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For anybody not a secret that the television host — it's a profession. So, it is possible to study, respectively, to get a job. But that's not all. Nowadays, in addition to the ability to speak in public, it is necessary to have attractive appearance. And no matter what TV show person is going to lead. Presenters Russia — is for the most beautiful men and women. But some of them are so popular that participate in the programs as heroes.

People are becoming interested in not only their career but also in personal life. Watching the events, the participants of which be presenters of Russia. Today, even special education is not needed in order to work on television. The main thing - “to get into the stream», which will make in the right direction. Presenters-women of Russia in their majority, have an interesting fate, which gave them an unusual surprise in the form of popularity and people's love.

TV presenters Russian


“Professional” the beauty of television, of course, Oxana Fedorova. This girl because of her beauty became «Miss Universe». She won this title in 2002. Nobody doubted that now, before it opened all the doors. Envious biting his elbows, presenting a stylish life Oksana. But all international catwalks, our girl chose peaceful work leading the program “good night, kids!”. All children love this program.

A generation of baby quietly falling asleep to the melody. But she managed to decorate the air with their presence to bring in more calmness, softness, femininity. Gentle voice lulling children. Sure to see before sleep is a beautiful aunt is very nice. Her career has been developing. She led the transfer of “Saturday night” participated in various shows, starred in the TV series. But the main for Oksana was the role of wife and mother.


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presenters women Russian

Fast and sporty

Among the photos show in Russia there are a lot of pictures of Tina Kandelaki. This woman has a nice shape that supports sports training. But its main weapon is a sharp tongue and the ability to think and react quickly. Often on her ability to pronounce words like a tongue Twister joke. But that did not stop her career. Presenters of Russia took into their ranks a native of Georgia. She manages not only to be the star of the television screens, but to successfully do business. How it all works? Probably, thanks to the tenacity and the bright appearance.

photos of TV presenters Russian

Lush and sexy

Beautiful TV hosts Russia have a special charisma. But sexuality, such as Anfisa Chekhova, inherent not many of them. Curvy is beneficial to distinguish it thin, trying to fit the current fashion. Rapidly developing career Anfisa proves that to be slim is not important to succeed. Not ashamed of his nature and to be herself — that is taught by the success of this woman.

beautiful TV presenters Russian

Beautiful and smart

The Presenters of Russian men also are not behind the fair sex. Modern macho, do not hesitate to take care of their appearance and keep the body in good shape. It's their “product”. But than more attractive it looks, the high demand. Such a person, for example, is Alexander Revva. He came to television from the well-known and beloved KVN. Apparently, he understood the role of appearance. If you compare how he looked, speaking at the club, and what it is now, it is possible to notice a significant difference. Alexander is now much more well-groomed and sexier. So much so that now his fans can count. In his work he uses the image of a macho. But, in reality, of course, it's not like on the screen.

presenters men Russian

To speak Well and decorate

Other man, is not inferior to its external qualities and not less popular is Andrey Malakhov. Leading career attracted him since school. Tried the TV job he was still in College. It became clear that it is hard work and not as easy as it looks on the screen. His ability to hold the attention of the public to speak well, to respond adequately to the reaction of the guests and viewers of the programmes he developed and gradually achieved success in his favorite field. Did it an attractive appearance is to be noticed on the First channel? Most likely, Yes.

Brunette, able to improvise

Who can be called handsome? Well, of course, Ivan Urgant. The popularity of this tall brunette recently rolls. He leads several programs on the First channel. Over the years his work Ivan acquired a sincere love of the people. Always neat, good-looking, well-groomed, he just can't cause the negative emotions among the public. Perhaps that is why as a host he is so sought. But also Urgant manages to act in films and lead roles.

Can it be doubted that all that he achieved on their own? No, there is no reason why. It is evident that this talented and educated man. The ability to engage in dialogue with any interlocutor, and especially the gift of improvisation, which have not all the artists that helped him to succeed. But appearance, which nature has endowed it, no doubt, played a role. It is surprising that with so many fans Ivan remains a respectable family man.

Brawny ensign

TV presenters Russian

It is Interesting that his looks are not only young men. Dmitriy Nagiev — a living example that age is not important. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports, keep yourself in good physical shape. He debunks the myth that television is now breaks only youth. Of course, he began his career yesterday. Probably, many remember the television series about ensign Zadoff. But now Dima has a very different role — macho, a favorite of the public, especially women. So it appears not only on television but also in numerous films with his participation. Smart, who knows when to joke, talkative Nagiyev, of course, independently made their way to popularity. And strong muscles helped make his image even more attractive.

The Presenters of Russia — this, of course, talented people. Of course, appearance is a big plus. After all, TV — the show. The picture should be attractive to those on the other side of the screen. But to ensure that you get noticed and appreciated, only by their labor.


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