Puncture of the ear and the ritual


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Puncture ear is one of the most common types of piercings. The procedure came to us from distant times when it was not just a decoration, and the cult. So, before each puncture was done after a hunt for the animal killed. Fortunately, today girls do not have to perform any special rituals to get the earring in the ear.

Puncture ear where to do?

Many girls, especially adolescents, do not one, but several holes in my ears. Moreover, this procedure involved not a professional, and she a young lady or a very skilled friend. This happens for two reasons: first, can not allow parents, second, the desire to stand out from the company in which you want to be cool. Agree, a pierced ear is not that difficult. It would seem, put on the inner side half of the potatoes, pierced a hole Gypsy with a needle and you're done. But don't get too excited and just run it all to do. This lesson is very dangerous. This process should be trusted only to specialist, who knows exactly where you can get your ears pierced, do it so as not to harm health.

puncture ear

That ear is a wide variety of endings, which are responsible for specific organs in the body. So if you do not know exactly their location, you can significantly damage your health. Puncture of the ear usually done in the lobe. But it there are points that are responsible for the health and function of the jaw, tongue, palate, and most importantly - the eyes.

If you seek help, the puncture ear for you will be painless and safe procedure. In the salons of today use a special air gun to pierce various parts of the body. The device is inserted into your chosen earring, then puts it to the planned place, and is directly puncture. His area is treated with hydrogen peroxide immediately after the perforation and in the next few weeks. It is important to know that after piercing not to wet the ear, as well as public pools and ponds, in order to protect themselves from the possibility to get the infection.


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To Pierce or not to pierce babies ears?

The Exact answer. Some doctors claim that because of existing points better ears never to touch, not to provoke any diseases. Other experts claim that ear piercing can trigger only those diseases that have already been in the body or hereditary. Nevertheless, many people don't want to listen to the advice of doctors and pierced ears still. Make a choice for yourself. For example, from the point of view that a child under the age of one and a half years the pain quickly forgets the procedure can be carried out in this period. Doctors say that the best time to pierce – from 3 years to 10. Many experts warn that after 11 years of a punctured channel is very difficult to heal.

pierced ear

Ear Puncture for weight loss

ear puncture for weight loss

In the modern world there is a theory that if you get your ears pierced in the cartilage, then you will begin to lose weight. This method is based on acupuncture, that is learning the pain points. Scientists say that a point located at the cartilage is responsible for the appetite, which after the puncture is much smaller.

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