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A Psychological Thriller, taking the soul of every viewer, with an ending that will stun all fans happy ends – all these words were spoken about the film “Buried”. The opinions of viewers who have viewed this film, suggests that the painting made a lasting impression on the audience, becoming a true masterpiece among films of this genre.


In the center of the picture is a young soldier serving in the army of the United States of America – Paul Conroy. Due to circumstances he goes to Iraq, where active hostilities. Performing the task command, gets injured, which at some time loses consciousness. When he awoke, he understands that he is in a shallow grave, buried under the earth.

Movie "Buried alive"

Phone detected Conroe in the pocket, it is associated with a member of the terrorist group, who took him prisoner. The offender promises that the Floor is released after the authorities paid a ransom for him – 5 million.

During the film the audience will not see anything except close the coffin and locked him as a man. It is the effect of a closed space and makes a picture so stunning, as evidenced by the frequent mention of this feature in the reviews of the movie “Buried”. All the experiences and emotions of movie fans are centered around the main character, which is the only existing entity.

Movie "Buried alive" description & reviews

This is only a brief description of the film “Buried”. Feedback from the audience, reflecting genuine emotions, suggests that to experience the true enjoyment is possible only during playback. The movie, filmed Rodrigo cortés, lasts for 1.5 hours.


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The majority of the audience noted that he had received an unforgettable experience and was amazed at the realism of the picture. People's opinions about the quality of the picture much more than any advertising campaign, for example, screening of the Thriller the winners of the contest, held in coffins. But to fully feel the idea of the film and to understand the intentions of its creators, it is necessary to devote some time and review it completely.


The filmmakers “Buried” not had to conduct large-scale casting, choosing the actors who will play them in the film. Genre feature of the painting – the complete absence of images of minor characters – allowing viewers to feel the full fate of the only character with a face.

Main character

On the screen throughout the film you can see only one character-Paul Conroy, played by Ryan Reynolds. Famous Hollywood actor, starring in many famous paintings, including “Deadpool” and “access Code "Cape town"" well accustomed to the image of a brutal soldier and a real man, able to cope with any challenge and to fight for his life to end.

The Game is the sole actor "Buried alive", reviews of which are complementary to rave reviews from fans of the film, really deserves positive evaluation. Reynolds showed all the emotions experienced by the main character. The profound drama of the paintings combined with the wonderful acting makes you wonder about the values that are paramount in the human community.

"Buried alive" movie reviews

Minor characters

“Buried” movie of one actor. The other characters are impersonal, the audience can only hear their voices, which can create their own understanding of a particular person: as a criminal, sentenced to an agonizing death, and the head of security who have agreed to help people in trouble.

That the picture on the screen does not change, is one of the main features of this film. And voices coming from the handset, reminiscent of – somewhere on the surface there are still those who care about the fate of the protagonist. But their number pales in comparison with the number of members of the human family, who are absolutely indifferent to the fate of the unfortunate hostage.

In the original voice the audience will hear the voices of Stephen Tobolowsky, Robert Paterson, Samantha Mathis, and Ivana miño.

Positive emotions

Immediately after the release of the movie is talking about it how about a really impressive creation. She has earned a lot of enthusiastic epithets: “the surgical precision of accents”, “an excellent game of light and shadow” and “the present author's cinema”.

"Buried alive" reviews

The filmmakers managed to create a unique feeling of fear and hopelessness. But underneath it all lies a deeper idea – the indifference of humanity to individual representatives of their kind. The fate of the main hero of the picture almost completely dependent on the people remaining at the top, but most of them prefer to stay away. This is what leads to the death of the hostage, as well as the person kidnapped by terrorists earlier.

The Film, as the audience keeps in suspense from the very first minute. It does not let go and after the final credits - the ending is definitelyit requires understanding.

Negative reviews

Not without negative reviews. “Buried” some of the spectators called unrealistic, especially in the scene when the place of detention of the protagonist gets a snake. Others do not like the heavy atmosphere and the complete lack of special effects - the film takes place in one place, which also does not cause delight of the audience.

Movie "Buried alive" the opinions of viewers

Another “chip” some viewers who are writing reviews, is to focus on small mistakes, it does not affect the big picture. In the picture of Cortez, a dispute broke out because of the hours of the character, who supposedly are very expensive and do not match the description of the protagonist. On such trifles viewers usually don't pay much attention – to the story of the film, they are irrelevant.

But the greatest outrage of the audience causes the ending. The majority of those who made a negative comment, explain this by the fact that until the end and did not understand what the picture ends. And really, some things remain without explanation. Definitely one thing is clear: this is not a film with a happy ending.

Professionals about the film

After viewing regular viewers Express different views about the film “Buried”. Reviews critics, however, have in General positive coloring. The film received a score of 65 out of 100 on Metacritic, where it was left 29 reviews. Could appreciate Thriller on Rotten Tomatoes – 130 views 85% are marked as “+”.

Noted in their reviews of "Buried alive" and the famous film critic Robert Ebert. His score-3.5 stars out of a possible 4. This fact suggests that the film makes an indelible impression even experienced in the field of cinema professionals. The overall rating pattern according to the combined opinion of film critics -7,3.

Movie "Buried alive" reviews critics

To Watch or not?

Left "Buried alive" of the reviews saying that the picture was appreciated by not only ordinary viewers but also critics working in the film industry. And, therefore, should be paid to view a certain amount of free time.

Some people say that Thriller is very difficult to understand and has a strong pressure on the psyche, so much emotional individuals need to think about whether they will be able to appreciate the tragic action, or better to refrain from seeing this movie. Is not intended film “Buried” also for viewers under the age of 16 years.

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