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An Indian film actor Shahid Kapoor born 25 February 1981 in the capital city of Delhi. The parents of the Martyred father, the famous Director and actor Pankaj Kapoor and mother, nilima Azim, famous actress and dancer. In 1984, the boy's father went to Bombay, and the family virtually disintegrated. Eight years later, nilima with her son also moved in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) to Shahid hung out more with my dad. The Mumbai boy had attended the prestigious school Rajhans Vidyalaya. After school, Shahid enrolled in Mithibhai College in the Department of art history. Then continued her studies at the dance Academy, Shiamak Davar Institute for the Perfoming Arts. In the second year of their training at Davara Shahid was invited as a dancer to participate in the film "rhythm of love" directed by Subhash GHA, with Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles. In the process of communicating with such stars Shahid decided to devote his life to art.

Shahid Kapoor filmography

Career Choice

However, because of leaving abroad, had to postpone indefinitely all plans. But then, back in India, eighteen-year-old Shahid Kapoor immediately began his career in show business. First, the young Kapoor could not determine the choice of specialty. He wanted to be an actor and a Director, operator technique, it also attracted. In the meantime, he became a lecturer of dance at the Academy of Chiamaka Davara, which he recently graduated. And then one day a friend of Shahid invited him to go on a casting for an advertising Agency. A handsome young guy immediately noticed, and a few days later he received an invitation to the shooting of a commercial film for PEPSI.


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Final decision

And again on set Shahid had a chance to meet with the stars of bollywood, Rani Mukherjee and Shah Rukh Khan. Aspiring actor Shahid Kapoor, filmography which has not contained a single picture, perfectly coped with its role, and the advertising Agency got a talented artist, and Sam Shahid finally decided to devote himself to acting. He left the Academy Davara, quit your dance classes and began to attend acting classes and then seminars for actors that were held by the superstar of Indian cinema Nasiruddin Check.
Shahid Kapoor new movies

The Athlete actor

Shahid has continued to act in ad films from time to time meeting with his father and taking part in projects such as MOHANDAS and L. L. B. Actor Shahid loomed more and more clearly, a young person is not satisfied with his appearance, he was too thin. Started hours of training in gyms to build muscles. At first, the future actor Shahid Kapoor did not notice changes in its appearance, but a few months later began to appear the results of hard work - relief muscles. Aspiring actor made a series of photographs and sent pictures to all agents and bollywood, and who are somehow involved in the selection of actors to participate in film projects.
actor Shahid Kapoor

Leading role

After some time Shahid Kapoor, filmography that begins with this picture, got an offer to play a major role in the youth Comedy film Ishq Vishk Director Ken Ghosh. Partners of the actor at this time to be unknown in cinema girls: TV programs, Shenaz was Trialware and Amrita RAO, the daughter of wealthy parents, who wished to see his child on the silver screen. Nevertheless, the film was a success, Shahid has got the title of the best debutant of the 49th Manikchand Filmfare Awards and long-term cooperation agreement with TIRS. The picture was also marked as one of the highest-grossing films of 2003.

Shahid and Kareena Kapoor

The following year, Shahid Kapoor, filmography which has been enriched with new works, met again with Director Ken Ghosh, who offered him the role of a young Jaya in the film "Game of love". Shahid coped brilliantly with the role, the critics unanimously agreed on the talented actor. Later, Shahid admitted that the strongest incentive for him was the presence on the set of Karina Kapoor, renowned bollywood stars. The actor then played the role of Nikhil, a simple village guy in the movie "the Heart asks for more", in the company of young Actresses Tulip Joshi, Aasha Takia and Soha Ali Khan. But this picture had no success, the box office was low.

movies of Shahid Kapoor list

First nomination

The Year 2005 was Martyred the year of disappointments, he starred in three films: "Life is so beautiful", "Accidental friends" and "Love and surrender" - and all three pictures are an example of failure at the box office and box office. However, consolation for the Martyr was the recognition of its role Vardana in the drama "Accidental friends" the best acting job. For this role, Shahid Kapoor received her first nomination for "Best actor" at the Star Screen Awards. Indian movies Shahid Kapoor was popular. The following year, 2006, Kapoor starred in "Casino 36 China town" directed by Abbas Alibhai. The role of Raj, the protagonist, gave Shahid the opportunity to meet with Karina Kapoor who played the main character, Sheldon. The picture was average but the box office was impressive. This happens in the film industry when a movie with questionable artistic value hits record attendance. Movies of Shahid Kapoor, a list of which increased, were quite different on a number of subjective reasons. However, the UPS and downs of the real artist only strengthen his character and are key to further success. Shahid firmly perceived failures and rejoiced in every success, because he was one of the most favorite actors of bollywood.

the best movies of Shahid Kapoor

"Engagement" and the second nomination

Following the work of Shahid Kapoor was the role of Jeet in the film "the Comedy of errors", the filming of which he met again with Kareena Kapoor. These meetings have already become a tradition. Then Shahid has performed the role of urban playboy Prema in the painting "Engagement" Suraj Barjatya. Liked the movie audience and became one of the most profitable films of 2006. In addition, the success of the film was a major commercial success of the Shahid Kapoor, which earned him a second nomination for "Best actor" and a large fee. Critics recognized him as one of the most emotional actor of recent years, with the majority of them believed that the best movies of Shahid Kapoor is yet to come. The actor himself fully shared this opinion, believing it to be quite fair.

Indian movies with Shahid Kapoor

Success or failure

In the Summer of 2006, Kapoor went on a world tour under the auspices of the Rockstars Concert. The tour was also attended by Kareena Kapoor, eisha DEOL, Salman Khan, Mallika Sherawat and Zayed Khan. After returning from a trip Shahid Kapoor, filmography which was already quite substantial, not starred in film projects, his work came to a halt. In early 2007, Kapoor played the role of a petty thief named Raja in the film "Full finish" Ahmed Khan. The picture failed, there was neither positive reviews nor box office receipts. The next film featuring Kapoor was a romantic Comedy, "When we met" Director Imtiaz Ali. The role of the businessman-the loser named Aditya was given to the Shaheed is not easy, affable actor had difficulty playing a character of a rejected suitor. Once again the actor has stimulated actress Kareena Kapoor, who was also busy in the film in the lead role. The partnership of Shahid and Karina was to the advantage of both, because for creative people is the value of teamwork and understanding. The picture was a huge success, high cash collections, and the Shahid Kapoor new movies which is becoming better and better, was nominated for several awards.


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