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Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov was born in the times of change in 1862. Serfdom was abolished, there were changes in the judiciary, in the army. There were the first revolutionary organization. There were numerous assassination attempts on Alexander II, and in the end he was killed. Mikhail Nesterov, caught the reign of two emperors, survived several revolutions, the First World war, civil war, famine and devastation in Russia, the great Patriotic war, but with the highest spirituality, created a clean, uncomplicated paintings. Heroes of his paintings sought God and truth.

Study and serious work

Mikhail Nesterov studied painting in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. His favorite teacher was V. G. Perov. At this time he also painted genre works, and paintings on historical themes related to the pre-Petrine era. During these years he married. The wife dies in childbirth. But the way he captures in his works, including “the bride of Christ”.Mikhail Nesterov Young woman immediately captivates fragile, delicate sadness, humility before the inevitable. The silent girl is the desire to understand what she was thinking. So there is a collective image of Nesterovskaya girls. The landscape behind her, deeply lyrical, subtle, spirit close to I. Levitan.


Mikhail Nesterov wrote his first stage work in the late 80-ies. The white-haired hermit slowly moves along the river Bank.Mikhail Nesterov painting a Monk lives not only according to the laws of nature. She is lovingly drawn in every detail: the stunted trees, even dry last year's grass and the remnants of the snow still not melted on it, quiet SLR river that does not move. Mikhail Nesterov portrayed the old man who lives according to the laws of the liturgical year: lent and celebration to the other, thus filling their lives merge with the Lord. To go it's hard, but it goes with a prayer from one Holy place to the next. So alive and his soul and body. The kind of person I want to get the blessing and to accept at least a modicum of humility. Mikhail Nesterov's work filled the ringing silence and abiding admiration for the modest beauty of Russian nature.


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“the Vision of young Bartholomew”

This picture was the first in the series, dedicated to Sergius of Radonezh.Mikhail Nesterov, the artist the picture is gray fine warm autumn day. The sky faded, no glimpses of the sun. Far away the verdant valley with a hill on the left. Beneath him winds the rivulet, near the vegetable gardens of cabbage, and on the right are covered groves. And in the foreground a thin, clear pattern fragile child. Whether he dreamed, whether it really was a meeting at the enchanted nature with a Holy old man who gives him a prosphora and direction for life, full service of the Lord.

Portrait painting

The Finest lyric Mikhail Nesterov - the artist who paints portraits of people of deep spirituality. A lot of them. You can only recall the portraits of Bulgakov and Florensky (“Philosophers” - see the picture below) by I. P. Pavlov.

the artist Nesterov

“the Soul of the people”

On the Eve of the revolution, the artist will write the canvas, which will reflect the search for God.the Soul of the people Everyone in this picture is in its own way. Someone thinking, someone runs, someone joyful, but filled with a single thought: the long way to think about your path.

A Deeply religious man, Mikhail Nesterov paintings did not write with a brush, but the soul. So for us they are alive and not indifferent person does not lose its value.

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