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Films in which the main role takes the popular British actor Jason Statham almost always become blockbusters. No matter what role either starred the charismatic and athletic performer, she immediately wins the audience's sympathy. Many viewers go to the cinema just for the sake of his game: they are interested in, what will he throw this time? What new trick please? In short, movies with Jason Statham are always in demand and had initially “destined” to succeed.movies with Jason Statham

Biography Jason Statham

Born popular British actor in 1967 in London, he horoscope Virgo (September 12). His parents were creative people: father – singer and my mother a dancer. In addition to vocal works, Jason's dad also was fond of Boxing and gymnastics (acrobatics) and taught his two sons (Jason was younger). The boys spent their free from school time and fighting with each other, and, of course, the elder brother, almost always prevailed against the younger. However, Jason did not give up and studied the technique of protection. He later got heavy into kickboxing, which he subsequently found useful in film career. After all, movies with Jason Statham are always full of different battle scenes in which an actor with a vengeance to show what he's capable of. In addition, in his youth he was seriously fond of jumping in the water and even played for his country at the Olympics in Seoul (1988). filmography Jason Statham

Early career artist

In the late nineties him for his excellent physique was invited to appear in advertising jeans. It was the beginning of his career as a model and actor. As the owner of the company, whose products are advertised Jason (or Jay - so called friends and acquaintances), became the General producer of the film “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels”, he suggested the Director of this picture is guy Ritchie's take on one of the roles handsome Jason, who then was 30 years. Jason successfully passed the audition and starred in this crime drama. And this film starts filmography Jason Statham. The picture was quite successful, and guy was pleased with the new artist. Thus began a collaboration between a talented Director and equally talented actor.


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Second picture

Jason Statham: movies list

After making the first film, the guy took Jay in another movie - “Big score”. Here he used his skills in kickboxing. The role was small, and the main characters were performed by Brad pitt and Dennis Farina, but Jason is so well blended into the plot that his role had to be rewritten and slightly expanded. In this film, Jason had the opportunity to watch a game already famous actors and gain experience. However, he was conscious that in scenes where you need a martial art he has no equal. And it gave him confidence that soon he will star in “New world”.

Road to Hollywood

The year 2000 marked his debut in American cinema. He played a minor role in the film “turn up”, immediately after he was entrusted with a major role in the science fiction Thriller ‘Ghosts of Mars" (directed by John carpenter). This is a fantastic movie, like other movies with Jason Statham, like to the audience, and he was soon invited to perform the role in another blockbuster mystery - “Opposition”.

The triumph

From 2000 to 2002, Jason managed to star in several Hollywood films which made his name more or less recognizable among the American audience, but the incredible success he brought the film “Carrier”. He so impressed the audience that the filmmakers had to take a few years a continuation of this picture: “Carrier-2” and “Carrier-3". This enormous success not only on the American continent, and worldwide, did not expect even the film-makers. The role was played Jason more than “perfect” and he adopted the stronger their position in Hollywood.movies with Jason Statham

Movies with Jason Statham

The same fate befell the film "Adrenaline". After her triumph on the screens around the world, the authors decided to withdraw and the second part - "Adrenaline-2". Now hardly anyone does not know who Jason Statham. Of course, in many of the pictures he starred in the role of hero, but there are times when he is a crook or a drug dealer. In both cases, his playing is very convincing. Only all of his fans still crave to see him in the role of hero-lover. Its a nice beefy figure, it is impossible not to admire. With the growth of 176 centimeters, he is so fine and complex that it seems higher. In short, Jason Statham in any of his roles sexy and devilish charm that makes his pictures attractive not only for the male audience, i.e. fans of fighters, but also the beautiful half of humanity. Here it is, this hunk Jason Statham. A list of his films is replenished every year, and every one of them become box office hits, and his fees amount to about $ 3 million for the film. The artist is aware that with his track record he is unlikely to ever "Oscar", and not very committed to it. Although we all know that life is so changeable, but God works in mysterious ways, what can be all possible.Jason Statham new movies

Jason Statham new movies and roles

This year (2014) Jason has already managed to star in three films: “Anger”, "the Last frontier” and “The fast and the furious -7", and the Premier the last of them is scheduled for April of next year, while earlier it was reported about July 2014. The Director is James WAN. Partners of Statham for the film are Paul Walker and Dwayne “the Rock" Jones. However, after the tragic death of Paul Walker, his role is played by the actor's brother Cody. This decision was taken by project managers, who all made the decision to bring the film to the end. A tribute to a wonderful actor, who died early. Last year the court audience was presented the film “fast & furious 6". She was admitted for “cheers” fans of the adventure genre. The new film also promises to be dynamic, breath-taking stunts and fights, like all movies with Jason Statham.


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