The remedy of fluffy hair. How to remove fly-away hair?


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Smooth and shiny hair is the dream of most of girls and women. Someone from nature can have such a good type of hair, and someone is looking for various ways to achieve a perfect smooth curls. Fluffy hair is not a sentence. Currently there are many tools and ways that make untidy stacks of neat silk strands. How to remove fly-away hair? This will be discussed in the article.


First you need to determine the type of hair. Often richly shove is a fine and porous strands. Long curls are still being subjected to daily trauma, so they are often brittle and ugly shove. Currently not a problem to choose the right tools for the smoothness of which will be affordable. Various cosmetic brands produce separate product lines that are designed just for light and weak hair prone to section. A professional brand that produces tools for care of hair, offer a choice of a huge range of very different products.

Among them are shampoos which help to smooth the hair structure, make it more sturdy. As an effective remedy of fluffy hair may also be a conditioner. It is necessary for any type of hair, but especially necessary for those who suffer from restrainest hair. Balms, conditioners smooth scales, whereby the outer surface of the hair becomes smooth, shiny. They give a good hydration and nutrition. In addition, the hair rinses are needed because they facilitate the process of combing, prevents tangling and tangling.

the remedy of fluffy hair


Fluffy the hair can be a consequence of using poor quality combs. It is desirable that it was made of natural material, for example, of wood. This will prevent electrification of the hair, and they subsequently will not be so hard shining. Begin to comb the strands at the ends, gradually moving to the root zone, rising higher and higher. With combs of plastic will have to part.


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hair products from fluffy professional

Appliances for styling

The Majority of girls and women refuse to use Hairdryers and irons in favor of healthy hair, thereby avoiding their drying out. However, the majority of hairdressers with a fairly large and solid background in no hurry to give such advice. For soft and porous hair, in contrast, shows the use either a hair dryer or Ironing. This contributes to the sealing of scales, eliminates frizz and unnecessary rough. In order to avoid hair damage under high temperatures, should adhere to the simple recommendations. First, choose the devices for stacking with multi-heat modes, to make it easier to control the heating process. Second, give preference to uturku, the ploek and forceps of the latest generation, which have good protective coating. One of these is called tourmaline. Such devices are most gentle on the hair. However, the use of different plates must be frequent, and be limited to three times a week. The third advice given by the professionals in the field of hairdressing – the use of special tools, which are designed to protect hair from thermal effects. It's all kinds of thermal protective sprays, gels, lotions. They are applied on dry or slightly damp hair before creating a laying with the use of heating devices. This technique allows the curls to stay alive and beautiful.

how to get thick hair

Eliminate split ends

Split ends – this is another problem with which, as a rule, most often young women face, tradevalue the length of the hair. Long curls constantly cling to clothing, surrounding objects. This leads to their damage, the section that creates the kind of unkempt and shaggy hairstyles. There are several techniques that allow to get rid of split ends and minimize their appearance. One of such ways is the haircut hot scissors. During this procedure sostikuemsa length, and the ends are sealed, so that later they do not are cut, were strong. For those who still no matter what wants to keep the length of the hair at the same time to get rid of split ends, suitable polishing method. It is used a special device that only removes damaged ends on all length of hair.

fluffy hair

Oil and serum

To smooth out hairstyles hairs, to make them less visible split ends, experts advise regularly after shampooing apply to hair from fluffy professional, based on nourishing oils. So is argan oil, macadamia nut oil, Shea butter, coconut oil and others. Such funds can be used as a ready mixture or pure oil added to shampoo, conditioner etc. They give a smooth and shiny locks, reduce their fluffiness.

Remedy of fluffy hair must be applied to the curls evenly across the length. Ifhave oily roots, then do not affect the root zone. The oil is applied first on the palm, RUB carefully between them and then move all the hair. Better to take a small amount of product and add as needed to produce the desired effect. If you capture and apply immediately a large amount of money, the hair will get ugly Shine will look messy and get dirty quickly.

Remedy of fluffy hair series of "Liquid silk" copes with its task, gives the hair the desired Shine and makes them smooth, obedient.

remedies for smooth hair


Masks against the fluffiness of the hair is also help to get rid of the ugly bushiness. It is recommended to use about two times a week. When you select should pay attention to statements of the manufacturer, composition and product description. Preference should be given to those masks, which are composed of silicones. Many girls do not like these ingredients in cosmetics, and in vain, because for thin and constantly frizzy hair silicone additives are essential in nursing. As a home mask you can use a mixture of gelatin, egg yolk with addition of base and essential oils.

Salon straightening

How to remove fly-away hair once and for all? You can use the services of professionals. For salon procedures that are aimed at combating excessive fly-away hair, apply keratin and Brazilian hair straightening. They allow you to achieve a perfect result immediately after the session. Straighteners are special chemical compounds that smooth the hair, making them as smooth, shiny, getting rid of pesky hairs that stick out in different directions. The effect of the procedure persists for six months or a year, all highly individual and depends on initial condition of hair.

the remedy of fluffy hair estel

Life hacking

Sometimes, the money for the smoothness of is not really necessary. Many girls have no problems with hair but they have a situation where when you create a hairstyle out of it and strive to get out stubborn hairs. In such cases, correct the situation an ordinary comb and lacquer medium hold. His gush on the comb and then the same comb to smooth stray hairs. Now the hair looks neat and beautiful.

mask vs of fluffy hair

Reinforcement from the inside

How to remove fly-away hair? In order to avoid any such issue, they should carefully nurture not only outside but inside. For this you need to follow the diet and take additional vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Not worth the extra time to change the color of the hair subjected to aggressive influences, as all such events have a negative impact on their structure, making them more porous, weak, thinning that outwardly manifest their dullness, increased fluffiness.

What would you have chosen the remedy of fluffy hair (they are on market offers a huge number), remember that the important thing is a proper balanced diet, low chemical impact on the curls and the body in General. In this situation, the most reliable assistant you will with natural oils, vitamins, etc.

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