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The article will be discussed about such a famous person as an American actress and model of Mexican origin Laura Harring. The personal lives of famous women did not work because of acting career, and all her energy she sent self-actualization. Laura did it in full - it has become quite successful in the field of film and modeling business.

Laura Harring


Laura Harring was born in Mexico in 1964. Her childhood passed in the small town of Los Mochis. Raymond Harring, Laura's father, was engaged in farming and worked in the construction industry. By birth he was Austrian with German roots. Mother, Maria Elena, was a psychologist by training, but worked as a Secretary in the firm related to real estate. In 1971, her parents divorced and three years later, the mother and the children moved to Texas San Antonio.


After leaving school in 1980, she leaves home and goes to Switzerland. There she was able to go to a prestigious private school. After Laura went to the British capital. She was drawn to art and she began to study acting at the Royal Academy of dramatic arts.

In Addition to the attraction to theatre, Laura loved to dance. Back in Switzerland she started the professional study of Latin American dances. In London the classes continued. The most favorite girls dance was the Argentine tango. In his future career flexibility and a sense of rhythm, previously developed, was very helpful.

After studying at the Academy, Laura Harring decided to see the world and travelled a lot. The girl earned a living in various ways - worked as a cashier, waitress and seller.

Beauty Queen

After all the adventures, Laura returned to Texas and settled in the town of El Passo. Initially she worked as a salesperson in a clothing store. Then began to participate in various competitions and photo shoots.

Laura Harring filmography

His First victory on the podium Herring won a local beauty contest. Then followed a title in the state.

In 1985, the first beauty of the country became Laura Harring. Personal life her to this point was not determined, and she decided to spend forces for his career.

After Miss USA came success at the prestigious contest Miss universe. Herring managed to get the ten most beautiful girls on the planet.

After the transfer the crown to his successor, Laura in 1986 went to the Eurasian tour with charity work. In India, the beautiful woman engaged in work of a social nature.

Movie Actress

Thanks to brilliant performances on the catwalk, talented girl was noticed by a film producer and offered her a cameo role in the film "the Alamo. 13 days of glory". From this moment begins work in the film Laura Harring. Her filmography includes about 40 roles in diverse patterns and projects.


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After his first set was followed by an invitation to take part in the TV series "beauty and the beast". The next few years, Laura starred in the serial film "Love and mystery sunset beach", "General hospital", "Empire" and "Nights Malibu".

The hour Laura came in 1999, when David Lynch asked her for one of the main roles Kamila-Rita Rhodes in the film "Mulholland Drive". Herring played together with famous Naomi watts. A psychological Thriller in 2001 was presented at the Cannes film festival and won the prize for best Director. Was also nominated for an Oscar in the same category.

Laura Harring movies

After working with Lynch, Laura literally showered with offers of roles. In 2000 comes the Comedy "Nikki's little devil" a couple of years the movie "John q" with the participation of Herring. Next, she starred in the TV series "Law and order" and "the Shield", the films "the Punisher" with John Travolta and "Nancy drew".

The Picture of "Sex education" has become in recent years one of the notable works of Laura Harring. The films "Chasing life" and "Back to Babylon" was released in 2013-2014.

Interesting facts

Private life of Laura Harring is not very realistic. Being in England and being in elite circles, she met her future husband - Carl von Bismarck, who is a descendant of the famous Chancellor. The young people were married in 1987, but two years later broke up. The title of Baroness while Laura kept as a good relationship with her ex-husband.

Laura Harring personal life

Since childhood, Laura pursued the trouble. When she was 12, a street shooter opened fire from a passing car. The bullet hit the girl right in the head and she miraculously survived.

Working in the Philippines as a waitress, the girl attracted the attention of the host institution. His feelings were so strong that he hid Laura's passport and she could not leave the island. Only the intervention of the mother of the future actress saved the situation, and documents the girl returned.

Director David Lynch immediately took on the role of Camilla-Rita Laura Harring. When she went to audition a hurry so that he was in a minor accident. This is what convinced Lynch in the desire for girls to participate in the famous painting.

Currently, the actress resides in Los Angeles, periodically removed, and does yoga and dances.

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