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The name of the 35-year-old Courtney Kardashian made known to the public relatively recently. This petite brunette effectively combines socialite, model, businesswoman and mom. In short, a true American celebrity.

Kourtney kardashian

Role model

The beauty of this woman compose a lot of legends. Luxurious dark hair, expressive eyes, full lips and a slim figure (despite having children) have become a subject for discussion. Perhaps one of the reasons for the appearance of color Kourtney Kardashian are her roots. It's flowing Armenian, Dutch and Scottish blood. In an interview, her sister Kim jokingly said that Courtney can be divided into four parts, because it is in these proportions are its roots. As you know, in every joke there is truth.

A Quick thank Courtney Kardashian

Future fashionista was born in the family of lawyer Robert Kardashian and Chris Houghton. Craving for a secular lifestyle inherited from the mother, who is now the Manager of his other daughter Kim. Taking account of the second marriage mother and athlete Bruce Jenner in total Courtney, five sisters and four brothers. Her childhood did not differ from childhood peers. Like many, she attended a girls ' school after which went to University of Dallas. At the University of Arizona where she studied theatre arts and Spanish, she became acquainted with Nicole Richie, which can also be called a socialite.Kourtney kardashian increase weight

Recognition to Courtney Kardashian came with the release of reality show “the Kardashians” in 2007. It tells about the lives of three sisters (including Kim and Chloe). A special place is given to charity, which led to the scandal. The series successfully held for nine seasons. After him came two spin-offs: "Kourtney and Khloe in Miami” and “Kourtney and Kim in new York". In both shows we are talking about opening a family-run boutiques. In addition, Courtney's mother are proprietors of children's clothing stores under the name “Kiss", located in Los Angeles and new York.


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While in new York, starred show sisters, Courtney and Kim Kardashian starred in a small role of lawyer Kassandra kavanaugh in the long-running series “One life to live”.

Major milestones of creative activity

Perhaps this biography is not finished. Despite the fact that the girl is not perceived as a serious actress (she, apparently, did not committed), it can safely be called a socialite. She refuses to attend events music, film and charitable nature. She is often invited to various talk shows, where she gladly demonstrates her honed figure. The media and fans want to know literally everything about Kourtney Kardashian! Height, weight – not the exception. The star itself does not hide that to maintain the shape uses diet and don't forget about physical training. With the growth of 160 cm and weight 43 kg it is really tiny Thumbelina!Kourtney kardashian photo

Being the co-owner of clothing stores, it is required to understand women's fashion, with what copes. Courtney – a role model not only for ordinary Americans, but also for their peers, who note her excellent sense of taste. So, for the street style she prefers the convenience and ease, therefore seldom wear heels, but the color chooses leopard. But at social events appears in outfits of any style and style, and you can be sure it will always look perfect.

Motherhood decorate!

The Desire to remain beautiful favors and personal life. In a relationship with model Scott Disick Kourtney is with 2006. A year later he was going to propose to her, but talked him out of it sister Courtney Kim. After a short break the lovers back together. In 2009 they had a son Mason, and in 2012, daughter Penelope.

At the end of 2014 was born the third child - the son of the Rhine Aston. Almost immediately, Courtney was back to her activities, not extra homes. Rarely using the services of baby sitting, the star has already started to take his son with him. Envy struck her figure after giving birth. Courtney Kardashian photo which is proof that lost 20 pounds. Slender hottie doesn't want to lose his secular title.

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