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She was a real icon of Soviet cinematography and brilliant star of the stage. In addition to these qualities, the great actress Olga Pyzhova was also an excellent teacher and has trained a galaxy of talented actors and Directors. In addition, the audience appreciated her for her ability to put on plays and plays. Olga Pyzhova, like no other, were in demand in the profession, but, unfortunately, was forced in advance to leave the stage. What was their career? Consider this question in more detail.

Childhood and youth

Olga Pyzhova, biography, personal life which will be of interest primarily to fans, was born 29 Oct 1894 in Moscow. He studied at the Institute for noble maidens.

Olga Pyzhova

After some time, the future actress graduated from accounting courses, so I started working in the seed office. She had to be a reader in a rich family. After her father's death she and her mother moved to the city on the Neva, closer to relatives. Young Olga Pyzhova in Northern capital gets to work first in a Bank and then take it as an employee in the archives of the Senate. In the early years she had an interest in great art. Once she even through the influence of aunt E. Sultanova took part in a charity show called "White Lily" (dir. N. V. Petrov). Soon, the city on the Neva came to tour the Moscow art theatre, performances which made the girl a lasting impression: she was captivated by the theatre once and for all. Olga acted decisively: she wanted to talk to by Nemirovich-Danchenko, and she succeeded. The Maestro liked the young naive girl, and he invited her for the exam. To prepare a Friend was given only a month and a half.


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Study at the Moscow art theatre

Noteworthy is the fact that out of two hundred applicants for the acting examination failed almost everything, with the exception of two students.

Olga Pyzhova biography personal life

One of them was Olga Pyzhova. It took the first Mat Studio. The girl was a diligent student, so at the end of the course I was enrolled in the troupe of local theater.

Early career at the Moscow art theatre

The Facets of his talent aspiring actress Olga Pyzhova began to show immediately. Directors gladly tried it, but for some reason they did not have much. So, the young litsedeyka appeared before the audience in images of young ladies at the ball at Famusov (“Woe from wit”), the governess in the play “Where thin, there and tear" of the Fairies in a production of "Blue bird". Subsequently, Olga Pyzhova skillfully combined work in different studios of the Moscow art theatre. In the first she remembered in the role of viola in "Twelfth night" of the courtesan, Lizzy in “Flood”. The successful operation was a vaudeville “Match”, where the actress did a lot of acting on stage with the renowned Michael Chekhov and Sofya Giatsintova. The second Studio Pyzhova filigree reincarnated in the image of the Hummingbird (the play “the Story of Lieutenant Ergunova). Even Konstantin Stanislavsky, blown away by the amazing talent and extraordinary artistic life of the actress, without hesitation, approved it for the role of Mirandolina (“owner”). This performance appeared in the repertoire in tours abroad.

Olga Pyzhova actress

In America, the actress Olga Pyzhova, biography which contains many remarkable and interesting facts, expertly turned into a barbarian (“the Cherry orchard»).

The Moscow art theatre-2

After overseas tours Pyzhova decides to permanently work in the first Studio of the Moscow art theatre, which some time later was renamed the Moscow art theatre-2. Olga immediately remembered by audiences for her role of the lovely Deanna craievich in the “Yevgraf – the adventurer" (1926). However, after some time in the temple of Melpomene broke out the creative conflict, and Pyzhova along with part of the acting troupe was forced to leave the theater.

Theater of the revolution

Here came to work after Mat-2 Olga. On the stage of the Theater of the revolution litsedeyka will play a number of brilliant roles, including: Lena in "Personal life" of Glafira in "Calvary" Ksenia "the Man with a briefcase”, Cixi in "joy Street". Unfortunately, soon after she had to leave the big stage, as the actress deteriorated vision, and blindness started to progress.

Actress Olga Pyzhova biography

Perhaps that is why she did not disclose fully his acting capacity on a film set. However, she still managed to play several notable roles in movies: Ogudalova (“bride”, 1937), grandmother Olga (“Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character”, 1953).


However, in spite of any hardships and tribulations, Pyzhova, Olga (actress) was not going to stay out of their creative profession. In 20 years, she started directing the activities. And the peak of her career in this capacity was on 30 E. with her husband, she staged plays in the 3rd Moscow theatre for children. The audience just adored her work: “Scapin's Tricks” of Moliere (1937), “fairy Tale" (1939), "Twenty years later" (1940).

During world war Pyzhova continued to hone directorial skills even in the evacuation. In Kazakhstan she gave a great performance “the taming of theof the shrew" (1943). In collaboration with Boris Bibikov and J. Zawadzki directed the production of «Invasion" (1943).

After the war, she continues to work in the chosen direction and together with her husband in 1949 puts the play “I want to go home!» Mikhalkov, who receives prestige award - the State prize of the USSR.


Olga Pyzhova and more famous as a talented mentor. In 1939 she was awarded the title of Professor.

Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov

The Actress taught aspiring actors in GITIS, Studio Vakhtangov Theatre Studio. M. N. Of Course The Cinematography.

Personal life

The Actress was married to the great Boris Bibikov. They were the happiest couple. Together we were able to put a number of interesting and entertaining performances. Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov educated a whole generation of talented actors, among which Leonid Kuravlev, Svetlana Druzhinina, Lyubov Sokolova, Tamara Semina, Nonna Mordjukova and many others.

Olga Pyzhova Died 8 Nov 1972. Buried in the Novodevichy cemetery of the capital.

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