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Nearly every woman planning to change anything for a boring lifestyle begins with a change of image. Sometimes it is new way to cut hair to satisfy the thirst of global change. If we ignore the irony, then short haircuts are associated with courage, confidence, activity. The winner of the short hairstyles is perceived as a modern active lady. Such a representation emerged in the era of emancipation, when women defend their independence and freedom.

Over time, new models of haircuts for girls who want to part with long hair. In the fifties of the 20th century, the popularity gained haircut "Gavroche". In the seventies this hairstyle love to wear both women and men.

Then it was forgotten, in Vogue other images. But later she again declared itself. Slightly refreshed, she continues to win the hearts of fans who like this original and interesting haircut. No wonder Gavroche has its name from the legendary French boy-Tomboy. Hair gives its owner the brisk, cheerful kind. Mischievous strands from blowing like running fast. Created a fresh image of a cheerful and active life.

haircut GavrocheBy Viewing pictures haircuts, make sure that Gavroche is universal. It is suitable to any type of person, successfully masking the disadvantages. Combining a haircut with different staining methods, you can hide plump cheeks or to correct oblong face shape.

A Distinctive feature of the clippers is the presence of longer strands in the back, while the top and sides of hair are cut shorter. Requirements no bangs. It makes a ragged, short, long or asymmetrical. It all depends on the client's desires and imagination of the stylist.


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photos of haircutsThe Thickness of hair does not play a special role. Haircut "Gavroche" is ideal for fine hair. Highlights or coloring in several colors visually add volume. Deliberately casual styling will not allow the strands to fall.

Photos of haircuts for short hair show some different in character, the length and volume create hairstyles based on the classic Gavroche. The stylists are trying a new technique: treatment of hair with a razor, the use of hot scissors. Not far behind in search and designers, colorists. It is no surprise streaked strands. At the peak of popularity of 3-D staining.

photos of haircuts for short hairHaircut "Gavroche" has no age restrictions. A young girl will choose a more daring hairstyle options. For example, at the junction of the punk style. Elegant Mature ladies prefer a more relaxed form. A lot depends on the styling, from the difference in the length of the hair on occipital and the temporo-parietal area.

Choosing the Right haircut can rejuvenate a woman for several years. With no health risks and side effects. Short hair faster updated, so experiments with dyeing are transferred much easier. Take care of them easier and more economical (special funds are used longer). Styling is also not take much time. These advantages will appeal to female students, working women and young mothers.

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