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Our chaotic modernity after the release of the mass of horror movies about sharks (silbergasse “Jaws”) are of the opinion that the stories about the bloodthirsty inhabitant of the deep sea has become outdated.

A Terrible toothy sharks triumphantly marched on the big screens in various angles: were the results of genetic experiments, ecological disasters, even combined with a light hands of filmmakers with a tornado. However, there were tapes in which particularly inventive originators managed to get cinemagoers to stay in tension and to experience genuine horror. Among these patterns “Shallow”, “open sea” and “deep Blue". Reviews of the latest tape allow it to rank as the most successful examples of the subgenre.

blue abyss reviews


Tagoror "deep Blue" (2017) expert reviews of cinema is often compared to ‘Shallow” and “Open sea" because the project Director and co-writer Johannes Roberts is somewhere in between these two films.

According to the authoritative opinion of experts, “Shallow” was, in principle, a purely entertaining movie with a huge, teetering on the verge of science fiction elements, but the main advantage of “Open sea" is the deliberate closeness to reality, transformed in a very dark and truly hopeless ending.

As stated in the reviews, “deep Blue" harmoniously balancing between these two extremes, not put the beholder into a depression and at the same time without causing a sarcastic grins while watching.

blue abyss 2017 reviews

Increasing bets

“deep Blue" (film 2017) critical reviews received a positive because Johannes Roberts works in the horror genre for a long time, and moving the main actors in an exotic setting in film circles is considered to be its author's handwriting.

Determined to surpass the success of the "Shoals", Roberts in his project boldly raises the stakes, using almost the same ingredients as Jaume will Collet Serra. Only the main heroines in trouble he's got two marine predators – three, and rescue casualties separates into a contest in speed sailing through the Bay with the sharks and 47-meter layer of water, which must be overcome heroines - at the bottom of the ocean without the necessary supply of air will not sit.

It would Seem that "deep Blue" reviews of the film got favorable and had all the chances to repeat the triumph of "Shoals", but there it was. The rating of the project was IMDb: 5.90, and the audience found a lot of weaknesses in the structure of the film.

blue abyss movie reviews 2017

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the seeming primitiveness of the history behind the movie "deep Blue", expert reviews called the script is the strong point of the picture. No wonder they say that all brilliant-just. Of course, to genius the tape away, but easy, definitely, she is good.

The Situation, in which the main character, is able by itself to frighten anyone. The author had to keep the suspense, without reducing the degree of tension, and periodically present to the audience the main characters – sharks.

That shark, or rather the almost lack of them, became the main disappointment of the audience. Film «deep Blue" the responses of the audience criticized for not being a subgenre of tagoror. According to many of rezedentov, they were eager to witness the terrifying marine predators, and looked at the tape to see what I mean. Sharks are presented as part of the scenery, they are not afraid. A completely different expect, going to the cinema to watch the tape positioned by the creators as shark horror.

blue abyss movie reviews

“water Thriller”

According to experts, Roberts has created a simple but clever movie in which the darkness of the ocean depths envelops not only characters of Lena, but decided to come to the viewing thrill seekers. Movie "deep Blue" reviews of the most looked decent chamber described as “water Thriller”, in which there are expressive characters, and suspense, unpredictable ending. However, sometimes it seems that all the action was started for the climactic denouement. And the team working on the visual effects led by operator mark Silk, decided very non-trivial task set by the authors of the project.

The sincerity of the picture adds a good storyline and acting skills, showcased MandyMoore and Claire Holt. The performers managed to create a dramatic on-screen Duo. Unfortunately, Matthew Modine allotted very little screen time, but he seamlessly blended into the narrative in the role of captain of a dilapidated schooner.

blue abyss reviews 2017 what ended

Without spoilertv

By the Way, analyzing the movie "deep Blue" (2017), reviews what ended the film, are silent, keeping the intrigue. The only hint that the project is Johannes Roberts is one of those paintings that could be finished a few minutes early. The film has a striking about the final. Perhaps the Director simply did not have the creative intuition or experience, in order to preserve the drama, worthy of completing creation. The Director chose to leave the ending open, while retaining the audience the right to think out the end.


The result of «deep Blue" is a project of the professional craftsman. He won't amaze, but will not get bored - the audience at times be “breathtaking”. Chamber action due to the visual limitations of atmospheric pressure on the psyche and causes a pleasant shiver. At the same time, going to the cinema, you shouldn't tune in to that will see the masterpiece, and then experience disappointment. But you can safely count on a good time.

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