"Autumn cannibalism": Salvador Dali and the Civil war in Spain


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The Meaning of many paintings Gave the researchers are not entirely clear. But “Autumn cannibalism" is interpreted unambiguously. Equate it to "Guernica" Picasso: in an original manner peculiar to them, the artists portrayed their fear and disgust before the Civil war in Spain.

About the author

Salvador Dali – one of the most popular artists of our time. Only Picasso could compete with him in popularity in the twentieth century. But, in contrast, Dali was also a brilliant marketer. He managed to sell not only his paintings but also his image, carefully emasculated and covered prudently fabricated legends. This giperpoverkhnosti led to the fact that by the end of the last century in Europe and America works of Dali has managed to get bored, as evidenced by the auction sale. At the same time in Russia, his paintings continue to enjoy great success. “Autumn cannibalism”, written in 1936, belongs to the early period of the artist. autumn cannibalism

The Plot

The painting “Autumn cannibalism” depicted the Catalan beach and standing on the dresser. Here are the protagonists of the work: two anonymous beings, one of which is veiled the female in the other - masculine traits. Woven in a crazy embrace, they eat each other. In this tangle of bodies is difficult to disassemble, where whose flesh. On the picture are the attributes of the still life: broken bread, nuts, apples. On the table are scattered pieces of fresh meat, one of them nailed.

In the background – crimson scorched the valley, behind it one can see the structure of Spanish town. From two sides it is surrounded by mountains. In one of the hills on the right you can see the rapaciously grinning face. Cloud is also not a coincidence, there is a profile, distorted scream of terror. In contrast to the surrealistic foreground and background in Dalí's paintings often look quite realistic. Dali autumn cannibalism


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Quite difficult to talk about the story in the paintings of this painter, and especially to interpret it. But for walkthroughs “Autumn cannibalism" of the work, researchers are unanimous: the story was inspired by the horror of Civil war in his native Spain. Devouring each other's being, woven into a ball – is one of the Spanish people, split into two parts. Eating my brother, he destroys himself. Like other Dali paintings, “Autumn cannibalism” is filled with different characters. So, the ants in his work – the symbol of death and decay. The bread represents the fear of hunger and poverty. Chest – an image often encountered in works of the artist. It is a kind of “Pandora's box”. Here, hiding hidden desires, secret thoughts, unconscious fears. The Apple on the head of one of the characters is interpreted as an allusion to the legend of William tell. According to legend, he was forced to shoot an arrow at an Apple on the head of his son. Thus, the painting symbolizes the fruit of coercion from the outside and at the same time, the close relationship of two beings. Cleaned the Apple on the counter symbolizes, contrary to legend, the inevitable death of his son.

The Paintings of Dali – a complex cultural phenomenon, ambiguous to perception and interpretation. This does not negate the fact that the artist remains one of the key figures of the twentieth century.

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