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On the screens constantly come out with different movies in large numbers. Actors with each passing day it becomes more and more. Viewers can see how a young, still unknown and popular, beloved man on their television screens. In this review we will talk about one of the actors. It is known to many due to the large number of movies releases in which he has participated.

Sergey Stepanchenko

Many famous, popular and beloved actor Sergei Stepanchenko in life is a good-natured and just man. This is the quality which has attracted audience of millions. If you are interested in the biography of this great actor, his personal life and filmography, then you should read this review.

Early years of the famous actor

Born Sergey Stepanchenko 18 Jun 1959. It happened in Tatarsk, which is located in the Novosibirsk region. As indicated in his birth certificate. Due to the fact that his father was a military man, the family quite often changed their place of residence, moving from town to town. When the future actor was only 2 years old, his father was transferred to serve in a new town – Vladivostok. There he headed the ship connection. Due to the fact that the man did not want to live so far away from his family, wife and child moved with him.

Almost all his childhood Sergey Stepanchenko held in Chernigov. This village was located in the Primorsky Krai. Building a military family was furnished rather modestly. However, the mother of the future actor was not difficult to make his home cozy. The local nature has always fascinated young boy. Did his life in the village more interesting.


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Education and success in sport

Sergey Stepanchenko visited two schools. In addition to conventional educational institutions, he went to the sports section. The future actor was engaged in wrestling and shot put. All the teachers in one voice argued that it is waiting for a great future in front of the athlete. The guy dreamed of to become a trainer, to teach children wrestling. Subsequently, however, his preference has changed.

actor Sergey Stepanchenko

When the actor Sergey Stepanchenko began to study in high school, his Outlook on life has changed dramatically. He decided that as soon as I finish the eight-year school, then immediately go to “sailing”. His mother such life plans are not particularly liked. In the end, she was able to convince him otherwise.

Departure to Khabarovsk and going to College

After receiving secondary education actor Sergey Stepanchenko decided to go to Khabarovsk. In this city he wanted to go to College of physical education. The guy was credited without any problems. However, the study was not long. Sergei had only two months to realize that sport is not his calling. Why is he suddenly understood it? What caused this?

Unexpected change preferences

The thing is that Sergei unexpectedly appeared on the set. While in the far East came Sverdlovsk film Studio. For anybody not a secret that Primorsky Krai has a picturesque and stunning scenery. That came to the Studio in order to shoot your film on the background of beautiful places. Needed a strong guys that could pull in a few takes. And they got Sergey Stepanchenko. Biography of the actor at this moment made a new revolution.

Sergey Stepanchenko biography

Naturally, the guy coped with the task completely, valorises 100%. He fell in love with the charm of the set. It was after this experience he decided to leave the Institute of physical education. Later he enrolled at the far Eastern Institute of arts in the acting Department. Successfully graduated from it in 1982, having received the corresponding diploma.

Theatre actor's life

Any issues with applying for a job Sergei has not experienced. He decided to go to Syzran, where he joined the troupe of one of the dramatic theatres. Having worked in this local establishment for about 3 years, he decided to change his life, add new colors. In 1985, Sergey Stepanchenko, a photo of which can be seen in the course of reading the review, moved to Moscow.

Sergei Stepanchenko photo

The Aspiring actor was admitted to the Lenkom theatre. Naturally, he started his career by playing a cameo role. For example, in the play called "til" he got the role Lamme. But all the famous actors started small, gradually achieving this goal. So our hero went that route.

The First role in films

On the screen viewers saw Sergey in 1986. It was his first role in the film. He played in one episode of a film called “Zina-zinulya”. Did not stop Sergey Stepanchenko. Filmography it was added the same year. He took part in the filming of “red”. It just so happened that smiling actor received only comedic roles. This role for him and were fixed. Don't believe it? Then view a film called “Crazy” stage Director Alla Churikova. Sergei got the role of Fedka, Pirandello. And he successfully was able to get into the character.

But this picture brought Sergei all-Russian glory. It was given by one of his roles in the TV series, which is also known under the name Next. He got the image of Sancho – primary assistant to the crime boss of Laurel.

What movies starred famous actor?

In his life the actor beat a huge number of roles not only in films but in TV series. The number of films in which he took his part, exceeded 70. List them all is not worth it. We will note only the most striking, which are remembered by the audience.Sergey Stepanchenko filmography

  1. In 1991, the actor starred in a film called ‘inner circle”.
  2. In 1995, Sergey was invited to take part in the filming of the movie “Crusader”.
  3. In 1998, he already starred in the film “the contract with the death”.
  4. In the period from 2001 to 2006, the actor played in the TV series "Detectives" in the role of Egor, Remigailo.
  5. In 2002, viewers were able to see him in the movie “the Failure of Poirot”, in which he got the role of the inspector.
  6. In 2007, Sergei starred in the movie “Loser” (the role of Basil).
  7. In the film adaptation of “Taxi driver” our hero was filmed in 2012. Of course, in the role of a taxi driver.
  8. In 2014, in rolling out the picture “well”, in which he played the role of a Seasoned.
  9. In 2015 in the role of Colonel Faust the actor starred in the film “the Alchemist. Elixir Faust”.

This is only a fraction of those paintings in which participated Sergey Stepanchenko.

Personal life of the famous actor

Can it be alone a positive, charismatic man? Of course not. First fell for the actor during his school years. However, in those days a girl back he never answered. But the future actor did not even think to despair. He is not disappointed in women. As a teenager, he had an affair with the girls from your yard. What is sought our hero? He was attracted by the strong relationship. He needed the one with which he could build a family. And finally met her darling Sergey Stepanchenko.

Sergey Stepanchenko wife

The actor's Wife had nothing to do with his profession. Ira, namely, as it was called, was a kindergarten teacher. Sergey beautifully cared for the girl, constantly giving her flowers and a variety of trinkets. And one day she agreed to marry him. The wedding of this couple was quite modest. They decided not to call a large number of guests, and to share this celebration with only the closest people. But is it important? It is enough that Sergei and Irina was happy.

The Replenishment of the family

In 1978, the son of actor daughter. Called her Katya. Sergey was 19 years old when it happened. Every evening he hurried home after many rehearsals and filming. He loved spending time with his family, talking to your daughter. In 1997, there was another joyful event. It waited a very long time. The family had a son. Called him Yuri. Today Sergei and Irina have a granddaughter. Her name is Sonya. Gave birth to her naturally daughter Katya.

Get the honorary title

In this review were considered the biography of a famous, beloved and popular actor Sergey Stepanchenko. His life bright. It is filled with love of the wife and children. Our hero never desperate, always strove for his goal, he achieved it. It should be noted that his efforts were crowned with a remarkable event. In 2005, the actor received the title of people's artist of Russia. He's earned it.Sergey Stepanchenko personal life


Should wish the actor success in his future life. It will be interesting to see those projects in which he will participate. But the fact that they will still very much be doubted.


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