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No doubt, every fan of the fantastic Saga "Star wars" drew particular attention to the character named Asajj Ventress, because this character showed the highest courage, fortitude and perseverance. It belongs to the dark Jedi, has weapons in the form of green, red and blue lightsabers. Since the place of birth upon arrival at a planet. Rattatak, it can be attributed to ratatatism race. Character belongs to the Confederation of Independent Systems or the Sith. The image turned out quite harmonious thanks to the well-matched actress of dubbing, which was grey Delisle.

Asaj Ventress

Origin of life

Asajj Ventress was born on the planet Dathomir, which was located a clan of the nightsisters. While still at a fairly early age, the mother of the heroine had to give your child the perpetrator of Sinita Halstead, who threatened to destroy the whole clan. The villain decided to take a little Asajj on the planet Rattatak, then made her his slave. However, soon there was an attack on cinetidine VitaScene bandits who killed him. In the battle, the girl drew attention to the Jedi Kai Narek, the ship which was wrecked on Rattatak who saved him during the attack of the enemy, throwing him some distance from through Force. Noting that Asajj has the Power Called began training her in the Jedi case, without reporting his intention to the Council, which had earlier banished the wizard.

Soon he Called and Asajj began work at the end of the confrontation and reconciliation of the Nations and become true heroes. At the same time, about the exploits of the characters learned of a serious military commanders, who have decided to join forces and to destroy the girl and her teacher. However, higher forces still managed to achieve the death of the book, which immediately before his death had left to the head Asajj tattoo. Having lost a mentor, a dark Jedi Skywalker turned to the Dark side of the Force, killing the enemy, left her without a master, and promised himself to avenge him.


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After the started the clone wars, Asajj noticed count Dooku, who was in search of allies on the planet Rattatak. He saw how the heroine fought with gladiators, and easily defeated them. Between her and count Dooku was a battle that Graf easily won by destroying the weapons of the heroine and giving her mentor Darth Sidious. The dark Jedi Ventress welcomed the opportunity to serve the forces to destroy the Jedi. Count Dooku gave the student two new weapons that formerly belonged to Mosquitoes Vose. the

Mission heroine

One day before Ventress appeared in her first important job that was need to prevent the negotiation of the Jedi, not wanting the clone wars, Flown to the satellite Roel. Upon arrival at the satellite, the heroine got rid of some of the Jedi and joined the battle with Windu, but losing the battle, decided to retreat. After losing the Jedi's connection with the colony of goganov, they decided to see what happened. At this moment Asajj decided to attack them, killing master Glaive and injuring Padawan. However, fighting with Obi-WAN Kenobi, the heroine was defeated and was forced to retreat. Since then, several Jedi followed her return to the planet of Kveyt, wanting to find her an antidote for the specific weapons. Thanks to Durga Asajj shrank to win and out.

The Second mission Asajj Ventress was to find and get rid of Anakin Skywalker. This was planned by Darth Sidious to see the power of Anakin and motivate him to go dark side. Finding of Anakin, the character decided to attack his vehicle, thus ensued a chase, which was a battle with swords, which was won by Skywalker. He threw Asajj from the roof of the temple massassi, but she survived.

Star wars character

Attempted Kenobi

After that, Ventress finally wanted to prove that she is worthy helper count Dooku, determined to show him that was able to surpass the respected Jedi Obi-WAN Kenobi. She locked him in the citadel, and deprived of power. Through time Kenobi with clone decided to run through the dungeon. On the way to the ship Obi-WAN was able to learn of events in the life of Asajj and he decided to try to return her to the light side of the Force. The heroine tried to find the fugitives, but finding the loss of the book of the sword and her ship, the main female character of "Star wars" Obi-WAN declared his worst enemy.

Dark Jedi

Clan "Sisters of the night"

After some time, Darth Sidious thought that Asajj was too strong and experienced. Fearing the treachery of his subordinate, he asked Tyranus to kill Ventress. Despite the fire of the cruiser, Ventress was able to survive. She had to escape to the nightsisters, seeking help. After that, the main female character in "Star wars" along with Talzin has developed a cunning plan to take revenge on Dooku. They tricked gave him as a guard front of the Jedi, which was programmed to murder the count.

After the failure of the plan, Asajj decided to become a full Sister of the Night. After that, the heroine decided to stop to take revenge on Dooku. However, Dathomir was prone to invasion, which almost completely destroyed the clan of Sisters. Asajj, the survivors decided to go to Tatooine to build a new life.

the clone Wars


The battle at Christophsis Asajj decided to join forces with avid separatist commander Warm Loathsom that would allow to connect these planets to the Confederation. Fraudulently heroine was able to convince the Republican clone to go to the dark side and found his way to overcome the defense of enemies. Despite the fact that Asajj learned valuable information, Anakin Skywalker managed to bring his army to a safe distance.

When the planet Rattatak was safe, the Jedi went to the headquarters, but in the way they stood up Asajj to fight with them with swords. After that, Ventress had to negotiate with Katuunko, which was not successful. Since Dooku was tired of frequent defeats his student, he hinted that one more failure for her could be the last. Then the heroine decided to save the Chickpea Gunray, everything went pretty easy. However, in the attempted abduction DNA fetta she won another defeat. the

aide of count Dooku

The Incident on Quartzite

After the clone wars Asajj returned to Tatooine and joined the gang that had caused the chests to the Palace, OTW Blanca. During the mission the gang is attacked by enemies that were defeated. Sparing the girl who was in the trunk, Asajj received a reward. Thanks to their machinations, the heroine has managed to earn high reputation in the circle of mercenaries. the

planet Rattatak

Service Confederatie

Soon Asajj Ventress Decided to return to serve the Confederation and once again become a student of Dooku. The heroine this time was made a cyborg. But with the defeat in the battle count Dooku realized that he had failed, and decided to get rid of it. In the last minutes of the life of Asajj tried to catch Obi-WAN a piece of metal, however, Anakin managed to hit her with a sword. Ventress managed to advise him to stay away from Dooku, because he is essentially evil.

Obi-WAN decided to take the body upon arrival at the ship and bury it with dignity, however, as soon as the ship shifted in place, Ventress appeared in the cockpit. Using the mind trick she was able to impress upon the pilot the need to change direction. And they went to space, the main thing - away from enemies and war. the


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