it appeared on 24 April 1963. With an acting career, the girl decided while still in his Teens, and after high school, he entered theatre and art Institute in Minsk. After her studies, she took an important decision: filed documents to GITIS. After passing the exams, Larisa came to the course of A. Goncharov and became his favorite student.

After graduation to get to the theater to a favorite teacher failed and Larissa played 2 seasons in the Metropolitan theater. Ostrovsky. Then there was the theater. Gogol, who Larisa is honestly dedicated 10 years of his life. Theatre actress loved more than movies: a long process of filming just tired of it. Although the movie brought her wide fame and love of audience. But that was then…


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Larisa Borushko Menshova

And first, its work was appreciated by American playwright Arthur Miller. Sitting in the audience and watching the progress of the play written by him “After the fall”, he was very impressed with the game the main character (Larisa Borushko). Immediately after the first act the author had to fly, but spontaneously decided to return the ticket to fully enjoy the brilliant acting. At the end of the performances of the young actors heard a lot of flattering words from a famous American writer.

First movie

In the movie, the actress Larisa Borushko-Menshov made his debut in the film “the Airport with service entrance" (1986). This is the story of one airport stopped flights due to heavy snowfall. In the waiting room was crowded with thousands of passengers. Working in such a difficult change unite previously clashed chiefs of the two shifts: each of them will overhaul its moral and professional position.

Next was a cameo role in the films “In the city of Sochi dark nights», «Tram “Anna”, “Smoke”.

Then came the 90s Stagnation in life, a long pause in art, the universal unemployment. Was hard on everyone, including Larissa. But lively actress, full of stubborn and independent character, has managed to survive this period and find yourself in creativity.Larisa Borushko photo

In 2001, screens out the film by Director Ivan Solovova «Avalanche», in which Larisa Borushko (photo in the article) played a major role. The story tells about the world famous pianist Igor Mesazheve achieved by mid-life success, fame, happiness. A life full of prosperity, but frozen at this level. And then like an avalanche, sweeping away everything in its path, descended the love of…

In 2002 released film “the Yellow dwarf” and “Azazel" with Larisa Borushko in the role of Amalia Bezhetskaya Kazimirovna.

"Doomed to become a star"

In 2005, screens out the series “Doomed to become a star” in which Larisa Borushko played the role of Cleopatra. This intimate story of a provincial Cinderella brought the actress a huge portion of the audience's love and a mountain of letters from fans of her work.

Cervical Cancer – the terrible diagnosis sounded like thunder from a clear sky. And to treat the disease it was too late, although physicians and relatives have taken all possible measures. In active sensing the process Larisa just did not have time to find time for doctors, what started my illness. actress Larisa Borushko Menshova

Not to became a talented Actresses of may 1, 2006. Buried Larisa Borushko at the Mitino cemetery in Moscow.

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