How to curl hair at home by yourself?


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Self-Curling hair very simple. There are many special devices and tools. In this article, we'll show you how to curl your hair at home.

Tools for members

how to curl your hair at homeBefore talking about what needs to be done to give volume and waves hair, we would like to acquaint you with the basic tools that are used for Curling.

  • Pliers;
  • Curling;
  • Different types of curlers.

How to curl hair at home with Curling iron?

So this method is probably the fastest, but less secure, compared to those same curlers. Heated tongs and curl the hair, which causes a special pre-styling product that protects from high temperatures.

How to curl your hair with curlers?

Curlers – this is the oldest method of irons, which were used by our grandmothers. Now in stores you can see many kinds of them. For example: curler-spiral foam curler, curlers, Velcro, electric rollers and so on. The principle of their common use: wet hair, wrap hair and leave on them as long as the hair is not dry. After that release the hair and enjoy beautiful, flowing locks. By the way, the curler can be left overnight. This is perfect foam products. Using this method hair curlerhow to curl your hair absolutely safe and will not cause any harm. The only exceptions are hot rollers. Their principle of operation is the following: for 15 minutes, heated on a special stand and use only on dry hair. Remove the hot rollers is necessary only when they are completely cool. Often their use is not recommended (and Curling iron), because after their hair is dry and brittle.


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How to curl hair at home with Curling irons?

This device as a Curling iron, we used to use for straightening. But if to manage, it can help to reverse the effect. The main drawback of this method is that the hair at the roots to spin is almost impossible. So, what should I do? Detachable lock, which pre-it is better to apply the heat tool, and we catch her Curling iron. Then turn it in any direction (outside or inside), wait a few minutes and you're done. Voluminous curls this way will not work, but curled how to curl hair big curlsThe tips – completely.

How to curl hair big curls?

It is better to use large rollers, for example, Velcro or plastic rollers. Some craftsmen manage to use aluminum cans of Pepsi. To go to bed with them you are unlikely, but give your hair volume – completely. After you remove the curlers, spray the hair lacquer strong hold to the hairstyle are preserved as long as possible.

So, now you know how to curl your hair. If you can't imagine my life without the curls, it is best to use hair curlers (no heat), and if such a need arise only occasionally, then you can use tongs or Curling irons.

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