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American television series “Melrose place” came out every week on FOX from July 1992 to may 1999. The author of the story – Darren Old, well-known from previous project “Beverly hills, 90210”. Producer of the series – Aaron spelling, recognized as the most successful Manager of all time, twice been included in “the Guinness Book of records".

Melrose place actors

Special project

“Melrose place" of the actors which were chosen based on their versatility, built on the principle of multifaceted episodes, which included a melodramatic exercise and the explicit sex scenes, black humor and violence, a grotesque weave of events and unexpected plot twists. In short, “Melrose place” was all.

How they filmed the show

On the set where he was working on “Melrose place”, the actors preferred to improvise (although all participants were given the scenario), so as to follow the story lines was impossible. The characters were so many that the story was changing every minute. The process of shooting lasted continuously. Directors at the site there were several, each responsible for their part.

Thomas Calabro

Production method

The television Series “Melrose place”, in which the actors often played themselves out on the screen once a week. Since the show took place during Prime-time, the action is repeatedly interrupted by advertising and all kinds of screensavers. Nothing to say about the artistic level of the performances, it was a classic soap Opera for the American way. However, a rating of “Melrose place" was high enough to ensure that the shooting continued.


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New character

Initially, the series enjoyed moderate popularity, then the rating of the show has declined markedly. The producers decided to change the script, and urgently, “sold” apartment house the businesswoman Amanda Woodward. A new character has been successful, insidious schemer Amanda immediately began to manipulate the residents, to push them together, bicker and oppose each other.

Amy locane

"Second wind"

The audience was excited, and now watch the film streets of Los Angeles were empty. Everyone wanted to know what the outcome of another affair Amanda Woodward, which instantly became the main heroine of the series “Melrose place”. The actors, sensing its demand, has already played selflessly, at full strength, the quality of performances has grown significantly. The characters fall out of Windows, shot, hung, killed in car accidents. In other words, each participant of the documentary was trying to prove himself.

The popularity of the show increased, but producer Spelling that was not enough, and he was invited to participate in the filming of the scandalous porn star traci Lords. After that, the rating of “Melrose place” literally, skyrocketed.

Courtney Thorne Smith

Actors and roles

  • Thomas Calabro – the role of Michael Mancini. This young doctor, one of the main characters.
  • Josie Bissett played Jane Andrews Mancini. The wife of the doctor trying to break into the modeling business.
  • Andrew Shue played Billy Campbell.
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith – the character is Allison Parker. This beautiful girl is engaged in ambitious projects in an advertising Agency.
  • Grant Show – the role of Jake Hanson.
  • Doug Savant plays Matt Fielding. Character – young people of different sexual orientation, which is not easy to find in this world.
  • Vanessa Williams – the role of Rhonda Blair.
  • Amy Locane plays the role of Sandra Harling. Sandra – a young actress who dreams of Hollywood.
  • Marcia Cross – the character Kimberly Shaw Mancini.
  • Daphne Zuniga plays Joe Reynolds.
  • Laura Leighton – the role of Sydney Andrews.
  • Heather Locklear plays the role of Amanda Woodward.
  • Jack Wagner – the character of Peter burns.
  • Kristin Davis played Brooke Armstrong.
  • Patrick Muldoon – the role of Richard HART.
  • Brooke Langton plays the role of Samantha Reilly.
  • Rob Estes – the character of Kyle McBride.
  • Lisa rinna – the role of Taylor McBride;
  • Kelly Rutherford – the character Megan Mancini.
  • David Charvet played Craig field.
  • Milano – the role of Jennifer Mancini.
  • Jamie Luner plays the role of lexi sterling.
  • Linden Ashby – the character of Brett Cooper.
  • John Haimes Newton plays Brian McBride.
  • Rena Sofer – the role of Eve Cleary.

TV series Melrose place

Main characters

The Dominant characters of the series – Michael Mancini (played by Thomas Calabro). The young doctor located in the center of the plot. Main female character – Jane Mancini. She – an aspiring fashion designer. With this pair we are in constant contact Allison (played by actress Courtney Thorne Smith), an employee of the Agency is her roommate Jake, two friends, Rhonda and sandy, and the girl ,a budding photostylist, named Joe.

Among the main characters – actress Sandra Harling (played by Amy Locane), who dreams of conquering Hollywood, but while working as a waitress at the bar “Arrows”, where is constantly going to the heroes series.

First season

The Film begins with the fact that the house on Melrose place 4616 escapes a girl named Natalie. Prior to that, she shared a room withAllison Parker. And now deleted without paying for accommodation, leaving the friend alone to extricate himself from the situation and pay the debts. The next day, the audience is introduced to new characters: Dr. Michael Mancini, his wife Jane, a fashion designer, an aspiring actress Sandra Harling, advertising agent Allison Parker, a dancer Rhonda Blair, a student of Matt Fielding, unemployed Jake Hanson and novice writer Billy Campbella.

Recently married, Michael and Jane lived exactly: he worked at Wilshire Memorial hospital, and his wife was a saleswoman of clothing in a small boutique and at the same time mastered the profession of a fashion designer ready to cooperate with the successful owner of a large store of ready-made dresses.

Josie Bissett

The couple attended the younger sister of Jane, Sidney Andrews, which tried hard to conceal his love for Michael. Next to Mancini lived Allison Parker, who after escaping Natalie began to share a room with writer Billy Campbell. The woman hard engages with his career in an advertising Agency, it takes all the time. Billy was also awake and trying to break into the post editor, and while working as a taxi driver.

The medical Student Matt Fielding worked in the social Fund, but because of his sexual preferences was fired and now is trying to settle in the area of health. A lot of the time the future doctor goes on trial over discrimination against his gender.

Another neighbor – biker Jake Hanson with the makings of a gigolo, everywhere riding on his motorcycle, which is popular among girls. He casually broke the heart of the young beauty Kelly Taylor of Beverly hills.

Photographer Jo Beth Reynolds lives there, in the apartment next door. She ran away from her husband to alcoholism, which has long lived in new York. Jo Beth without thinking converged with the rider Hanson, and together they opened a repair shop.

Down the hall there's a dancer with a beautiful figure Rhonda Blair, former ballet dancer, and now fitness instructor. Ronda shares a one-bedroom apartment with an aspiring actress sandy Harling. Motorcyclist Jake used to date her, but when he appeared, Joe relationship went wrong. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to play a cameo character in any film, sandy got a major role in the series “Tomorrow and forever" left "Melrose place” and went on shooting in new York. Rhonda also did not stay, she did offer a rich restaurateur.

Doug savant


Soon, on the stage appeared Amanda Woodward, charismatic and assertive bitch that bought a “Melrose place”. Actress Heather Locklear coped brilliantly with the role, thereby greatly increasing the rating of the series. Amanda's success is based on a malevolent character, hypersexuality, evil statements and provocative clothing. All of these qualities, oddly enough, made her a beloved character to millions of viewers worldwide.


In the end, the show “Melrose place” has turned into a real soap Opera, which has no end. But when the producers decided to close the project in 1999, before they were separated Michael and Jane. The reason for the divorce was the adultery of a doctor. And at the same time, Allison and Billy have strengthened their relationship. Point in the history of the residential complex “Melrose place” it was not delivered.

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