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Of Course, the main character in the wedding is the bride. On this day, she is the Queen, and the family and friends - her posse. However, there is another woman on this day, which has every right to highlight its beauty. Is the mother giving married his daughter. It is logical that in such a day, this woman wants to look good. Which way should she choose? And which hairstyle for mother of the bride perfect? Is it possible to make it yourself or is it better to trust the stylist?

hairstyle for mother of the bride dresses

Happy, but a sad day

If you from time to time think happy day of your own wedding, then your value system will turn in that day when my half will find your child. At this point you will be completely happy, but joyful emotions added and sadness, as your child grew, and sent to an adult life without your care. Such a serious step and should be followed by a huge feast.

Bride on this day, becomes a Princess. She runs the score invites and can put forward their suggestions on the style and concept of the occasion. She has every right to be the most bright on this occasion. That is to outshine the bride, no one can, as well as to repeat the pattern. However, close all day in the presence of her mother, the closest person that will support, soothe and cheer. Mom can complement the style of daughter, the way some similarities. Hairstyle for brides mother must be as simple and natural, to please the eye, but not to attract undue attention.


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short hairstyles women photo

Important - a sense of proportion

So, how is preparing for the holiday mother of the bride? When time for yourself, she's looking dress. This is the main item of expenditure. Still, the mother needs to be beautiful and elegant. Immediately to the side of the delay ultra-mini. Even women with a gorgeous figure can't afford the high openness at the wedding of their child. Don't open your legs and neckline. Your outfit should be short and modest.

The Perfect choice is a sheath dress delicate colors. It is not necessary to choose an outfit of white, cream or beige. All symbols of innocence (including in color) leave the bride. Also up to date outfits juicy red and black.

The dress look shoes. Classic pumps will always come to the rescue, but in hot weather, you can choose a beautiful sandals, clogs or sandals. Manicure and pedicure, of course, are attached to this form.

Now it is also important, but seemingly minor things. This hairstyle for mother of the bride dresses and makeup. Stay away from the trends of the season. Not worth it before an event to try extreme staining. Your hair should not be too complicated or claims to originality. Win - win situation- a classic, especially since it allows some liberties with the interpretation in each case.

hairstyles for mother of the bride dresses for medium hair

No to conservatism!

Classic good only when it suits your facial features and hair. If the same bump in excessive conservatism, there is a risk to look at the festival old-fashioned. Hairstyle for brides mother should not accurately replicate the illustrations for the fashion magazines of the last century. After all, every woman wants to keep up with the times and to show your individuality in your hairstyle. So no "donut" on top, frightening bouffant. Hairstyle in retro style for old ladies can do a crafty service, drawing on her years a dozen. Mother of the bride can do the program at least, simply placing the hair in the usual manner and adding unusual new hair barrette.

Speaking about accessories

If my daughter's hair, the abundant decorations, the mother should avoid hair accessories. At the wedding should be only one Princess. However stylish hairstyles for adult women can make every mom a Queen.

Often women at the age of no regret breaking up with long hair, making the choice in favor of practicality and comfort. This is correct, but not in all cases. Many older women are long hair, but with the proviso that care for them and do not neglect the styling. At the wedding of their child's negligent pigtail will not get off. But long hair can be removed in low beam. It is worth to use mousse and a basic MOP to straighten with a flat iron. Then the hair will gain mirror smoothness. Secure the hair lacquer, but not to strive, so as not to effect the glue on the strands. Beam wrap a strand of my hair and studs. Mom is allowed to use to decorate beam live flower or understated elegant hairpin.

hairstyle for mother of the bride dresses for short hair

Apparent simplicity

Among the versatile hairstyles for mom of the bride medium hair soft curls in the lead. It is fashionable, beautiful and always elegant. This hairstyle looks neat, but it seems that it is very simple. However, this view is incorrect. If you have curly hair, the task is still more complicated, as it is necessary to slightly straighten the strands. To do this, please be lacquer, mousse and wax for styling and flat irons andHairdryer.

Much easier to work with straight hair. Better stacking will not stick to freshly washed hair, so wash your hair a day or two before the event. Carefully comb the strands and divide them into three large zones - left and right side and center. Separate zones from each other using rubber bands or pins. Now do one side, consistently twirling strands of hair on large rollers, or tapered Curling iron. Do not overheat the curl, but take your time. Each finished curl varnish and let cool slightly. When finished with one area, secure it with a Bobby pin and go to another.

When the screw the entire head and the curls cooled, let down your hair and gently shake your hair with your hands. You can gently blow on the head with cool air from a hair dryer. Comb the curls with your fingers and again fix the result varnish. Now the final touch - gather a few strands from the sides and connect them with Bobby pins, seashells. Hairstyle is ready. It is feminine with the right touch of negligence.

hairstyles for adults women

For dynamic moms

If the lady cheerful, active and engaged in work, most often she prefers short haircuts. Accordingly, her need short hairstyles for women. Photos of celebrities can help the variant stacking. In General, to achieve a beautiful image at home. For very short hair, you can do a simple blow-dry, when the strands are slightly twisted inward or outward.

If you want to achieve a certain lightness of the image, use the wax the hair. Warm it in hands and apply to the ends of the strands with your hands. With a hair dryer and put hair, pulling the ends out. On top of this when you create the volume, turning the hair inside. The result paint. If allows face shape, you can do a wet layup for mother of the bride dresses. This will dry the hair and satelite them back, and with bangs work separately. Her coat styling tool, straighten and fold the strands back.

Don't be afraid to get creative with short hairstyles for women. Photo from the cover at the same let them be your motivation and the best reward - own beauty in the mirror.

Modest and tasteful

Is versatile and stylish hairstyle for mother of the bride dresses for short hair. Gather sections of hair and twist them into thin ropes. Secure with Bobby pins. And take care of business until locks are dry. Now dissolve a little bit and shake hands. Bangs to dissolve until you need it. Harnesses will give a light and natural volume at the crown, and the bottom of the hair secure with Bobby pins.

Now for the bangs. Harness dismiss and cover it with paint to make it look like a natural curl. All hair will require no more than 15 minutes and looks spectacular.

hairstyles for women with full face

Don't forget!

When you think your way, remember that you need to consider not only the condition of the hair, but their color, face shape, age and your proportions. Original stylists recommend hairstyles for women with full face. In particular, the length of the hair, ideally, should be short. Stop for intermediates. Do the volume on the crown and temples and bangs choose oblique extension. Then your image will be harmonious and stylish.

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