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When he appeared for the qualifying round of the 16th season of «Battle of psychics”, the audience, at least a little familiar with the Moscow underground, was amazed. All fought in the mind of one question: "Why did he come here?" And really, why to pass the test designed for people with superhuman abilities, a person who combines the skill of the musician, avant-garde artist, writer, actor underground and some others? After the first release of the season, the audience began an endless argument about who he really is: the psychic with an amazing gift, a good actor or a charlatan. So, Sergey Pakhomov. Biography it attracted many curious eyes since the advent of the battle.

Childhood Hobbies

In November, 1966, there appeared a boy named Seryozha. He told me that at the age of five years his parents sent him to music school. He graduated in violin. He played and after finishing school, but soon abandoned this hobby. The case was to blame: his mother, somehow having slipped on the icy pavement during normal walking, fell on the instrument.

Sergei Pakhomov biography

Another passion of boy named Sergey Pakhomov, whose biography is full of obscure facts, was art. To his talent has been affirmed and developed further, he graduated from art school and school of industrial art. In College guy enjoys Russian painting techniques and iconography.

Parallel to this, he seems to like music and sport: playing in musical ensembles, and engaged in a struggle.

Exhibitions and gloss

In one interview, Sergei Pakhomov, whose biography is still questioned, as well as the facts stated in it, said that about a year before graduating them from College, he put in a psychiatric hospital named Kashchenko. The draft Board put him there, instead of being sent to war, not ending in Afghanistan.


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In the eighties avant-garde artist participated in some chamber art exhibitions, which were held not only in clubs but also in homes. At the end of the decade, Pakhomov have the opportunity to share their skills with foreign art lovers — in new York and Austria.

Sergei Pakhomov psychic

For twelve years, from 1988 to 2000, Sergei Pakhomov, a photo of which is presented in the article, with special attention studied art in the Americas and Europe. He believed that his further creative development is a necessary condition.

Another area of its activities — art Director in glossy magazines. He worked a full-time artist, and since the summer of 2009, he was the art Director in the wording of the Russian version of Elle.


Known Sergey Pakhomov, whose biography is continually replenished incomprehensible to the ordinary layman the facts became after the execution of the role in the notorious film Director Svetlana Baskova “Green elephant», «Cocci-the running doctor”, and some others. The Director believes that their joint with Sergey work on fact and substance the same as that of Fellini and Mastroianni. She constantly focuses on the fact that without this, the underground actor, none of her movies will not be bright and memorable, the films will lose their soul.

Sergei Pakhomov battle of the psychics

However, the actor himself refers to himself with a huge share of criticism and calls his work in the Russian film "a cross between absurdity and idiocy of”. The most notable role played by Sergey Pakhomov, a psychic in the near future, was the man from the village in the film “Green elephant”. He later appeared in the TV series Gai Germanicus.

Personal life of a strange person

His Personal life as well as his creative aspirations, full of a strange, and behind-the ordering of the absurd. On the one hand, in the spring of 2007 Sergey Pakhomov claims that is not married but is the father adopted son Ivan. On the other hand, in an interview that Sergey Pakhomov deals quite often, especially lately, he says that a happy marriage and bringing up his family of sons.

Only a couple of years ago made public was the fact that Sergei Pakhomov is married to Elena Tokareva, who was the chief editor «ELLE decor".

And again “Battle”

Grandfather Groin, as he calls himself, was one of the most extraordinary and controversial participants of the 16th season of «Battle of psychics”. His appearance on the show was very much unexpected. He was convinced that until that moment never watched any edition of the previous seasons. But his friends, who were aware of the fact that he has some ability, has convinced Sergei that he needs to try their hand along with other members.

In the first qualifying round when we needed to find a man hidden in the trunk of one of several dozen cars, is located on both sides of the large hangar, he struck gold. Velikolepno coped with the task, twice (!) found person Sergey Pakhomov. “Battle of psychics” have not seen this. None of the participants did not show such a greatresult. However, when he chose the right car, the presenter did not believe, thought that Pahom was just lucky, and asked him to try again. Which he did just fine!

Sergei Pakhomov photo

And further testing of this strange, more like homeless simpleton or a man who was nearby just marveled.

And only after the shooting, Sergei Pakhomov, whose biography is now flourished with bright colors, told why he's here. He just lacks the glory. Yes, of course, some of the fame he had after the release of films and exhibitions with his paintings. But it was not enough. What came out of it, you can learn by watching the 16th season of the battle people with superpowers.

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