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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin - one of the most famous poets and writers of Russia and the world. He left behind a great number of works, which are investigated so far. About his life, about relationships with women is legendary. This is not surprising: Pushkin extremely liked women, most of them he devoted to poetry. One of them - "Keep me, my talisman". Analysis of the poem shows that this work can also be attributed to the love lyrics of Pushkin.

keep me, my mascot analysis of the poem

Relationships of A. Pushkin and E. Vorontsova

The Work is dedicated to E. Vorontsova. Analysis of the poem as Pushkin's "Keep me, my talisman" is impossible without information about the relationship that bound him to this woman. About love relationship with Vorontsova Pushkin opinions of scholars differ. The majority believes that between Pushkin and Vorontsova in the Crimea was a romantic relationship. E. Vorontsova was struck by its beauty and intelligence. Before exile in Mikhailovskoye Pushkin Vorontsov gives the ring. The poet did not shoot him until his death: he was removed from the dead Pushkin, Zhukovsky. Literary critics who have studied the work of Alexander, say that the visit to Mikhailovskoye, the poet is suffering. Vorontsov wrote him a letter, and Pushkin was locked up in his room to read them.

Another point of view, contrary to all the above. Some literary critics believe that Pushkin could fall in love with art: he had a romantic relationship with Vyazma. And she also sent letters to the poet in Mikhailovskoe. Analysis of the poem as Pushkin's "Keep me, my talisman" was trying to do to many researchers, scholars to find verses answer all the questions. In any case, the true story remains unknown.

analysis of the poem and Pushkin, keep me, my talisman

The Theme of the poem

The story contains a poem "Keep me, my talisman". Analysis of the product is impossible without analysis of each stanza. The poem was written in 1825.

In the first stanza of Pushkin talks directly to the talisman. He asked to keep it during the worst days of his life: repentance, suffering, persecution, etc., Why the poet uses this form of the word "bless" and not any other in the novel "Bless me, my talisman"? Analysis of the poem by Alexander Pushkin can be linked with the words of the prayer "Save and protect". Thus the poet identifies the ring with something powerful, miraculous, divine power.


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Next please specify the poet: he says, when ("when the storm breaks the clouds") and where ("in the privacy of alien countries"), the mascot needs to keep it.

The Last verse written by the poet, speaks of dashed hopes and left the lyrical love. The lyrical hero does not just inform, he asks for his talisman to remind him about these wounds, as the analysis of verse.

Pushkin ("Keep me, my talisman"), his work built in the form of a prayer addressed to the ring-Keeper, given to the woman.

Shape poem

In literary criticism adopted in the analysis of verse to determine the size of the verses. For notation there are 5 main forms of verse are Iamb, choree, anapest, dactyl and amphibrach. In order to determine the size necessary to place accents over the words and count the feet. Stop is a collection of one shock and one unstressed syllable. Try to understand the piece, "Keep me, my talisman". Analysis of the poem showed that Alexander Pushkin used the poem - the stress falls on every second syllable. For all lines, except the second, found pass stress - pirihi.

So the poem is written with iambic chetyrekhtomnym.

keep me, my mascot analysis of the poem by Alexander Pushkin

Rhyme poem

The nature of the accent rhyme can be for men and women. In the poems with masculine rhyme, the accent falls on the last syllable of each line, with a female - on the penultimate. If you carefully analyze the work of Alexander Pushkin, it becomes clear that the poet combined the masculine and feminine rhyme. The first and last line of each stanza is the male, second and third female.

Rhyme rhyme may be annular and cross. The ring rhyme is a rhyme of the first and fourth lines of the stanza, and the cross - first and second, third and fourth. What type of uses Pushkin in the novel "Bless me, my talisman"? Analysis of the poem shows that this is a ring rhyme.

Poems by A. S. Pushkin all-its amazing and unique. It is impossible not to pay attention to the variety of epithets and other techniques that the poet uses.

analysis of the verse of Pushkin, keep me, my talisman

Pushkin left us, the descendants, a huge literary heritage, including the poem "Keep me, my talisman". Analysis of the poem by Alexander Pushkin only confirms all of the above. Pushkin, the greatest poet.

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