Do you know how to draw a beetle?


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how to draw a beetle

Insects depict quite easily. Thinking over how to draw a beetle or a butterfly, remember first and foremost that they are symmetrical. The fact that many animals in nature have an innate asymmetry of the body. In this, perhaps, lies their charm and beauty. And they sparkle and shimmer in the sun — just great!


Before you draw a beetle, remember that, for example, the great Leonardo watched the autopsy of horses when he needed to sculpt the horse (to learn how are the muscles of the animal). We do not call to catch butterflies and ladybugs and tear off their wings, but are beginning to study the morphology of beetles: a cephalothorax, an abdomen, six legs, wings. Open any encyclopedia — in paper or electronic form, consider pictures, and then the insect will draw much easier!

how to draw the beetle gradually


How to draw a beetle step by step:

  1. Depicted on a sheet of A4 paper oval.
  2. Schematically divide the figure into two parts along the dotted line — for the future of the wings.
  3. Top of the oval will perishes semi-circle — the future head.
  4. Proceed to drawing details.
  5. A thick line leads the wings on the body, the head.
  6. On — draw the legs (there should be six!) and antennae.
  7. Some beetles have horns. They can sketch at will.
  8. Our bug is almost ready. He will sit on the leaf or the flower — you decide. Dorisovyvaet plant for the beetle.

If our beetle in free flight, you will need to convey believable motion of its wings. Draw the wings in the form of small leaves under them - the more delicate, translucent and delicate. Lightly blend the space under the wings to get the motion effect.

  1. Paint the beetle, using different shades to it shimmered in the sun.
  2. If you want to complement the painting, appliqué, gluing, for example, three-dimensional flowers. You can also decorate the insect with beads or beads. Get the picture-3D.

Now you know how to draw a beetle.

Even easier would be to design a butterfly

  1. First, draw an oblong oval body of the insect. Initially schematically. It is strongly elongate.
  2. One end pririsovyvat circle, in proportion to body — is the future head of an insect.
  3. With two sides Taurus have wings, which should also be proportional to the total size.
  4. Dorisovyvaet antennae and legs of our butterflies.
  5. Coloring picture. Then, as they say, your imagination has no limit: because there are so many beautiful patterns on the wings of a butterfly that you can try to repeat, or invent your own!

how to draw the beetle

Draw a ladybug

How to draw a beetle, so small, like a ladybug?

  1. First make a sketch, identifying the location of the insect. It is small, and our drawing needs to be proportional. So, not much enlarges the image, place the insect in the center of the sheet, and not somewhere in the corner.
  2. Then the same oval, the legs, antennae. The draft is ready.
  3. Insect Coloring in traditional red with white spots (although, ladybirds there are several thousand species, and some of them do not look like a red spotted button). You watercolor, colored pencils, pastels. Our pattern is ready!

how to draw a scarab


This bug was very popular in ancient Egypt and have long been considered among locals to be sacred. It is usually depicted in flight, with outstretched wings. How to draw a scarab? In the same way as any other bug (see the master class above). Look closely to the head and legs — there are some features. And so, all the same: an oval, a semicircle, a symmetry. Success!

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