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Lera Kozlova

In 2008 on the TV channel STS released the first of a series the youth series "Ranetki" of the producer which is famous for the TV series ‘cadets» Vyacheslav Murugov. New product of Russian production is a reflection of the history and development of popular music of the girls ' team "Ranetki". One of the main roles in this series takes the Lera Kozlova. In the movie, in real life she is the lead singer and drummer of the band. However, at the moment, the girl has a solo career. Her collaboration with the group ended, to put it mildly, not absolutely successfully. As a talented singer was part of a popular team? What was the reason for her departure from the group? This article will tell you about it, and much more.

Childhood and dance

The Twenty-second of January, 1988, was born in Moscow Lera Kozlova. Biography of a little girl with origins in a family where none of the members has nothing to do with art. However, since childhood the girl showed remarkable creativity. She never attended music school. But this in no way interfered with Valerie to demonstrate their outstanding skills in singing and dancing at all home events. Parents decide to give their daughter in any club. By chance, Lera Kozlova is selected and becomes part of the ensemble once popular "Pinocchio". Thanks to the team and the head of this creative Union, the girl has learned the perfect place to dance and even play drums.


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Many predicted her career in ballet. However, the girl chose a musical direction. A huge influence on this decision was provided by Sergey, Melnichenko. It was he who persuaded the girl to become a soloist of the popular teenagers of the team "Ranetki".

child Lera Kozlova

The Formation of a girls band

Natalya Shelkova and Evgenia Ogurtsova (also a member of the group) from childhood are close friends. The first confidently and skillfully plays the guitar, the second — keyboards. Father Eugene and Sergey Milnichenko friends for a very long time. Looking at the girls rehearse, the producer comes up with the idea to create a daring girl band. He takes an ad in the newspaper and online. Thanks “world wide web” the band got a bass player — Lena Tretyakov. Brand new comes in the team at the site of the former soloist Alina Petrova. She went abroad and was unable to continue cooperating with the group.

wedding Lera Kozlova

Path to "Ranetki"

Sergei Milnichenko saw Leroux in one of the performances of the ensemble "Pinocchio", where teenagers sang the “March of the drummers”. The producer asked her to try her abilities in the musical direction. Casting Lera Kozlova for the first time sat behind a drum kit. Repeating for Milnichenko a few simple rhythms and singing a couple of passages, the girl was adopted in place of the soloist group. Thus began the career of Valerie as one of the "Ranetki". It was in 2005.


Girls participating quickly became friends with each other. The first success was overtaken by the girls band in 2006. It was then Lera Kozlova, Anna Rudneva, Evgeniya Ogurtsova and Lena Tretyakov has performed at several major Russian festivals: “Megahaus”, “Emaus” and other. Next year, successful performance was repeated. At the same time, the group "Ranetki" already collaborates with such renowned ensembles as “Roots”, “the City 312” and “DDR”.

At the same time, Lera Kozlova participated in the recording of the album popular at the time punk band called "Cockroaches". As it perfectly takes some of the parties backing vocals from the famous group of Kristovskiy brothers, which “UmaTurman”.

Lera Kozlova bore

Series "Ranetki"

In 2007, the CTC invites the girls band "Ranetki" in the recording of soundtracks for the series ‘cadets". Producer Vyacheslav Murugov so much fun and interesting girls that he decides to make a film about them. After a while the girls on the hand are given the first page of the text. The series called "Ranetki" brings talented young musicians of great fame. Television product has become very popular: many teenagers were really enthusiastic about watching a film where clearly and interestingly describes the events of creation and formation of the popular group. This show gave Valerie an award «discovery of the year” at the presentation of the prestigious award of Ukraine “Star”.

the husband of Lera Kozlova


As part of the music band brand new sang a lot of songs. Among them the most popular are “We are Ranetki”, “About you”, “Winter-winter”, “It's all about her”, “She is one”, “It will return” and other. Before the concert in Luzhniki the girl accidentally finds out that she is going “ask” to leave the group. The reason for this was her “cooled” a romantic relationship with producer Sergei, Melnichenko. Although many believed that ending a long life together singers of the band and the head will be the wedding. Lera Kozlova, however, the personal life of Sergey, Melnichenko have not touched. In 2008, the brightest “ranetka” left the group.

Lera Kozlova biography

Solo career

Exactly a year frustrated husband Lera Kozlova married Natalia Shchelkovo, which since 2005 has played lead guitar in a musical group. In the same year, in Samara held the first solo concert of the former soloist of the group "Ranetki". Thus began a new round of life Valerie. She starred in the video “He is near" of the Ukrainian band Quest Pistols. Soon the producer of this men's group invited Lera to sign a contract. The girl happily agreed. And after a while she began performing under the pseudonym of Lera Lera.

With a new producer, the singer received the "second wind". In 2010 on TV screens go from two videos of the singer: “Unpleasant” and “Wolf”. The result of the overwhelming success of creativity of Valeria greater love of the public and awards at prestigious festivals. From the channel RU.TV the girl received the prize in the category “Singer of the year”. And in a year the same gift she was handed the festival “Bravo”. At the same time, released his first solo album, bright blonde called “Let me sign".

Lera Kozlova

Acting and sounding movies

In addition to music, the girl established herself as a talented actress. Her role in the TV series "Ranetki" has not gone unnoticed. Then Leroux was invited to participate in the project «Summer, swimming trunks, rock-n-roll”, where she played a major role. Do not forget about the successful work with the fantastic Luc Besson. The imposing Frenchman, listening to the voices of the Actresses, probabalise to duplicate Princess selenia cartoon “Arthur”, immediately fell in love with the voice of ex-"Ranetki". He is enthusiastic about the fragile and sensitive girl, hoping to continue to cooperate with it already in full length and non-animated movie.

child Lera Kozlova

Intimate side of the coin

The private life of stars of show business are always interesting to others. Was no exception and Lera Kozlova. If she has given birth a baby? Married or ex-“ranetka”? Who is the chosen one talented singer? All these and many other questions plagued by both journalists and fans of the girls.

After a painful departure from the band huge support for the girl had Nikita, Horuk (musician of the Ukrainian band Quest Pistols). He helped to cope with stress and believe in yourself. After some time the girl realized she was in love with his friend. Surround him with care and attention, she gradually achieved reciprocity. Rumors that she was allegedly pregnant and the child Lera Kozlova will bear the name of Goruk, not confirmed. Will the Alliance of two hearts long lasting and durable — time will tell. While the couple did not plan to.


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