Zizi-braids: the benefits and ways of weaving


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African braids Zizi becoming increasingly popular among lovers of unusual and extravagant experiments with your hair. Cornrows – one of the most practical and convenient hairstyles that don't require regular use of a hair dryer, Flatiron and other means on care of hair. Many of the less courageous members of the fairer sex decided not to give your strands the power of this unusual styling, fearing to attract unwanted attention. However, they don't know what Arsenal Zizi-pigtails has a huge variety of types of weaving that can satisfy any demanding taste and create the desired image.

What is Zizi-braid your hair?

Zizi – this is a thin African braids, which are attached to natural hair on technologies for a quick weave. Hair reaches 70-90 cm and can be wavy, crimped or straight braids. In appearance they resemble regular braids, different braiding small thin, of a diameter not exceeding 3 mm. Zizi, you can create the hair length of at least 20 cm, otherwise the effect of hairstyle will be lost.
Zizi braids

Braiding Zizi takes an average of 2 to 4 hours – relatively short time, due to the fact that they represent ready-made items that you simply attach to the hair.

Advantages Zizi-braids

  • Due to the minimum thickness of the elements of the hairstyle looks equally good as a young schoolgirl and Mature women.
  • Easy KOs will allow you to wear them for a long time without special harm to the hair structure.
  • Wide choice of colors leaves room for creating a variety of images and bright experiments with the appearance.
  • The Ability to reuse material Zizi-braids up to three times.
  • Low cost hairstyles.
  • Zizi-braids do not require special care, while maintaining the original appearance and shape with regular washing and natural drying without using a hair dryer.
  • Depending on the type of braiding you can create any image: from romantic and feminine to sport and extravagant.

African braids Zizi


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Creation Methods

Zizi braids are Created in two ways: dot and weave through breyd.

1. Point Zizi woven into the short hair of 3 cm are Separated alternately to the strand to which is attached two braids. According to technology of weaving of one part of fixed braids at the roots to add volume while others are infused with natural curls along the entire length and fixed special node.Zizi braids reviews

2. The technology of weaving through breyd is practiced only on the long hair (15-20 cm). This method involves the use of one pack of kanekalon (special material identical to natural hair, from marine algae) of the corresponding color. Zizi-braid is fixed on brade, or threading through it, or weaving.


Corrugated Zizi have similarity with the folds of the material ripple, hence the name. This variation looks lush, airy and designed for lovers of surround structures of the hair. The advantage of ripple-KOs is that they do not crumple and have a very neat appearance.

Direct afrokosy resemble in appearance the classic weave. They require for their production a minimum of time and effort. It is smooth, smooth, symmetrical braids with a thickness not exceeding 4 cm, If desired, they can be curled with a flat iron or Curling iron. The advantage of direct Zizi is their resistance to deformation and excellent appearance for a long time.braiding Zizi

Wavy braids Zizi (the reviews on them are overwhelmingly positive in nature) designed for those who are hopelessly in love with curls in their various manifestations. To recreate the hair Zizi waves buy in the store already curled elements or ask the master to braid the strands of a large wave. Note also wavy braids with wet chemistry.

How to care for braids

Caring for such hair is nothing complicated and supernatural as it may seem at first glance. Shampooing is carried out 1-2 times a week with a mixture of water and shampoo. Apply the product only on the roots and basal parts of the hair, distributing it along the entire length. It is not recommended to use dryers, as it can have a negative impact on the appearance of the locks.

Zizi-braids – stylish and unusual hairstyle, which can stop any woman, regardless of age, style, profession, structure and length of hair.

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