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Can you imagine your life now people in our country without viewing your favorite TV series? Almost any home the family gathers for dinner in front of the TV and enjoy another episode of a movie. Not left without attention of the audience and the TV series "Our happy tomorrow." The actors skillfully able to translate the Directors ' idea and made the film quite interesting and popular. The series was released April 24, 2017.

About the series

The Film consists of 16 episodes. It covers quite a large period of time - about 30 years. The action takes place in 1963. At this time began to be "not a sweatshop". And the movie ends, reaching the times of 1993, when this type of business disappeared.

The Plot of "of Our happy tomorrow" is made so that each series covers the time-span of 4 years. At the beginning of the film tells about young people who were born during the great Patriotic war. They grow and live with hope for a happy Soviet future.

"Our happy tomorrow" (2016-2017)

Together with his friends, Peter meadow decided to travel to Leningrad for the device is more promising and interesting life. Here he gave the fate of meeting with Marianne Stankiewicz, who studied journalism at.

Our happy tomorrow story

Peter was born in an ordinary family of hard workers and could not boast of wealth. And Marianne was the daughter of wealthy parents. In this situation, to win the attention of girls, meadow decided on a very dangerous step in the Soviet era - opens a sweatshop.

She, in turn, loves promising journalist Pereverzev and pays no attention to Peter. Also in the series tells about the life of physicist Vladlena Khromova, who is in love with the same Marianna. And Olga Kalinovskaya (student) plans to make the world a selfless and honest. In turn, their friend Valentine Kozyrev is almost totally dedicated to music and dreams of becoming a virtuoso pianist. Only in the end, as fate and chance, perekvalifitsiruetsya in pickpocket.


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Many years later the heroes of the film meet and diverge in different situations. Peter became a well-known businessman, but has not received reciprocity from Marianne. The girl married a physics Khromova, but also in love with Pereverzeva. Each character hoped for a successful future and have tried to realize their dreams in the TV series "Our happy tomorrow." Actors and Directors are matched as accurately as possible, and the plot is eventful and interesting.

Reviews of the actors about filming

Basically the event revolves around three individuals in the series "Our happy tomorrow." The actors in the film are quite popular, which in recent years often take part in the filming korotkosherstnyh melodramas.

Work on the film lasted 10 months. During this time there were several long pauses, to study time periods, which were discussed in each series.

The cast of "Our happy tomorrow" claim that came along with the Directors from all liability for the shooting. They studied a lot of literature and reviewed documentary about those times. The events in the film as close to the truth of business development and life of the time.

Ilya Noskov

A Key role in the series is Peter meadow. He played in the film, a famous actor Ilya Noskov. A native of Ukraine, has rapidly built a career in theater and cinema. It has good looks and cleverly includes the role of both positive and negative characters. This unique ability has allowed the actor to achieve success in the work.

Our happy tomorrow Ilya Noskov

Still, the audience is more like his role in the melodrama, where the characters are faced with life's challenges and love adventure. Such a plot is the series "Our happy tomorrow." Ilya Noskov in the role of Peter in the last 30 years fighting for a woman's attention. For her sake he radically changed his life and made the risky step of opening a clandestine business.

After many years, becoming a successful businessman, Peter has not lost his senses and stubbornly went to his goal, overcoming various difficulties and obstacles.

Olga Pavlovets the role of the journalist Stankiewicz

Another heroine of the film, around which swirling action of the story is Marianne. A girl from a wealthy family played by Olga Pavlovets. The actress was born in an artistic family and since childhood, studied music. She was 9 years old, he appeared on television in various competitive programs, where she performed songs under a guitar.

At a special school for gifted children, the girl attended classes in elocution and acting classes. At the end of it, Olga enrolled at the theatre Academy. Then he moved to Moscow and started acting in films. The first work was the film "Stiletto-2".

Our happy tomorrow series actors

In the TV series "Our happy tomorrow" Pavlovets presented in the role of Marianne. Girl seeking fame in journalism and is oblivious to the attentions of Peter meadow. It is through life will carry the love to the well-known writer, and getting married for a talented physicist. In the end, after many years Marianna will be on the verge of life and death and to save her only to have a nationally-known businessman and influential personality Peter meadow.

Miller in the role of Kozyrev

The Following character is a very talented person. He spent his entire conscious life pays a huge amount of time to music and piano. His dream is to become a world famous pianist.

But fate presents a lot of challenge, to overcome which it lacks acumen and patience. Guy looking for a simple solution and gets into the criminal world - is a thief-a pickpocket. Then Valentin turns out to be an authority in their community and throughout time actively "fighting" with Peter meadow.

Eugene Miller

The Role of Kozyrev played Eugene Miller. The actor has a truly masculine appearance and physique, so often he is invited on the role of courageous heroes. In this case, he made the series the image of a negative character.

To Assess the talent and work of Eugene Miller in the movie "Three comrades", "Without a trace", "Leningrad 46", "Double solid".

Secondary roles

The film connects several people. Alexander Pereverzev - budding in the international field journalist. His lifelong loves Marianne, but he pays no attention to her. This role was played by Kirill Rubtsov.

His work can be seen in the film "Catherine", "Caramel", "black sheep", "White acacia". The actor actively playing in theatres and various performances.

Our happy tomorrow 2016

Vladlen Khromov is a promising and talented physicist, dreaming of deep space, marries journalist Marianne. Unfortunately, he has strong character and lives life with a woman who does not love him. In the end, when Marianne is in danger, her husband can not defend.

Played this role, Andrei Nekrasov. The actor was born in a simple working-class family and has worked as a labourer and Builder. Thanks to his tenacity and commitment, has achieved success in her acting career, plays at the youth theatre on the Fontanka.

"Our happy tomorrow": the responses of the audience

The Series has seen thousands of people from different countries of the former Soviet Union. On the Internet there are many reviews about this film. Mostly people noted that the realism of the plot can be traced back to series 5, inclusive.

Our happy tomorrow reviews

Then, actively there is a "fantasy" writers. The finale of the series the story is again gaining momentum. Viewers like the memories of heroes, penetrations in real life. It is also noted great acting in the series "Our happy tomorrow." The audience is mainly very pleased with the selection of the whole.


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