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No One can know exactly when it will turn fortune. Therefore, some of the year to buy lottery tickets, in order not to miss is the day, others prefer not to spend money. However, the Russian lotteries continue to thrive and delight their fans with wins.

Patriotic lottery, of course, inferior to the value of the jackpot to their foreign counterparts. But this does not mean that we should not believe in fate, the more that buying a Russian ticket for everyone, it is inexpensive. In our country has a large network of sales points and running the possibility of buying online. Besides, the PR companies continue to advertise chance for a big win.

Where to buy ticket

One can Hardly meet a person who doesn't want to get rich in a jiffy. To help solve the financial problems offer at every step. A large number of offers you can see on the banner ads of the Internet. But should we trust the tempting offers? Experienced players are advised to purchase tickets only at official outlets. To really win, give preference to trusted dealers sites, for example, the Russian lottery "Stoloto" proven over the years.Russian lotteries

Sales Points

  • Newsagents;
  • Branch of the savings Bank;
  • Shopping centers.

Of Course, this is not all the available options, but make sure to buy tickets in the checked points with a decent reputation and lots of experience.

Lottery 6/45

A Ticket with a meaningful title 6 of 45 - a Russian lottery with the biggest jackpot at the moment. This argues the monitoring Commission, which conducted an extensive survey of all the lotteries that operate on the territory of our country. To be a winner, you need to guess the combination of the 6 dropping out during the live broadcast numbers. Watch the game and try their luck daily at 10 PM Moscow time. The Russian lottery Gosloto in 2014 gave the opportunity to the resident of Omsk to start a new life. The man has hit the jackpot with par value of RUB 184 million.Russian lottery with a big prize


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Lottery 5/36

The Commission decided that the 5/36 is the most honest rules if to consider the Russian lottery. Victory goes to those who match 5 numbers out of 36 possible options. This ticket should look to the impatient who can't wait to start drawing because its viewers they delight twice a day, conducting the draw live.

Lottery 7/49

After Analyzing the situation, we can understand that 7/49 is the second honorary place in the rating of “Russian lottery with the biggest prize”. The principle of this variant is not different from the previous one. You need to guess 7 numbers out of 49 offered. An additional advantage is the possibility to continue the game, expanding the boundaries to a combination of twelve numbers. If the player managed to guess at least three, four, five or six digits, he gets the prize. The payout for these combinations, the organizers takes about 50% of all sums of money from bets on the game.Russian lotteries with the biggest winnings

The Golden key

We Continue to consider the popular Russian lottery. Russian Lotto or, as stated in official name, «Golden Key” will be remembered by the viewer for years to come. Especially mustached good-natured uncle, who for the past 12 years giving apartments right and left.

The Central channels welcome the broadcasting of lotteries. First transmission showed ORT, then had to make room and change the First channel RTR. In addition to the apartments, players have the opportunity to win cash prizes or machines. The game is similar to conventional bingo. Must faster than the other to cross out one of the series. If we consider the best of the Russian lottery, the «Golden key" is considered the oldest existing today. According to unconfirmed reports in the media, the organizer and main sponsor of the game is the Ministry of construction of Russia.

Lotto Million

All Russian lottery take an idea from the same overseas. Was no exception and Lotto "one Million". To gain a foothold in the domestic market, he managed at the expense of interesting systems. Buying one lottery ticket, you can try your luck for a few rounds of the draw. If today's fortune is really on your side and you win in two rounds - the winnings are added up. This system, though complicated, but much loved by the audience and allows you to be in blissful suspense throughout the game. To be a jackpot winner, you must cross out all the 25 numbers in 25 moves in both fields.Russian lottery Russian Lotto

The First national lottery

The Russian lottery with the biggest prize led the First national lottery. According in 2016, it is the leader of the people's trust. This is not surprising, since this program was created specifically to return a trusting relationship to draw, which suited the government at the beginning of the two thousandth. If you believe the official statistics, the First national lottery allows you to win 25 thousand people in just one round of the game. To the payment of organizers spend 60 percent of bets, which is 10 percent more than in others. The rulesthe higher rates increase the possibility of winning.

Lottery online

To tempt fate even online, on the website "Stoloto". Russian state lotteries allow you to win an apartment or a large amount of money. The housing lottery is ideal for those who wants their own living space. On tickets, shows two fields, each with three rows of five digits each. Playing this lottery you get an opportunity to win a one-, two - or three-bedroom apartments. Recently the organizers have been through tough times, but today the situation in the housing market has stabilized.Russian lottery win

A Winning combination

  • To make a combination of the dropped numbers in the same row faster;
  • Collect all the numbers in one field first;
  • Collect all the figures in the two fields.

Lose all whose tickets have at least one newyankee number. Most often the card is from three to four outstanding figures.

Lottery "Golden horseshoe”

One of the lotteries with state support, is “Golden horseshoe" of its stream passes on the channel NTV on Sundays at 8:15 Moscow time. With the support of the Ministry of sport, it has a large number of fans similar in rules and principle of Russian Lotto.

Presenter Mikhail Borisov supports image and already remembered by the audience for his good-natured smile and a catchphrase. Please note that the purchase must be made before 16:00 Moscow time one day before television, before Saturday. The intrigue lies in the ever-growing jackpot. "Golden horseshoe" is the head of the Russian lottery with a big prize, because the number of ticket buyers record. Simple rules of the games and the propaganda on TV doing their thing.Russian lottery savings

If we consider the rules of the game, you can see a startling similarity with the usual Russian Lotto. You need to cross out one line to get the minimum prize. Then wins one completely crossed the field, then the winner is the one who struck before the other all the digits of the two fields.

If you carefully study reviews about the "Golden horseshoe", it is possible to note their positive orientation. A big advantage in favor of the purchase of this ticket is low price – 50 rubles. The second important factor – transparency of tours. Russian lottery reviews which scrutinize the organizers, usually held online to eliminate the possibility of fraud and to prevent rumors of dishonest conduct tours. Analysts argue that the manipulation of the results of this lottery has no basis, the fact that the Ministry of sport gets 50 percent of the sales of all tickets, and this impressive amount. The remaining 50 percent going to the prize Fund.

However, in the reviews you can find a negative note, for example, the payout may have to undergo difficult and long enough time. In some cases the winners had to wait up to two weeks. The organizers reassure the players that everything will get wins, the problem is in the accounting delays in the transfer of large sums of money. State funding requires a certain amount of time and without toguarantee. Reporting, money transfer to the organizer and the prizes are delivered to outlets – all it takes is one to two weeks. If you are the owner of a prize of one million rubles, you'll need to visit the Central office, the others can pick up the prizes at the points of sale.

Scratch card from Sberbank

For thrill-seekers have another way to test your luck. Russian lottery of Sberbank allow to look into the eyes of Fortuna from the comfort of their offices. The only thing you need to do is buy a ticket to one of the offices of any Department, regardless of the region you live in. The ticket price is indicated on its front side, on the reverse you can read the rules of conduct and distribution of prizes.

Select any you liked the ticket and remove the protective film to learn about the payout. In that case, if you are the owner of an amount less than a thousand, you will get it instantly in the same Bank, if more, then read on the back information about where to go for the win, the detailed description of works and actions. If you have any questions, you can contact the operators listed on the reverse side of the phone numbers and e-mail.

The Advantage of such a lottery - a real chance to get a prize. Because the option scams excluded, you choose the ticket that can bring you good luck. For the formation of the prize Fund used funds received from the rates. Representation of the Ministry of Finance assures that a certain portion from the sale of the money goes to charity and social funds, support of socially significant projects. One of them was held in Sochi Olympics and Paralympics. Ticket prices range from 20 to 100. Buying a ticket, you can count on that you will become richer in the amount of from twenty rubles to ten million.

Sometimes, the savings Bank holds rallies under his own name. So, in honor of Victory day was created by the lottery under the leadership of President of the Russian FederationVladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The money was transferred in support of the veterans of the great Patriotic war and ustanove monuments which will recall the great Victory of our people. The ticket price ranged from thirty to fifty rubles, the gain - from 30 rubles to 400 thousand.

This idea had been held up by another lottery, which was conducted with the aim of development of society and help the nature. To support ecology could buy a ticket for 50 rubles, and for the reconstruction of cultural heritage and development of young people could spend 20 rubles. And get a chance to win up to five hundred and two hundred thousand rubles, respectively.

The Most winning lottery Russian

The Russian lottery with a big prize allow to win big amounts, but, of course, with a bit of luck. Experienced players closely monitor the draws where the chance to get the coveted amount above. The leader of the winning amount is the Gosloto. There remains a huge mystery up until the very end. In addition, the number of winners record of all existing official lotteries in Russia. Officially confirmed information States that already have three players (since 2009) took the jackpot with a total amount of about 140 million rubles.

The Second largest winning players – "Bingo". This lottery allows you to justify the purchased ticket, and sometimes brings a stunning amount. The most striking example – jobless inhabitant of Ufa, which has managed to take itself out of the Fund about 30 million Russian rubles.

Third place to give the Russian Lotto, which has one of the biggest prize pools. However, it is worth noting that the biggest win in the history of 29.5 million. But this does not exclude the possibility to break this record and get into the history of Russian Lotto.Russian lottery Gosloto

Despite the large number of negative comments about the Lottery of the Russian Railways, it was in the TOP winning lotteries. Played a significant role that, in fact, not required knowledge, waiting the morning air and search outlets. Buying tickets in the train, you can only expect a draw, which takes place at the end of each month. The biggest gain was 11.5 million. I wonder what lucky had forgotten about his purchase. They searched for him for two weeks, but were still able to find and present the coveted status. The second largest prize went to a resident of Kemerovo. By incredible coincidence, the winner had to seek longer - about two months.

The Most famous winners and their fate

Not everyone can effectively manage accidentally fallen on the head of resources. Family from Ufa, spontaneously bought a lottery ticket was a winner and received 29 million rubles. It would seem that now their lives will change for the better and start with a clean slate. However, wealth is infatuated with the elf, and they decided to mark the occasion. The spree lasted for five years. However, not all the money they blew on booze, part of bought two apartments in the city centre. The rest was distributed to friends paid their loans and lowered on the wind. In 2006, a woman died from poverty and undermined by alcohol health.

Spend wisely the gains in 35 million managed locksmith Moscow Yevgeny Sidorov. One day he bought the lucky ticket just for 560 rubles. The man admits that he never placed much hope in the Russian state lottery. The money he left for his native village and opened a carp farm. The rest of the money he repaired the road, built a house and now lives in his pleasure.

In 2013, a lucky man from Voronezh was able to destroy the Russian stamps to 47 million 300 thousand. Interestingly, the rate did not exceed 120 rubles. The man decided to fulfill the desires of loved ones. He had fulfilled the dream until all the money dried up. For the remaining amount he made repairs in his apartment. To the question about why he never changed his life dramatically, the man replied that he believes in second chances and will win again.

In 2009, a resident of the Leningrad region hit the jackpot by guessing a combination of 6 numbers out of 45 variants. Gosloto 6/45 changed the whole life of a happy man. In that moment, when fortune turned to face him, he lived in a rented apartment and kept a few food stalls.

After he was given a lawful prize, the man bought a few apartments in the Central part of Saint Petersburg, an expensive premium car, and invested money in the construction of a hotel in the Krasnodar region. In addition, he made more than 10 million friends and acquaintances. Today closed to him abroad, as it has not paid out winnings taxes, amounting to nearly 4.5 million. Part of the property arrested by bailiffs, but the man is not losing ground and is not going to pay money. From a conversation with him it is clear that he regrets that the budget allocation. If I could turn back time, he would together with his family left for the United States.

The Name of another lucky to learn and failed. In 2014, a resident of Omsk has become the owner of an amount in 184,5 million roubles. Spent on the tickets about 800 and never expected to win. Its been a long time could not find to give winnings. Later it turned out that the shock the man had a stress, with the result that he had locked the house and no one was talking. Surprisingly, lucky was very modest and asked me not to publish his name. Win itplans to spend on a house by the sea.

Fabulous jackpots in the Russian lotteries are rare, but the biggest gamble was able to thwart Michael from Nizhny Novgorod in the end of 2014. He managed to pick up more than 200 million rubles. For the tickets he paid about 700 rubles. He successfully manages to hide the status of a millionaire from friends and relatives. Know only his name and city of other information in the media about him has been received.

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