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Victoria Dayneko – one of the most famous artists on the Russian stage. For more than ten years, she pleases fans with their creativity. Biography of Victoria Daineko is replete with various interesting facts and events – even though the girl is only thirty.

Early years

Vika Dayneko was born on 12 may 1987 in a small village in the Kirov, that in the Republic of Kazakhstan (now renamed Billyk). Dad Peter (specialist “generalist”) and mother Eugenia (the programmer) more children were not, therefore all their attention and all the care they gave to only daughter. The girl grew up in an atmosphere of love, and still parents are her best friends.

Viktoriya Dayneko biography personal life photoWhen Vick was little more than a month, the family Dayneko moved to Yakutia, in the city of peace. There was all the youth of the future singer. Namely, the desire to become a singer Vika announced in “pink childhood”. But mom and dad felt that it was not serious, and therefore, since five years of age, Vick is doing ballroom dancing – and it lasted until then, until she was eleven.

Love of music

Despite the dancing, the love for music hasn't gone anywhere. Vic continued to dream of the big stage. But a creative way Victoria Daineko began with a small scene and, as usual, quite by accident: the school held a singing competition, where I went to Vika's girlfriend. She asked Vic to accompany her, Vicky agreed – and created a furor.

Despite the fact that she had no musical education, she had a very strong voice (which, incidentally, will repeat a common master in her future biography). Victoria Dayneko was invited to perform in the school band, where she remained until the eighth grade-it was then that talented girl called in a pop group Peace. And then followed work in another group and participate in many (if not all) musical events and competitions in the city. Soon Vic started talking, it had become a real local celebrity. In addition to the powerful voice data, Vika childhood were famous for their dedication and perseverance. It was a scene and, therefore, was required to hone skills. The problem was the lack of Peace in educational institutions in pop singing. Victoria worked independently – listening to songs of your favorite artists (mostly British), tried to emulate them, adopt their culture of execution.


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If at first, Vick was singing only other people's hits, then later, in high school, she had her own songs. The first of them, called “Red-haired girlfriend” a talented beautiful girl wrote to two local the author is currently collaborating with Leonid Agutin. In addition, Vick wrote poetry herself, and in two languages at once.


In Addition to Hobbies music, Vika seriously interested in the English language. However, without the connection with singing is also not done: simply Vick really wanted to sing in English and you can get on the world stage. So after high school, she didn't even question where to apply. Of course, in foreign languages! So in the biography of the Victoria Dayneko entered Moscow.

Seventeen-year-old girl alone came to the capital. Quite calmly she entered the Department of foreign languages. Parents rented her an apartment. Everything was new, unusual. It seemed to come waiting for years of study – but here it is, a whim of fate: it so happened that the apartment of Victoria found in the "Ostankino". Every day the girl walked past the television station, and thus learned about the beginning of the casting for the next season of the popular TV show “American idol” – already the fifth. Learned and without a doubt decided to try their hand.


In 2004, “Factory” has opened its doors for the fifth time. This time the chair took just three: the producers Igor Matvienko, Maxim Fadeev, the prima Donna-Alla Pugacheva. Thanks to Alla Borisovne Vick was able to get to the project.

Initially, the casting it was not passed. Was upset and returned home, but the thought – we must continue to fight! Back in the «Ostankino» and contrived to get to listen to Pugacheva. The contestants on the basis of the selection was divided into two categories – some politely thanked me, which meant failure, others were invited to sit and wait, we gave “pass” to the next stage. These cherished words, and I heard Vic singing in front of Diva. So in the biography of the Victoria Dayneko became a project that completely changed her life.

Viktoriya Dayneko biography personal lifeHas only one part in the show, which sees the multi-million audience, has meant a phenomenal success, but Victoria managed to achieve the seemingly impossible – a simple girl from the Russian hinterland, without education, without ties, but with a huge desire to work, she won the fifth season of “Factory” and signed a contract for collaboration with Igor Matvienko. So, I started a Wiki way to fame – seventeen and a half years.

Life after “Factory”

“idol” shared lives Victoria to «to» and «after». As was the custom in all seasons of the show, immediately after the end of the project young “stars” has gone to greata tour of the country. It happened in the fifth season, and together with other participants of Russia have traveled and Vic. In addition, the girl shot a video for the song "Layla", which she wrote during the project. Video filmed in Thailand and very young Vicky, the first time he found himself at sea and abroad, impressions and delight had plenty. From that time began the constant and fruitful work of the singer Victoria Dayneko.

Her Biography of those first years a rich variety of events was the recording of the soundtrack to the film ‘waiting for a miracle”, and several video clips, and the release of the first album “Needle”, and even candid photoshoot for a men's magazine (later Vika will say that it's her fault)… Life began to spin rapidly.

the husband of Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman biographyIn 2012, Victoria recorded two duet with rapper T-Killah (Alexander Tarasov) and with the group “Roots” (which, by the way, in the same way as it work with Igor Matvienko), and two years later released a second album in both Russian and English. The dream to sing in English still does not leave Vika.

Participation in projects

Many artists are happy to participate in various shows – some for a fee, someone to once again flicker in the TV, and someone – simply because get pleasure. And Vick is no exception.

Back In 2007, she appeared in the project “Ice age”. Followed by “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “Two stars" and – in 2011 – “Factory of stars. Return”, where the participants gathered in different seasons of the show, which became known. On this “Factory” Vick once again managed to win, beating out such rivals as Irina Dubtsova, Zahra, Vlad Sokolovsky, groups «Chelsea», “Factory”, “Yin and Yang”.

In addition to participating in the show, Victoria refuses to participate in the movie. She appeared in cameo in several TV series and announced three cartoon – “Noah's ark" (2007), "Rapunzel" (2010) and “Trolls” (2016). In the last two tapes the characters and sing the voice of the Wiki.

Personal life

Biography of Victoria Dayneko not poor for the "love Affairs”. Beautiful girl with an unusual appearance from her very first public appearances was attributed to various novels. Another “Factory” Vic met a dancer named Igor, who worked on the project. However, their relationship, which, curiously watched by all the fans of Vicky, did not last long.

The Following relationship girl someone believes true, and someone – a successful PR move, invented by producer for the heated interest in his players. Anyway, but in 2006 the media was filled with information about what new choice Victoria Daineko (pictured), whose biography is also well-known, none other than the lead singer of “Roots” Pavel Artemyev. Vicki and “Roots” in the clip, themes which resonated just love the relationship between Wick and pashas, and then the relationship gradually came to ‘no’.

singer Victoria Dayneko biographyIn 2010, “Roots” has a new soloist Dmitry Akulichev. And they have Victoria began an affair. Dmitry starred in a new music video girls (“Erase it from memory”), they are somewhat lit up together on a couple of occasions, but quickly fled.

Viktoriya Dayneko biographyThe Following relationship has left a big mark in the biography and personal life of Victoria Dayneko. Photo Alexei Vorobiev, where they are happy and in love, appeared regularly in magazines and social networks themselves artists. However, a little more than six months after the beginning of the novel Alex, whose volatility is legendary, left Victoria. The gap that occurred in 2012, just before her birthday, she experienced very hard.

Then came the 2014. And in Victoria's life appeared to her future husband-drummer Dmitry Kleiman.

Dmitry Kleiman

Biography of the husband of Victoria, BC (though now former) not pleased with extensive information. It is known that parents of Dmitry name is Andrey and Valentina, father – musician, born in 1994 (Dmitry younger than Victoria for seven years) his son followed in his footsteps. Fond of music and extracting rhythms Dmitry started from the age of five, and “trained” everything that came to hand.

In Addition to playing drums, is a guitarist and a beatboxer (beatbox – imitation music with voice), works with many popular performers and he is quite well known in musical circles.

Introducing Victoria

Vika and Dima met in October 2014-recording an album with Vick needed musicians, including playing the drums, she was advised several, among whom was Kleiman. Victoria admitted that immediately drew attention to him, while he initially reacted with indifference to the artist. However, they began to work together, then chat denser and denser. Then came the first of the hugs, kisses, and then he met the singer at the airport when she returned from touring, and since then they never parted.

Viktoriya Dayneko biography photoIn February, 2015 Dmitry did Victoria offer, and in April, the couple got married. They are not stopped nor the fact that Vic is older than Dima, nor that they were've only known each other six months. Victoria said she was more than sure of her feelings and Dima.

Child Birth

In October of the same year Victoria and Dmitri a daughter. Unlike many “star” (and not only) moms who constantly post pictures of their children and telling details of private life, Victoria was in no hurry to do either one or the other. She to this day does not show the daughter to outsiders, moreover, even a long time concealed the child's name-Lida.

Unfortunately, this summer the marriage of Dimitri and Victoria broke up, and even a General's daughter rescued him. The initiator of the divorce was Dmitry and Vika did not prevent him. The girl she educates herself, but had no objection to her meetings with her father. However, the last time Dimitri saw my daughter a few months ago.


Despite its relatively young age, biography, Victoria Daineko, there are a lot of awards. This “Fashion singer of the year" (2007), and five figurines “Golden gramophone” and “Best song» «red star” – and so forth. In addition, two years ago Victoria received the title of honored artist of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic.

Interesting facts

  1. Respect the work of British artists, especially Christina Aguilera.
  2. In ordinary life, quite shy, embarrassed when dealing with people.
  3. With the exception of a scene, never use cosmetics.
  4. Loves to be home, calls himself a homebody.
  5. “idol” tried to get to the project «people's artist", but failed.

Viktoriya Dayneko creative wayThey Say, fortune favors the open and motivated people. This is Vika Daineko – their dreams, she's ready to move mountains. And with this performance she probably will succeed!

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