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Mariya Kapustinskaya – St. Petersburg actress. A Citizen Of Russia. In her biography 16 cinematic works. To see her acting work in the feature film “Loner” and the television series “pregnancy Test”, “Students”. Related creative ties with actors: Natalia Tkachenko, Gennady Smirnov, Svetlana Smirnova-Kanagawaboy, does Sutyrina, Denis Moiseyev and others. Worked in films by Directors: Sergey Shcherbina, Kirill, Kapitsa, Andrei Korshunov and others.

A Successful year for the actress was 2014, when she was busy in the project «pregnancy Test”. Embarked on a cinematic path in 2000, realizing on the screen waving in the series “safety”. Playing the detectives, melodramas, action movies. Mostly known as an actress of soap operas. Zodiac sign-Sagittarius.

Mariya kapustinskaya actress

Biography, personal life

Mariya Kapustinskaya was born in Leningrad on 2 December 1985. In childhood he loved music. When she was 11 years old, she debuted on the stage of musical theater “Draw”. In the mid-2000s years, learned the basics of acting, sitting at the bench of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, which she successfully graduated in 2006.


Mariya Kapustinskaya - light blonde and green-eyed woman of the European type of appearance. Her height-168 cm wear shoes 37 size, suitable to her size clothes – 38 (44). Speak English at a conversational level. Mastered the art of dancing dancing jazz-modern. Lives in Saint-Petersburg. Plays in repertory company, acted in commercials, television shows and movies.


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picture of Kapustin Maria

Movie Roles

In 2005, appears in the 8th episode of the detective TV project “Sea devils”. Build relationships with other characters, her character, Veronika Samoylova in the teen series “Students”. In 2008 Mariya Kapustinskaya decided to participate in the creation of short films “peace”. He secured “title” actress crime shows the jobs in the project «Foundry, 4”, where she developed the image of Eugene. Contributed to the Treasury of their works acting role in the short film “Young evil”. Played Tatiana in television projects “One love” and “Alone”. In "Counter for" introduces viewers with his character Oksana. Tries himself in the role of Daria in the draft 2014 «pregnancy Test”.

In the mini-series “the Past can wait” contributes to the development of the plot in the image Ali. Plays two characters in the Russian TV series genre romance “Letters on the glass. Destiny”. This story draws the viewer into the life of Alina Alferova, which does not know how to do it when her quiet family life there is the man she once loved, and might love still. Creative success Kapustinskaya Mary can be called the actress to create a popular series of detective fiction "Nevsky". In the mini-series “the Ghost of the County town” her heroine Marina Nikiforova.

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