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The Turkish series is filled with stories about pure and sincere love of life and injustice. One of the most striking projects in Turkey is the series “the Smell of strawberries». The cast of “the Smell of strawberries” are selected with great trepidation, making the main characters fall in love with millions of viewers.

The plot of the series

Throughout the picture reveals the love story of a young and pure girl with a beautiful name Alsy. In her heart lives the dream – she wants to become a pastry chef and achieve world fame in this case. At one point, her life presents her new acquaintance with a young and wealthy guy named Burak. He's not just an interesting man, he is the most eligible bachelor in the whole of Turkey. The first meeting does not bring special pleasure new friends and even generate hatred in their hearts. Once ALSA is sent along with a friend in Bodrum. And to her surprise along with her in the plane is the most hated guy. The cast of “the Smell of strawberries” performed their roles superbly, none of the audience could doubt that all of them felt real.

the cast of the scent of strawberries

Actors and their roles

“the Smell of strawberries” series, the actors who as the selection. All participants of the shooting process incredibly talented, and their characters incredibly attractive.

Demet özdemir – Alsy – sweet and open girl who wants to meet a real Prince.

Yusuf Chim – Burak – a young, loving guy, with a very charismatic appearance and stubborn character.

Ekin MERT, Damast – Volkan – cousin Burak, perfect both externally and internally. He works and learns, and behaves always the same – the viewer really want to see his character as often as possible.


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Gazda Kaya – Chagla – a truly negative character. She meets Burak, lives in abundance and is interested in fashion. Almost all the machinations in the series rigged her hands.

Zeynep Bayat Tugce – Ganja – a close friend and colleague at the confectionery shop Alsy. With past jobs they retired together, and now Gonzha is striving to find a rich suitor to live a comfortable life.

Mahir Gundiri and Lachin Ceylan – Nihat and Zelda Masharova – parents Burak, a strict father and infinitely loving mother.

strawberry smell series actors

Demet Ozdemir

“the Smell of strawberries” - Turkish TV series, the actors who amaze with their beauty. The audience throughout Cheryl admires the expressive features Demet Ozdemir. Overwhelming popularity she received after the release of the TV series with her participation – NO:309 or the “Scent of strawberries». But also the Russian audience is familiar with her picture “Kurt Seyt and Alexander”.

In a variety of guises dabbled the cast of “the Smell of strawberries». Biography Demet includes work as a dancer and shooting in “I tell you a secret” and “Keep the word”. It should be noted that all the events happened in a relatively short period of time. She started acting in 2013.

As for his personal life, relationship with Yusuf CIMOM for her in the past, and now the heart of the actress absolutely free. The cast of “the Smell of strawberries" (photo below) met for long. Most likely, they are simply too deeply felt its heroes, and adopted their emotional state. But as you know, novels, emerging on the set, rarely lead to a serious relationship.

the smell of strawberries Turkish TV series actors

Yusuf Chime

Yusuf Chim was born in Turkey, like many of the cast of “the Smell of strawberries». His biography is not filled with dozens of roles in movies, because initially nobody even could not think that the guy linked his life with creativity. After school, Yusuf decided to enter the school of computer technology and successfully graduated from it, continues to learn at this time in the State University radio and television.

At this stage on his good looks and beautiful figure drew the attention of a model and advertising agencies. He begins to Shine on the pages of glossy magazines and participate in fashion shows. Yusuf, being a very creative person, has his album, some clips, experience as a television host.

Start an acting career started with a picture of Ezra, but the peak of popularity falls on the screens of the series «the Smell of strawberries”.

The Personal lives of the cast of “the Smell of strawberries” is in the public domain, after some time Yusuf Chim was in a romantic relationship with Demet Ozdemir.

the cast of the scent of strawberries photo

Ekin MERT, Damast

Ekin was born in 1990 in the Netherlands. From childhood he was a very active guy, professionally engaged in basketball, but a serious injury forced him to leave a career and to devote all of his time studying. While studying at the University Halic Ekin appeared in advertising and participated in model contests.

Debut role he received in 2014 in the series ‘the notebook”. But special popularity, like almost the entire cast of “the Smell of strawberries”, he got after the role of Volkan. In 2016, he's got one of the main roles of the series «Life is beautiful when love”.

All the spare time the actor is paid to fitness, travelling and meeting friends. Currently, he is in a relationship with a well-known Turkish actress Hande of Archil.

the life of the cast of strawberry smell

Gazda Kaya

Gazda Kaya – an aspiring actress, the young star of Turkish cinema. The girl was born in Istanbul in 1997. Acting talent, Gazda Kai can be called a family, because her sister is a successful Turkish actress Hazal Kai. That is wanting to be known as sister, the young actress decided to link their lives with creativity. The mother of the girls supported by the zeal of the sisters to fame, therefore recorded them in modeling school and a dance club. Individual acting lessons sisters took five years. Gazda Kai starred in commercials and won the beauty contest, where she noticed the Director of the series «the Smell of strawberries». By a lucky chance, she got her debut role.

the cast of the scent of strawberries biography

Zeynep Bayat Tugce

She was born in a good family, lived in prosperity and love. Mother Zeynep did not work and all the time devoted to raising two daughters. After his father's death the family life of the actress turned on its head. Mother went to work in a Bank in Ankara, forcing them to move. Twelve-year-old girl Zeynep said the Director of a modeling Agency, which allowed her to start a new, very busy life. The young actress in his seventeen years studying in high school and starred in the TV series ‘the Smell of strawberries». Interest in an acting career gave rise to her desire to become a professional actress.

Mahir Punsiri

The actor was Born in 1960 in a family of actors. Mom's determination to glorify the son led to the fact that in five years, he knew every Director. At the age of five he starred in the movie Oglum Oglum, but then stepped father, who believed that the child must be a full-fledged childhood. Thanks Mahir, not burdened with the game in the movie, was able to finish school and University. Filmography of the actor includes more than ten films. In addition to a successful acting career, he works in the directing field.

Lachin Ceylan

“the Smell of strawberries” series, the actors who are mostly very young and inexperienced. Lacin Ceylan, in turn, can boast acting experience. She starred in a dozen TV series, including ‘Watchtower” and “Remember me”. Born in Turkey, Lachin his childhood and youth lived in Germany. Creativity was manifested already during her school days during a visit to the drama club. Initially, career serials actress she did not go well, in contrast to the theatrical. For the first time she starred in TV series, being at the age of 29 years.

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