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Datirovanie eyebrows – one of the techniques of tattooing, in which pigment is softly shaded. This option provides a fairly natural appearance. It looks like a shadow or pencil lightly tint the hairs.

Modern Trends

Hair tattoo choose those girls and women who want their eyebrows look as natural as possible. Out of fashion long gone ideals of beauty, where the eyebrows were supposed to be a thin striped.

In General, in fashion there is a tendency for natural beauty when it is evident that the woman looks good not because has done a Titanic work, using artificial techniques, but by its own external data that it received nature.

datirovanie eyebrows

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to make your face beautiful - to overcome its weaknesses and show their strengths. But a lot of mixed reviews about the tattoo. Some even say that it is harmful and dangerous, and its effects are irreversible.


Datirovanie – this is a slightly different technology. In this case, the paint does not eats into the skin, the contrast between it and the skin mild and looks organic. It may seem that on the face and is not produced any manipulation.

By the Way, if you already applied pattern, but the work was not carried out very efficiently, and defects can be eliminated. Thus, it is possible to create the desired shape, for example, lifting or pulling the tip of the eyebrow. In addition, the master lowered tails, extend or narrow the distance on the bridge.



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Anyway, correction or tint pencil you have to produce every day, almost any woman. But the shadow datirovanie eyebrows – this is a good way to resolve this issue for a long time.

hair tattooing

Striving for naturalness

Indicator of the desire for naturalness can be called Megan Fox, which is trying to imitate many of the fair sex. And wanting to conform to modern trends, many ladies produce datirovanie eyebrows. Some even care about the skin under them, nourishing it by using castor oil as it seems to them that the hairs grow enough or they are not where we would like, and could be longer.

By the way, in adulthood, this part of the face may fall, causing glance it may seem more angry and sullen. The benefit of all this is adjusted thanks to modern technology. Sometimes just a simple thinning, but for all other cases, there is a tattoo. Datirovanie eliminates many of the shortcomings, making ladies look beautiful.

eyebrow technique datirovanie

The Positive side

In fact, the advantages of this method a great many:

  • It helps to set the symmetry;
  • To make the look more open and expressive;
  • To give a woman a youthful appearance, having done so, she looked ecstatic.

To Make a correction alone does not always work out correctly, even if the girl in this matter considerable experience. So it is better to rely on the authority of a specialist. In specialized stores selling materials by which and produce datirovanie eyebrows. This work lasts up to three weeks.

It is very important the accuracy, because if the paint gets on the skin, it will look unsightly, and gently rinse away with is not always obtained. Coloring mixture has eyebrows the same effect as when painting hair, and so it is very important not to harm the products.

Trust the professional

Those who decide to use henna at home, should know that the whole day they will have to abandon contact with water that is not too convenient, although harm, of course, smaller.

The Modern girl, this method is not very pleasant because of numerous difficulties. So, it is best to datirovanie eyebrow in the cabin, where the hassle is minimized, because many people tired to use a pencil or shadow every day.

This procedure is – the decision is bold, but it paid off. In this case, you do not have to depend on various conditions. You can be beautiful, just waking up next to a young man diving into the water on vacation and in other situations.

tattoo datirovanie

Important to know

It is Worth considering that this procedure shall not occur at a time when the skin is exposure to the sun's rays or the waves of the sea. You need to by this time was fully restored, the skin surrounding your eyebrows. Datirovanie technique can be used only with the full recovery.

To Shave off vegetation completely unnecessary. Sadly becomes when you look at the work in which the pigment was driven (not always quite accurately) to bare skin. Some say that the way to work, but good beauticians tend to such barbarism is not running. On the contrary, that it is better to grow the hairs, on the basis of which will be generated with the correct form after dyeing. And only after this is the introduction of the pigment.

If you decided to do hair tattooing and enthusiastic to become more beautiful, do not rush.Agree in advance what will look like your brows in the end, to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

shadow datirovanie eyebrows

Extra precautions

It is Better to ask the master to produce a sketch, which it will be clear whether your idea of the perfect, in order to avoid disappointment and future claims.

Many girls are afraid that the hair growth will slow down, but it's futile experience, according to experts. The fact that hair follicles are placed fairly deeply under the skin, so that the described process is not very affects them. Activated only the surface layer.

Deciding to deal with them thoroughly, many are also thinking of Botox. Is it possible to combine this procedure and datirovanie eyebrows? Reviews from beauticians and customers say that it is better to refrain, so as not to injure unnecessarily the body. Substance that is entered during these operations should be absorbed within two weeks, so it is better not to overload yourself with chemicals too.

You Should pay very close attention to the level of sterility in the cabin, where you decided to use such service. The wizard should use gloves and only those pigments that are patented. The needle used is disposable. You also need to ask the license to carry out the procedure, in the end, depends on your health and beauty.

eyebrow datirovanie feather


One of the great ways to decorate your eyebrows – datirovanie. Feather, as confirmed by numerous customer reviews, looks very natural and lasts a long time. Women like that looks like the result of manipulation of a cosmetologist.

There are those who have hair on the eyebrows grow too bad. Such people call the described method is the saving means. Especially praise him for those client, which shape eyebrow is blurred or just not as good as I would like. And some women, before this got to the specialist who made the work not as they would like and love to share the love that by resorting to this method, they were able to sigh with relief when I saw that the deficiencies corrected.

In addition, this procedure, in many responses, helps the owners of blond hair, whose eyebrows don't stand out on the face. Generally, women that want to look natural, often use datirovanie, because it can create the illusion of naturalness and softness.

datirovanie eyebrow reviews

It Happens that the entire eyebrow is not correct, then the beautician works on a separate element. For example, some ladies is that the eyebrows have a scar or change skin that does not grow hair, which formed a kind of gap looking for a very good. The consequences of a bad reaction pigment also, judging by the reviews, eliminated quite easily.

Those who had problems say that datirovanie – a good tool in the fight against them. Clients of beauty like that the procedure is quick and painless. And before its implementation, carry out inspection, which helps to establish the susceptibility of the skin to the substances.

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