How to not sweat under the armpits: tips


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Here come the summer: hot sun, sea, beach, Golden sand... and a wet shirt, sweat on his forehead and the thick smell of sweat in all public places - from the bus and metro to beachfront cafes. How to not sweat under your arms? This question is not only vacationers and male athletes, but girls working in the office, and people acting in public. Excessive sweating is a problem not only of aesthetic nature: it is so easy to catch a cold, going into the room with the air conditioning after you pretty wet. How to stop sweating under the armpits and is it possible? 

how to not sweat under the arms

With the heat and physical exertion of the sweat (apocrine and eccrine) glands secrete sweat, which is 90% water. Also some scientists believe that it includes pheromones that attract the opposite sex. Whence, then, comes this persistent horrible smell? It's all in the microorganisms that start the sweat process.

In a stressful situation, the pot is allocated apocrine glands, which are located in the hairy parts of the body - the pubis and under the arms. A rise in temperature they almost do not react, but when stress produces sweat with a strong odor. And even the idea that you can sweat can cause excessive sweating of the armpits - here without professional help is not enough. In such severe cases, in addition to medical intervention, can help a mild sedative to reduce stress and General perspiration, caused by them.

How to not sweat under your arms? This question has no definite answer. However, we can offer you a few steps on the way to dry clothes: when in synergy, you will achieve significant results.sweating underarms


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  • Step one - give up sugary sodas and coffee because they increase sweating. Start taking vitamins-antioxidants in order to reduce the smell of sweat.
  • The Second step on the way to the answer to the question of how perestal sweating under the armpits, several times a day. Yes, for the Russian people is unusual, but for the inhabitants of hot countries - it is the law that allows you to survive. Besides, all the antiperspirant should be applied to clean skin.
  • Step three - use external funds in the fight against sweat.

Deodorants - not the answer to the question: "How to not sweat under your arms?". Because they clean only the smell of sweat. Sweating itself does not stop. To put on deodorant only on dry clean skin, after the connection of body odor with scent - a mixture of nuclear. In the case at hand was not a treasured bottle, use a solution of baking soda.

how to stop sweating under the armpitsAntiperspirante promise protection from sweat for 24 hours. Of course, this number is slightly exaggerated. They reduce perspiration by narrowing or closure of the ducts of the sweat glands. The result is dry skin. This is achieved by the presence in the composition of salts of aluminum or zinc. Consider whether to use antiperspirant every day, because they disrupt the thermoregulation process, because the sweat accumulates under the skin and not coming out. White spots under the armpits - too frequent attribute of fans antiperspirant.

Maybe someday scientists will invent a flawless way of dealing with then, but today, as many centuries ago, only hygiene is the only true and safe answer to the question: "How to not sweat under your arms?".

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