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Diskan Roland of Gilead-gunslinger and the protagonist of the series of books by Stephen king about the Dark Tower. He – the son of Steven and Gabrielle, Diskin, the last representative of the ancient family of «gunners». When creating the hero, the author has used the image of Clint Eastwood in westerns, and the conflicts and some of the characters appeared thanks to the poem by Robert Browning "Childe Roland came to the Dark Tower."

Past Roland

Roland got the right to call yourself a Rifleman in 14 years. This early passage ritual of manhood occurred because of the desire to take revenge Deskana adviser of his father – Martin, who had an affair with the boy's mother. Roland fought with his teacher and was able to defeat him with the hawk David. After the victory the young man got the guns and became a real shooter. His father had persuaded him to delay the revenge, Martin and sent him on a mission to the city Chambre, where Roland found the main purpose of their lives – to reach the Dark Tower.

Roland diskan

Roland – a descendant of King Arthur, whom in this world I know under a different name. According to legend, the only one who has a thing Arthur will be able to enter the Dark Tower. Guns arrow melted from the legendary sword Excalibur, so thanks to their weapons in the Tower will be able to login and Roland diskan. History of character is revealed throughout the series of books, telling about his losses. So, the city Chambre he loved the girl Susan, but I couldn't save her from death. And it was Roland, under the spell, killed his own mother. These two losses have affected the identity of the shooter, but did not break it.


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The character's appearance

The book repeatedly refers to the similarity of the arrow with Clint Eastwood. Outwardly, Roland Deschain describes a lean and tall man with piercing blue eyes.

 diskan Roland of Gilead gunslinger

Then in his hair appears gray and shows that outwardly he was older by about ten years. At the beginning of the second book Roland loses several fingers on a hand. The author does not specify the age of the shooter, and also does not describe his face. Therefore, different characters see his old man, young man, and the person called both beautiful and ugly. Teleadapt film "Dark Tower" in 2017 the role of Roland deskana will be performed by Idris Elba.

Roland diskan shooter quotes the character


Roland is very powerful. Throughout his journey he suffered from injuries or diseases that an ordinary person could become invalid, but did not stop. Shooter is a very experienced traveler, he knows how to hunt, navigate, make clothes from animal skins. Roland knows five languages, understands the whole nature of the world and also has the skills of a leader, teacher, and diplomat. Excellent survival, knowledge of human psychology, the ability to handle a gun - all this confirms that Roland diskan – the shooter. Quotes character is usually laconic and show his attitude to what is happening around. Roland's companions say that he has no sense of humor, but the question of where it went, Distin says: “Shot, probably somewhere in the war”.

Roland very much cares about his comrades who are United with him by a common fate. He often risks his life to save friends, or help them. But in cases when the choice is between the allies and closer to the Dark Tower, he prefers the second. So, Roland said: “you should Not have any kind of feelings for someone you will inevitably make bad, otherwise you will be bad too”. The obsession of Roland's Tower is not reduced for all books. This is his only goal that he is willing to achieve it at all costs.

Weapons Roland

Revolvers moved to Roland from his father – they look heavy and huge, with yellow handles of sandalwood. Throughout mid-world this weapon is recognizable and helps people to identify the shooter. When Roland diskan looking for ammunition for their revolvers in the real world, it turns out that best suited the forty-five caliber colt. Roland is described as a very experienced shooter – he can instantly reload your weapon, and can shoot with both hands. Even when Distin loses several fingers, it, nevertheless, pulls out weapons faster than any of its satellites, and precise hits.


The First and only love in life, Roland was Susan Delgado. At the beginning of these relations he was 14 years old, and he felt for the girl a strong attraction, comparable to drug addiction, as well as physical desire and romantic feelings. Their relationship was the reason for the discontent of his friends, why the Union was almost destroyed. Susan herself actively helped the friends of Roland, and to save them killed a few people. The shooter was not able to protect the girl, and her death became for it strong blow. He never recovered from this loss and continued to love Susan my whole life.

roland deschain

Jake chambers

In the first book Roland meets at the pump station teenager Jake. The boy died under the wheels of the vehicle in its world and then was in reality the shooter. They continue the journey together, and gradually Roland is bound to Jake. However, at the moment when he has to choose: the rescue of the boy or the path to the Dark Tower is that it allows the teenager to die. Then again shows the fate of Jake. Living in the real world, it suffers from the duality of his consciousness, because he remembers his own death and the journey with Roland. Shooter with friends taking the boy into his world, and Jake becomes a full member of the group.

The Path to the Dark Tower

In the beginning of his way, Roland is alone, but gradually formed around a group of people whose fates are connected. Diskan almost madly obsessed with his idea of finding the Tower, which is the intersection of an infinite number of parallel worlds. In the last book Roland overcomes all obstacles and finally enters the Tower. In it, he realizes that he has repeatedly passed their way and the punishment for his crimes. However, it is assumed that Roland will be able to escape from your eternal hell.

Roland diskan the history of the character

Reader comments

Books about the Dark Tower is widely known. For reviews of readers, the work attracts with a wide number of genres, linkages with earlier books by the author and interesting characters. Stephen king created this cycle for more than 30 years, and people have changed along with the characters of the Dark Tower.

Roland is very complex and ambiguous fate. The shooter is being tested on its way, but readers continue to go along with him and sharing his grief, joy and even love.


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