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The Cold war is long gone, but its influence on the culture is still not weakened. In recent years in the US screened many of the popular spy novels of the period. The story of some of them (“the Spy, get out!”) turns in a script for the film, having undergone minimal changes. And others are adapted to the modern reality. The latter include the film "Jack Ryan: chaos Theory". Despite the constellation of great actors that played in it, and also good box office, this draft was the weakest in the whole series of films about the adventures of Jack Ryan.

A Little about the main character

Jack Ryan (photo below) – a character invented by the famous American novelist Tom Clancy. The author has devoted more than a dozen works, many of which have been filmed. At the moment about this hero shot 5 films in which he was played by different actors: "the Hunt for “Red October”" (Alec Baldwin), “patriot Games” and “clear and present danger" (Harrison Ford), «fear" (Ben Affleck) and “Jack Ryan: chaos Theory" (Chris pine). Jack Ryan

As for the the biography of the character, we know that John Patrick Ryan, who called Jack, was born in Baltimore in 1950.

He received his Education at Boston College. Jack had planned to become a marine, but during one of the training missions was injured and retrained on the investment broker. Later he was recruited by the CIA, where he was a consultant. Ryan specialized in the Soviet Union and later in Russia. With it, prevented a lot of conspiracies against the US from various countries.


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Over time, Jack became President of the United States and remained in this position two terms.

As for his personal life, having become acquainted in his youth with a student-Intern from the medical school Caroline "Cathy" Mueller, Jack started an affair with her, and eventually married. To this marriage were born 4 children.

Information about the film

In 2014, he released the fifth picture is the bold analyst at the CIA. In the original, she had a somewhat different title: “Jack Ryan: a Mercenary of the shadow". Jack Ryan the hero of the film chaos theoryAfter the success of previous films about the character (earned rent three times more than invested), the producers wanted to make another tape. However, due to problems with funding and also with the search Director in 2008 work began on preparations for the shooting.

If the previous films of the series based on the novel by Tom Clancy, the new project by Adam Kozada and David Cepom was written by the original script, which used elements of the biography of Ryan. Perhaps that is why, despite a great Director Kenneth Branagh and good fees, this film is recognized as the weakest among the entire series.

“Jack Ryan: chaos Theory”: the story

At the beginning of the film briefly covers the biography of the hero before he was recruited by the CIA. Later the action moved to 2014, when Jack Ryan is working in one of the investment companies in new York and simultaneously advises the CIA.

Exploring the accounts of Russian oligarch Viktor So, collaborating with their company, Ryan notices suspicious activity. chaos theory storyline he Later reports to the CIA that suspects Russian secret services in the preparation of large-scale operation designed to destroy the U.S. economy.

To confirm my suspicions, Jack Ryan is sent to Moscow to the rights of the employee of the partner company to audit the financial accounts and So to produce evidence.

In Moscow, the hero trying to kill, and after preventing to check. Then he, with the help of his CIA handler Thomas Harper and bridesmaid Katie, steals information about the upcoming diversions from the computer next to his.

However, after returning home, Jack suspects that the son of the oligarch plans to commit a terrorist act that would provoke a fall of the U.S. economy. Risking his life, the hero manages to stop the terrorist, thereby disrupting the entire operation.

Criticism film

Despite the fact that the film has doubled in the rental spent money on it, enough critics have reacted coolly to it.

In the first place complaints caused by the script itself, which was nothing in comparison with the books of Tom Clancy. Original works of Jack Ryan was not only a thrilling story, but also carefully spelled out the technical details of what can be said about the script the picture “Jack Ryan: chaos Theory". So, the heroes enter the computer system of Cherevina through the wiring that seems to be nonsense to anyone even slightly familiar with PC device.

No less comical looks Russian killer is a Negro, who came to kill Ryan in the Moscow hotel. movie Jack Ryan chaos theory If the United States African American - this is normal, in Russia while the person with such an appearance is unlikely to be invisible, what you need the assassin to be successful in their profession.

Also catches the eye defect of special effects and fight scenes. Pretty stupid is the situation when Jack Ryan with a stick smashes bulletproof glass of armored vehicles of the oligarch, or the attempts of Cervena to torture his lover with energy-saving bulbs. A hastily drawn on the computer landscapes of Moscow and the explosion in new York city generally create the impression of a very cheap movie.

Advantages films

Despite many disadvantages, this movie has its moments. These include wonderful casting.

Also not to mention good music written especially for the picture Patrick Doyle.

Despite the many absurdities associated with the attempts of the writers to realistically portray life in Russia, pleasantly stands out the dialogue between Katie and Sereveny in which they discuss the poetry of Lermontov.

Jack Ryan-hero of the film "chaos Theory" performed by Chris Payne (pine)

This actor became the fourth performer of the role of Jack Ryan in history. It is worth noting that the choice was good. Jack Ryan chaos theory Chris pine the Actor was able to portray a good sort of boy scout, forced to act not according to the Charter. Of course, it is inferior to Harrison Ford, who played in two scenes of the series, but it is superior to Ben Affleck. Most likely, Chris got this role because of the resemblance with the first by Alec Baldwin.

Before this project, Paine became famous thanks to participation in various television shows (“Emergency”, “Defender”, “six feet under”) and romantic comedies (‘the Princess Diaries 2: How to become the Queen”, “a Kiss for good luck”, “blind Date"). Later heroes-lovers Chris Payne retrained on just the characters ("Unmanaged”, “this Means war”).

In recent years, the most famous actor brings to a part in the film series "Star trek”.

Keira Knightley in the role of Cathy Muller

Another star in the project, which was to attract the attention of the audience was British keira (Keira) Knightley. Jack Ryan chaos theory As with Payne, it took on this role due to the similarity with Bridgette Moynahan and Anne Archer, who played Cathy in the previous paintings. Nothing really new actress is not brought into the image of the heroine, while pretty seamlessly play it.

To participate in the project, Knightley became famous thanks to a series of paintings called "pirates of the Caribbean”, as well as roles in costume dramas (the‘Pride and prejudice”, “the Duchess”, “Redemption”, “Anna Karenina”).


In addition to Knightley and Payne, the film starred other famous actors. One of them was Kevin costner-star of militants 80-90 years He played for coach Ryan – Thomas Harper.Ryan photoIt is Also worth noting the film's Director sir Kenneth Branagh. As the head of the entire filming process, he tried to do everything possible to make a good film, and most of sins of the project – not his fault. By the way, the Director himself has played a role in the film's main villain-Viktor next to his.

Although, according to the story, many scenes take place in Moscow, Russian actors in the project only two. This young actress Elena Velikanova, and a legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The Film “Jack Ryan: chaos Theory”, despite good acting, pretty weak. However, due to good box office, in the future, it may be removed.


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