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Books that help us escape from the bustle, problems and plunge into the world created by the author. Novels about love like readers in a sea of positive emotions of the highest order, experienced by the heroes, overcoming obstacles standing in the way of their feelings. I must say that books today with similar content - a huge number, and everyone can choose the right product. Some women don't like (or simply have no time to read) a long history, and they prefer short novels about love. You should make a list of books that will appeal to everyone.

“Fiancé of her friend”

It's a love story for those who like to immerse themselves in the work and care for his main characters. Reid, Michelle managed to fit this exciting story is only 36 pages, so “Fiancé of her friend’ - a short love story that will leave a lot of experiences about yourself.

Lizzie is one of the main characters, a friend which soon was to marry Luke. However, this story is not so simple as it seems at first glance. She fell in love with the fiance of his girlfriend and struggling tried to hide their love from everyone, even from herself. The most interesting point in the novel become that the week before the wedding, the bride decided to escape from her future husband, after which Luke will make him in love with Lizzie to play with him wedding.

“Fiancé of her friend’ - a work that is one of the first in the list under the title “Foreign novels about love”. Short stories are popular with many readers, and the story captivated many of them.

short love story

“Love – seriously”

The Short novels of love is the works which helps the reader to immerse themselves in the lives and world of the main characters. With their help, every reader can become a witness of the events about which the author wrote, and to think about how he would do in a given situation.

“Love is serious” - a short novel about love, which tells the story of a Victoria Lloyd, hoping for the best despite all hardships and problems. She wants to get her admitted in the family, which recently was stigmatized by her mother, and the girl called the impostor, is able only to claim someone else's inheritance. Victoria I want to love and be loved, but one who swore to be with her in grief and joy, accused her of all mortal sins and refused to admit the child. Despite this, she hopes that all will be well.


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This short novel about love, written by Wilkes Dorison, will not leave indifferent any reader, because everyone will get acquainted with the work, imbued with sympathy for the main character, and together with her hope that life will be the same, and soon Victoria will be happy.

short romance novels

“Spare dream”

This piece was one of the first is included in the list titled “Short novels of love Russian authors". In his book Alexander the Prisoner told the story of the relationship, which will not leave indifferent absolutely nobody.

It's not like a fairytale where the Prince fell in love with Cinderella at first sight and married her. Lover of the main character was the count, who offered her to become his mistress. Instead of declarations of love like in a fairy tale, she found out about the engagement, to be held on the other. The main character is very sad, but she hoped for a happy ending his story of unrequited love.

A Short novel about love “Spare dream” is a pretty interesting and exciting work, which should meet every admirer of the romantic genre.

the short novels of love

The‘Jump the gap”

This work is rightly included in the list titled “the Best short novels of love”. Here you can find everything that should be in this book about the bright feeling.

The Gap between Sebastian and Mariana every day becoming wider and wider. However, you must believe that things will get better and will become as before. Not give up and despair, because only the struggle for happiness can bring him back.

The‘Jump the gap" - a short novel about love, reading that, you can see what ordinary people for the sake of his happiness. Every reader can understand for themselves, whether to fight and say “no” to despair by the example of the main characters.

Author Mann, Catherine managed to fit this touching story is only 23 pages, so it should meet each and every reader who prefers short novels about love.

best short novels of love

“Dreams and desire”

This piece talks about the man that desires revenge on those who caused the exile of his family. The main character met the daughter of his enemy, and then immediately came up with a devious plan of retribution. Leonidas decided to make the girl his mistress to cover the shame of the family, who forever became his enemy.

However, the plan failed after the main character began to understand he began to appear gentle and bright feelings to the girl, which he had to take revenge.

The Product of “Dreams and desire” isthe list titled “Short novels about passion”, and that it should meet every reader who loves entangled by intrigue.

short novels about passionate love

«You – the best”

This piece is about a man who fell in love with the girl, knowing her only 2 days. He knew about her just a few things: she's smart, beautiful, charming, attractive, stunning, witty, high. However, it was enough to fall in love with a girl by the ears. But the main character is forced to hide their feelings and keep silent about them. And this is connected with the thoughts of men about the curse.

This love story is quite interesting and exciting. Novel «You – the best” read in one breath, because everyone who know him, will want as soon as possible to know what will happen next?

the short novels of love Russian authors

“Cupid's Arrow”

A Short novel about love “Cupid's Arrow” talks about a frivolous girl named Lisa Kudrow. Her life consisted only of meetings with friends, night clubs and diamonds. Because of this traits the main character once signed an important document that changed her entire life. Losing night clubs and friends, Lisa has gained… baby! However, this is not the end. To her house came a blond with an outrageous demand, and then between him and the main character sparked a hatred.

“Cupid's Arrow” a rather odd little romance with an unusual end. Every reader wondering how events will develop? How to change the life of Lisa?

foreign novels about love short

“a Waitress and a millionaire”

The Book “a Waitress and a millionaire” is rightfully ranked in the top under the title “Novels about love short about wealthy businessmen”. We are talking about Emma Roberts, who wanted to help his friend who is in need of money. The main character decided to act decisively and went to his father, who was a multimillionaire. However, instead of money she received an invitation for a date.

Readers who like short novels about the rich businessmen who will appreciate the book “a Waitress and a millionaire” as its plot is quite mysterious and interesting.

“Unpredictable man»

In the book we are talking about the fate of the artist Elin, whose parents thought the youngest daughter of a loser. They claimed that the girl is a disgrace to their family. However, all of a sudden the young artist has inherited a luxury apartment. After that, she was fortunate enough to meet with Paul Douglas, whom everyone knew as a secular lion. He helped her in organizing the exhibition, and after that Elin realized that fell in love with a handsome man.

“Unpredictable man” is a work that will be of interest to every reader production relationships. Beautiful story, a touching story about love and bright main characters make this book a popular and interesting, as every reader will get a lot of impressions and emotions after reading it.

“what extra words?”

In the novel it is the doctor Pete Morgan, whose life is overturned in a minute. If he hadn't met a charming lady Maggie Hill, most likely, could not find happiness, which he had so long waited for.

In this book there is no falsehood and evil scenes. Readers wins the main character, which stands in front of them in the role of a strong-willed and determined woman with a great sense of humor. In the novel, it is about real feelings and events that can grasp everyone. All the fans of romance novels have to get acquainted with the book “Why the extra words?” because of the touching story and beautiful story of love will leave a lot of good experiences.

“How to fix the past”

The Main character of the novel works in a school as a psychologist-consultant. I must say that Tina can solve any human problem. It cannot, however, understand his life and is still trying to forget the events that happened to her about 10 years ago. Fate decided that Murphy can fix everything and once again brought the main character with the person she wanted to see.

Short love stories – an almost perfect world where girls are reverent and beautiful, and the men are brutal, successful and responsible. The reader is immersed with great pleasure in these tales. Such works will help you to relax from the hustle and bustle, to relax and to experience the events happening to the main characters of the books.

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