What if the woman has a hairy chest


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For all women epilation has become something ordinary and familiar. Legs, underarms, bikini area - those parts of the body where undesirable hair. Hair removal in these cases - studied procedure. But what if the girl has a hairy chest?

Hairy chests

Under normal hormonal hair only grows on certain areas of the body, but its violation of the "vegetation" starts to appear in unexpected places, often on the chest and abdomen. All in a high level "male" hormone testosterone. In this case, the woman on the body begin to appear of the hair, which are characteristic of the male. It is necessary to distinguish the normal vellus hair, which are the norm for women and stiff black hairs.

Another cause of hair on the chest is a genetic predisposition. Because it's nature, then there is nothing you can do about it. The extent of body hair of the human body can depend on the type of skin and hair, ethnic group, nationality.

During pregnancy a woman's body is undergoing serious hormonal changes. It can also cause the appearance of chest hair. As a rule, after birth, they disappear.

In certain diseases, the doctor may prescribe hormonal medications. Hairy chest can be a side effect of their admission. In this case you need to contact the doctor to change the drug.getting Rid of hair

When a malfunction of the pituitary and adrenal glands may occur endocrine disorders that lead to the appearance of chest hair. For treatment you should always consult a doctor and get tested for hormones.


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Getting Rid of the chest hair isn't a complicated procedure. It's easier than to go wax my legs or bikini area. Unlike men, women grows a single hair on his chest. Most often, they appear in the nipple area. Delete best with tweezers. The tool you need to wield carefully so as not to break the balance, and to pull together with the onion. For this it is necessary with sterile forceps to grasp the hair and slowly pull it out. After the procedure, disinfect the place of hair removal and tools.

There are other ways of hair removal, but do not use a razor, as it is difficult to control the area of hair removal and you can inadvertently cut yourself. In addition, since it is just a little downy hair appear black, stiff hair.

Ways of hair removalIf you have a hairy chest, is carefully to use a depilatory cream because it may cause pimples, allergies, irritations, and so on. The disadvantage of this method of hair removal in the fact that you can receive ingrown hair, and to remove them more difficult.

In order to get rid of this cosmetic defect, like a hairy chest, perfect laser hair removal. It makes the hair thinner lighter. The thing is that the laser kills the hair follicles, which contain a coloring pigment. Unfortunately, this kind of hair removal  has  high cost.

If the chest covers a large amount of hair, they can be removed by using wax. However, this procedure will be painful because the breast is a sensitive area, but with each waxing, the hair will become thinner and lighter.

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