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The Ionic order is one of the three ancient Greek orders. So, it differs from the Doric, which arose before the Ionian, greater liberty in the choice of proportions, and the lack of parts that are not subjected to the decor. The architects of ancient Greece Ionian loved order and believed him to be “female” because of the sophistication and large number of ornaments.Ionic order

The Main distinguishing feature of the ionic architectural order – specific design capitals. Kapitel consists of two symmetric volutes (volute – curl in a spiral shape with a small circle in the center).

The Exact time and place of occurrence of the Ionian construction of columns is unknown, but presumed it was a mid-sixth century BC and the North coast of Asia Minor respectively. The first large building, which used ionic columns, was the temple on the island of Samos, built by Rotocom and dedicated to the goddess Hera. Unfortunately, after some time the temple was destroyed in the earthquake.

And the temple of Artemis, which also has ionic order, as you know, was recognized as one of the wonders of the world. However, he did not live to our days.

Ionic order has two forms: the attic and Asia minor. Banded variant, which is not present in the frieze, is considered to be the original, attic sometimes think it is not a separate option, but only a modification, alteration banded.

Ionic order buildingThe Column, according to the principles of the ionic order, is divided into three parts: the column, the trunk and base. The base typically rests on a square plate, called a plinth. The semi-shafts (polavaram is called convex base) decorated with ornament and horizontal gutters. Concave scoli usually left smooth.


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As already mentioned, the main distinguishing feature of the ionic order – two volute on the capitals. On the facade of the volute are swirls on the sides are the same volutes are connected by the so-called balustrade, which are very similar to scrolls. If the first volute were only in one plane, then they began to do all four, which freed the Ionian order from critics, according to which the top of the column should look the same on all sides – originally it was Doric, but not immediately appeared in the ionic order.

the Architects of ancient GreeceThe Cutting was usually done with owami (from the Greek and Latin word meaning “egg”). This egg-shaped decorative elements and the column they alternate with different arrows and leaves. The number of flutes (flute & ndash; a vertical groove on the shaft of the column) in the ionic order was constantly changing, but eventually settled on 24. This value was taken because the number of flutes easily possible to keep the ratio of the diameter of the column and the flute, even if the height of the column was for some reason too high.

If you see two columns, ionic and Doric, you will immediately notice that looks more graceful ionic order. The construction is based on the main rule: the height of the column must be at least eight or nine of its diameters. That's why this type of order is beautiful.

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