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Cecilia Roth, also known as Cecilia Rotemberg, is a popular Spanish and Argentine actress. Her career began with bit parts in various TV shows, but thanks to his talent Cecilia has achieved popularity and recognition. Today she is active in films production not only of Argentina, but also Spain and Mexico. Once the actress was honored with prestigious prizes for best female role. It is very popular in modern film, and at the Venice film festival in 2001, Cecilia Roth even included in the jury.

Early biography of the actress

Cecilia was born in Buenos Aires on 8 August 1956. Her father is Abrasha Rotenberg, a Jewish Ukrainian descent. He is a talented journalist, editor, author of several historical non-fiction books and Jewish folklore. It happened that A. Rotenberg in the 30-ies of the last century, emigrated to Argentina. There he met Dina, the mother of the actress, the Chilean singer performing Hebrew songs. The couple had two children: a girl, Cecilia and the boy Ariel. The brother of actress also became a famous personality, he is a popular rock musician who played in such groups as Los rodríguezíguez and Tequila. His childhood and youth, the future actress spent in Argentina. There began in her first audition in the acting direction.Cecilia Roth

The Beginning of a film career

Cecilia's Mouth, her biography testifies, since the childhood dreamed of career of the actress, good fate contributed to this. First, the girl took part in various TV shows, where she got only a cameo role. But very soon Cecilia noticed and she received invitations to several major Argentine projects. But after such a successful start to her acting career, the girl has yet to leave Argentina. This was due to the fact that her father was persecuted by armed groups montoneros. Abrasha Rothenberg in 1976 left with the children Argentina and moved to Spain. Cecilia Roth not parted with his dream to act in films, and continued to work hard in this direction.Cecilia Roth movies


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Collaboration of the actress with Pedro Almodovar, great Spanish film Director

One of the first films in which he appeared Cecilia Roth in Spain, was a picture of Ivan Zulueta called "Flash". It was released in 1979 and soon became a cult. Wide popularity of the actress came after his collaboration with Pedro Almodovar. She was lucky to meet this great filmmaker, after which they cooperated. At first, the girl had a cameo role in his paintings, but then, as he said himself, Pedro, "she graduated to home". The talented actress was one of the muses cult Director, she starred in six of his paintings. Cecilia Roth biography, Viewers saw Cecilia Roth in the first film by Almodovar called "Pepi, Lucy, BOM and other girls". Then followed the screwball Comedy "Labyrinth of passion", where the actress played a subsidiary role, and his black Comedy "dark habits". Despite the fact that in 1995, Cecilia Roth returns to Argentina and starts to participate in other projects, the relationship with a talented Director, she does not lose. As a result, viewers in 1999 saw one of them the joint most successful project. The painting is titled "All about my mother" where Cecilia plays a major role, has received great recognition by both audience and critics. The film has won more than forty prestigious awards, including "Oscar", "Czech lion", "Golden globe", "Goya". In 2012, Pedro almodóvar invited the actress to star in a film called "I'm so excited", and in the spring of next year this picture will be released.

Cecilia Roth. Filmography

The greatest recognition she received for his film "All about my mother" and she most fruitfully collaborated with Almodovar. But beyond that, Cecilia Roth appeared in other Spanish, Argentine and Mexican Directors. It can be seen in the films of Daniel Burman, Marcelo Pinheiro, Alejandro Agresti, Aristarain and others. Filmography Actresses is quite impressive, her film will not enumerate. But some paintings, besides those mentioned above, you should still call. The most famous are the paintings with the participation of the heroine of our article: "Second skin", "Night of love", "Private life", "Kamchatka", "Talk to her", series "Women killers," "the Epitaph", "the Chosen one", "Take me" and other interesting films.

Awards and prizes famous Actresses

Cecilia Roth filmography

Today, one of the most popular Actresses ispanogovoryashchikh is Cecilia Roth. Movies where she starred, warmly welcomed the audience, appreciate the criticism. For this, the actress repeatedly received prestigious awards. In 1998 and 2000, she received the Goya award as the best performer of the main role. In 1999 awarded the prize of the European film Academy. Cecilia Roth was also the "Best actress of Spain", is a state title, she is officially awarded in 1997. She was a member of the jury of the Venice film festival in 2001.

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