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Often, seeing on the TV screen active participant of the reality show “the Simple life”, we couldn't help but marvel at the beauty and talent of the blond girl. It is about a charming actress, model and singer Nicole Richie. It is said that if a person is talented, his talent is evident throughout. This applies to Nicole. Although big role in the fact that the girl rose, played by her foster parents. This fragile girl can do everything: stage, photography, music. Whatever she's doing, everything worked fine. There is the famous phrase that without difficulty not catch fish from the pond. In any case, you need to work hard and put a lot of effort. But first of all put parents, and then man seeks for himself. This can be said about Nicole.Nicole Richie

A Little bit of biography of the actress

Born Nicole 21 September 1981. Native town of Berkeley is located in California. Her mother at that time worked as the assistant to a famous star of soul Lionel Richie. The fate of the girl was difficult. She left without a father in the second year of life, and then he Lionel and his wife Brenda decided to adopt the baby. Officially adopted Nicole Richie, the couple decided when she was 9 years old. Nicole was a very sweet kid. Before her charm was hard to resist anyway. The adoptive parents tried to do everything that the girl grew up to be educated and developed. She attended dance and music Studio. With new parents, she managed to master not only the piano but also the violin, cello and guitar. Nicole was engaged actively and skating. The most important thing, being in a new family, the girl continued to communicate with the birth mother. New parents never opposed to it, and even welcomed. Together they managed to raise such talented and amazing girl.increase weight Nicole Richie


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Nicole and the first work

For the First time appeared on TV Nicole Richie in 2003. This was the reality show on “the Simple life”. In the journals appeared the name of the participant - Nicole Richie. The photo was almost on every page. In that show, along with the aspiring star was attended by her faithful friend Paris Hilton. Girlfriend met back in kindergarten. Growing up and appearing on television, the girls became one of the brightest and scandalous socialite. They actively attended social events, participated in strip clubs, swearing, put up, but have hitherto remained friends.

Nicole Richie anorexia

Nicole and diet

Nicole is not only an actress, she is also a model. Her photographs can be seen in the most fashionable and popular journals. Its settings are ideal for this activity, and not only pleasant appearance, but also height, weight. Nicole Richie is always a lot of work on themselves. Her beautiful figure – the results of the exercise and various diets. Once Nicole became a little bit weight loss. He was far below acceptable, but nothing could stop Nicole Richie. Anorexia quickly goes away. The model underwent a course of treatment, and recently fully rehabilitated. Now it looks much better and gained a bit of weight. More from food she doesn't want to refuse, but just developed a new diet.

First film

The First film in which Nicole Richie proved himself as a real actress, was “American kids". It was the year 2005. Then she starred in other films, but there were mostly small cameo role. His interesting appearance she graced such films as “Chuck”, “go Ahead, kid”, “American dream” and others.

Other work Actresses

Besides working on TV, Nicole is engaged and writing activities. She has written the novel the truth about diamonds. It is based on the story of a girl Chloe Parker, is a story about myself. Nicole fully described my entire life. Forgot about my childhood, about my youth. Of course, much has been embellished and exaggerated, but without it? In the book, the writer manages to show all their imagination. Nicole Richie is not only a good singer but also a musician. She has performed with famous music group “darling” and passed the audition to participate in the musical. Her work the audience appreciated the role of Roxie in the popular musical "Chicago». Now Nicole is working on her debut album. This news was published in the press, but only the girl herself while this says nothing. Only remains to wait for the next surprise. It was all Nicole: UPS, downs, scandals, illness, unpleasant situations. To be on the world stage is not easy. And after the actress got engaged to the singer of the group «hood Charlotte», her life became a little calmer and went to normal.

Nicole Richie photo

Today, this pair is one of the most happy and friendly in Hollywood. Spouse work and raise their glorious kids: daughter Kate and son James. Moreover, they decided not only to build a huge Playground in Los Angeles, but also to open their own charitable Foundation.

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