Movies about the Civil war: "the Good, the bad and the ugly", "Dances with wolves", "Five guns West"


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The Films about the Civil war in the United States occupy a prominent place in world cinema. It is the film of this subject largely determined the development of this popular genre, as the Western. Until now, many tapes are considered classics and are of interest not only to the modern viewer, but film Directors, who often imitate this style.

Quick feature

The Films about the Civil war in the United States, as a rule, removed in the Western genre or the spaghetti Western. For these films, characterized by the following features: the action of the story takes place in the Wild West, i.e. in the Western States, and also Canada or Mexico, the main theme – desert development or already inhabited spaces (in the latter case shows the struggle of American settlers from Indians), the confrontation between innovative and backward lifestyle. The main character – is the man with his peculiar code of honor, which is not subject to current legislation. This kind of movie is full of action, gunfights, chases, robberies, etc. Films about the Civil war in the United States is extremely popular due to a complex plot, ambiguous characters, complex tricks.

The Main difference between these two genres lies in the fact that westerns tend to be more or less guided by the historical realities of the era, while the spaghetti-westerns introduce some conditional reality, which is very vaguely reminiscent of the situation in the country in the nineteenth century.

“blown away”

The film, released in 1939, is still, perhaps, is the most famous film dedicated to the Civil war. The movie is interesting in that it held the idea that in this tragic confrontation, no right, no wrong. The losing southerners shown in this story with empathy and compassion. In this adaptation of the novel of M. Mitchell is perfectly recreates the atmosphere of American life in the second half of the nineteenth century, the lifestyle and the life of land owners, ordinary workers, military. Pictures of military actions convey the spirit of the era and the serious consequences of this terrible tragedy.


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films about the civil war in the USA

‘the Good, the bad and the ugly”

To the genre of spaghetti westerns is the famous film, shot in 1966. This movie tells the story of three men who in the midst of the Civil war are searching for hidden gold. One – the shooter, the other – a retired soldier, the third – raider, which trades in the dangerous adventures together with your partner. The peculiarity of this film is that it not focuses on specific historical events during the Civil war in the United States, which serves as a backdrop for the main action. However in the movie there is a scene which shows the military operation the Northern army. Removing the movie ‘the Good, the bad and the ugly”, Leone laid the Foundation of a new genre in the film – of the spaghetti Western, which was later imitated by such famous Directors like K. Tarantino, S. king, N. Mikhalkov. The picture is remembered not only for the fundamental novelty of the theme and the filming, but great acting and a great soundtrack by E. Morricone.

good bad evil

“Dances with wolves”

The Film, released in 1990, is dedicated to the very difficult problem of relations between American settlers and the Indians. The main character, an American Lieutenant, is sent to serve in remote Fort, where natural conditions are very harsh, and the local population seems very inhospitable. However, after some time the Lieutenant was friendly with the Indians and, despite the difference in culture and language, made friends with them, and then even became a member of the tribe. Movie "Dances with wolves” dedicated to the traditional theme of the battle between whites and Indians. In the picture shown, as in the land of the tribe come the colonists, with the power of seizing foreign territory.

dances with wolves

Other patterns

In world cinema there are many movies devoted to these tragic events is largely due to the fact that these four-year confrontation between North and South on a par with the War for independence was the most dramatic in U.S. history. The film “How the West was won” tells the story of several generations of American colonists. Through the fate of the main characters, the Director masterfully demonstrated by the events of several decades. Movie consists of several stories, each dedicated to a specific stage in the life of the family. Wide panorama and the geography of the action allow the viewer to feel the spirit of the era and to get an idea of what was happening in different parts of the country for several years.

how the West was won

The Film “Five guns of the West” talks about how some of the confederates were captured captured and sentenced to death, but they were offered a pardon in exchange for fulfilling a dangerous mission: to track down a double agent who stole from the authorities a decent amount of money. In case successful, the characters will be able to start a new life. The film “Major Dundee” talks about how the main character was headed by a party of captured confederates, and Union soldiers, local residents for the pursuit of Indians in Mexico. This storyline is based on real facts, when captured by the southerners often turned to the direction of the North, and fought against the slave States.

Modern tape

The Films about the Civil war in the US are removed in our days. One of the most famous – painting "gangs of new York”, which is quite authentically conveys the atmosphere of those terrible years. The movie combines elements of Thriller, gangster-style political detective.

five guns West

In the film shows the difficult realities of the North during the war: poverty, the tide of immigrants, corruption, riots, and some real episodes from the life of new York of that time, such as river piracy, wars between the city's gangs.

Another recent film on the theme of Civil war – the Steven Spielberg film “Lincoln”, which through the biography of the President shows the history of America 1860-ies. Special attention is directed paid to the description of the struggle of States and the adoption of the famous amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery.


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