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Today, we will discuss the show “the laws of the wolf”. Actors and roles the following. This painting is also known as "animal Kingdom". American television series that was created by Jonathan Lisko. Before us is the Australian adaptation of the same titled tape 2010 On the development of the project was announced in 2015.

Theme features

the laws of the wolf series actors

First, give some interesting facts about the show “The laws of the wolf”. The actors are presented in the following sections. The plot revolves around a criminal family of Cody – representatives of the southern California headed by a matriarch named Smurf. Shooting the pilot episode took place in 2015, Then created a first season consisting of 10 episodes.

Basic members

the series on the laws of the wolf actors and roles

Barry Blackwell Bases and the head of the family, Janine Smurf Cody – the main characters of the series “the laws of the wolf”. Actors Scott Speedman and Ellen barkin embodied these images. We'll talk more about them.

Scott Speedman -- the canadian actor who was born in London. When he was 4 years old, the family went to Canada. Scott in his youth, professionally engaged in swimming, but was forced to leave the sport due to the injury of the neck. The future actor graduated from the University of Toronto. He was one of the contenders for the role of Robin in the film ‘Batman forever”.

Ellen barkin-American actress who was the winner of the “Tony” and “Amy”. She was born in the Bronx, comes from a family of hospital administrator Evelyn and seller of chemical products Sol barkin. Ellen grew up in a poor Jewish family, her ancestors are immigrants from Siberia and from the territory at the border between Belarus and Poland.


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Other characters

the cast of the laws of the wolf 2016

Andrew Pope Cody and Craig remembered by the fans of the series “The laws of the wolf”. Actors Sean Hatosy and Ben Robson moved these characters to the screen. Then we will talk about them.

Sean Hatosy – American actor. He was born in Frederick. Comes from the family of Wayne Hatosy, graphic designer, and Carol, of credit expert. Sean's father is of Hungarian descent. He started his career at an early age, playing roles on television and in local theater. Participated in the show "Homicide".

Ben Robson played in the movie “the laws of the wolf”, “Doll”, “the Dark Prince”, “the Vikings”, “Everything tells me about you”, “Last call with Carson Daly". The actor was born in Newcastle.

Diran Cody and Joshua Jay Cody was also featured in the plot of the show “the laws of the wolf”. Actors Jake Wire and Finn Cole performed these roles. They are worthy of a separate discussion.

Jake Were known for his role of Kevin from the TV series ‘Show Fred”. Starred in the film “Law & order: Special victims unit”. Kim Zimmer, his mother, also an actress.

Finn Cole played in the movie “the inspector's Visit”, “peaky blinders”, “Criminal”, “Lewis". He was born in London. Finn is involved in films of different genres like drama, crime and Thriller.

The cast of “the laws of the wolf" (2016), C. Thomas Howell and Danielle Alonso appeared in the narrative as Paul Belmont and Katherine. About these people we also discuss.

C. Thomas Howell – American actor and Director. Known for roles in the films "Southland”, “Board”, “companion”, “Rogue”.

Daniella Alonso-American actress. She was born in new York, comes from a family of immigrants from Peru and Puerto Rico.

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