Eau de toilette "Bulgari": the best male and female fragrances


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Toilet water "Bulgari” – it is a symbol of elegance, refined luxury, top quality, gentility, status and unique style. In addition to perfumes, the brand produces jewelry and jewelry, watches, cosmetics and leather accessories. Bvlgari perfume are most in demand. Women's collection – it is inviting, soft, versatile and loopback perfumed and toilet water. Fragrant fluid for men are resistant, classic aromas and versatility.toilet water Tommy Hilfiger

General characteristics of male and female songs

“Niagara” – toilet water, photos of which you can see in our article, – a sign of success in life and wealth. Virtually all of the smells from the women's collection do not differ very dazzling sound. After all, the real value of the perfume can be seen in its details. To start the performance of brand women's fragrance is a composition Eau Parfumee au The Vert. This floral scent is mesmerizing from the first chords of their sound. A feature of the entire women's line of toilet waters and perfumes Bvlgari is considered to be a refinement, gentility and sophistication of products. In a huge variety of compositions suitable scents for yourself and find a lover of fresh fragrances and those who like sweet-syrupy notes, and admirer of woody or aromatic bouquets.

The Collection of perfumes for men are for those men who enjoy their lives and do not recognize depression in any of its manifestations. Best fragrances "Bulgari" fit guys, aware of how attractive they were for girls who perceive its beauty for granted. Such men eau de toilette by Bvlgari gives a magical and innocent charm. The range of such compositions is not less extensive than for women. It has a mainly floral and aquatic scent.toilet water Hugo boss reviews


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Playful fragrance for women

Free water "Bulgari" Omnia Crystalline is designed for girls and women. Delicate, light and charming scent is a floral-woody group. Reverent tones of Japanese pear and Lotus reveal sensitive chords of musk and tea. The combination provokes a feeling of romance and incredible freshness. This incredible fragrance is packaged in a silver, sparkling like crystal, vial, symbolizing the main features of the maiden of attraction.

Free water "Bulgari" able not only to complete but also to form an image of that girl who “put” it. This perfume can reveal her mood and internal state. “of Omnia Crystallin” to emphasize the mystery that needs to be in every young lady and will make others pay attention to their owner. The hostess Omnia Crystalline will always remain unique and charming.

Bulgari free water photo

“Bitter water”

Men's perfume "Bulgari" Aqva Amara means "bitter water". This fragrance saw the world in 2014. The author of the composition Aqva Amara became Jacques Cavalier. The perfumer has enriched his creation luxurious and noble components. "Bitter water" filled with flickering light and vitalizing energy. These trends are displayed in the design of the bottle, which the creators gave a copper tint. Bouquet “Aqua Amara” consists of saturated chords of Sicilian Mandarin oil and neroli flower. A lovely addition to citrus creates white incense and Indonesian patchouli.eau de toilette for women Bulgari

For those who love magical night

One of today's most popular perfumes is eau de toilette for women (“Hugo boss”) Jasmin Noir. Floral scent perfume is for girls who are ready to fully plunge into the magic mystery of the Eastern night. Passionate and gentle Jasmine flower became the basis of the composition. Sensitive and delicate toilet water would conquer the mind even of the most demanding and discerning connoisseur of perfumes for its wonderful scent and long-lasting persistent train of unforgettable memories. “Jasmine Noir” – the bouquet that will force men to look after the lady carrying it.Bulgari toilet water for men reviews

Reviews about female ruler

Women's perfume "Bulgari" the feedback gained is amazing. Girls fall in love with these fragrances with the first breath. Many women say that, only having tested one of the bouquets become his slave once and for all. Ladies celebrate the vitality and long rich train of each product. Each girl had a chance to use perfume Bvlgari, admires its aroma and other characteristics. Women like and vials of liquids. Many ladies even gather a collection of these exquisite, elegant and refined bottles.

Men's compliments

We All know that the guys on the compliments and praise stingy. But each of them “Niagara” – toilet water for men & ndash; causing countless reviews and endless. The most the stronger sex like that kind of reaction perfume Bvlgari makes girls. A lot of guysclaim that wearing famous brand not only because they exude a mind-blowing flavours, but also because their other halves stuck so mesmerizing liquids.

Note to men: if you put toilet water in the morning, then throughout the whole day, until night, will be clearly felt its persistent scent. Also most of the users regularly add to their collection of fragrances below for each event to use the new smell. And thereby to constantly change the image, making it unique and inimitable.

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