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Once upon a time in Russia was imported guitars under the famous brand name Skylark. However, the time has come, and Chinese manufacturers began to divide among themselves the brand. It should say that under this brand in China produces a huge amount of acoustic and electroacoustic guitars at different factories. Currently they are supplied in Russia under the brand Colombo. Fortunately, the quality of tools is not deteriorated. Guitar Colombo remained the same as Skylark. Even the model numbers have remained the same.

Tool that is not a pity to take a hike

It Should say that Colombo guitars are instruments resembling a budget line from Martinez. The main difference is the low price and cheap materials. In General, guitar Colombo reviews, which are almost always positive, in the Russian reality live normally. We can say that they are not afraid of temperature changes, as more expensive instruments.

guitar colombo reviews

But of course, you have to understand that for such a low cost to create a high-quality tool made of expensive wood and good hardware is unlikely to succeed. That is why Colombo guitar is perfect for beginning musicians or for Hiking. However, even during the journey refers to the instrument, you should carefully.

What are the guitars from the company Colombo

The First thing that can please the musician, is the abundance of small folk guitars. Such instruments are rare among cheap instruments. By the way, it is not recommended to put on guitar strings hard Colombo. And when good and properly used, the tool will serve as a long enough to his master.


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Usually, his body is made from basswood. This wood instrument ensures clean and accurate sound, with good top and full MIDs. Several models made out of spruce. And the most good sound from these instruments from Colombo. Guitar, the price of which does not exceed ten thousand rubles, it may sound like a solid tool from some famous brand.

acoustic guitar colombo

Almost all acoustic guitar made from spruce Colombo. These tools differ from the large folk body and therefore more loud sound. So if you are going to take a hike or play a house concert, it is better to buy this type of instruments.

They are Made usually of Linden and spruce. That acoustic guitar you like Colombo, you need to come to the store and listen to several instruments. It should lie comfortably in the hands, not to rattle and, more importantly, to build.

How to care for the guitar to it for a long time served

First, store your instrument in the case. Though guitar Colombo and very cheap compared to other brands, but they also need to take care of. If you came from the street, then try just do not get the guitar out of the case, as it's supposed to warm up to room temperature.

colombo guitar price

Secondly, try not to put it too hard the strings. Not only that, you can RUB his calluses on the fingers, the tool will mess up. But if your neck will twist a screw, it will have to change. When you tune your guitar by ear, try not to restring. And if it was the strings of nylon, it is better then not to put metal.

Third, don't mess with his instrument. If possible, do not drop it and protect it from the weather. If not using the guitar, then remove it in the case and not to destroy it, in any case do not hang on the wall.

Reviews about Chinese guitars Colombo

Overall, the reviews on these Chinese instruments are positive. Guitar Colombo have full clean sound, good top and juicy in the middle. They are perfect not only for training and Hiking, but also for performances. The viewer is unlikely to notice that your choice was the product of Chinese manufacturer.

Moreover, if the tool is building fine, it can be used in the recording. The main thing - accurate performance, good arrangement and well-placed microphones. Furthermore, before you record your guitar, take care of the room acoustics. This is especially true of those who are engaged in music at home.

guitar Colombo

Especially buyers praise electrocutions guitar Colombo. It's not so easy to find a good tool that can be connected without the use of a microphone. This guitar Colombo reviews, which are almost all positive, will serve you faithfully for many years!

We Hope that our article was useful and you realize that guitar Colombo is a great tools for music making.

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