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  Going to the hairdresser to create a new hairstyle, every woman dreams immediately on obtaining the individual a new way, about the spectacular highlighting the beauty of their hair and an oval face. Of course, a new hairstyle every women needs easy to pack and not to create problems with the rapid tidying before the daily care work. According to professional stylists, the best option that satisfies all the above conditions is cut cascade.

  What kind of hair is allowed to achieve a visible amount of hair, their pomp and ease, and also to get a haircut with a few options of simple styling that will look great on hair of different types (both straight and curly) and any length. But especially good it will look in the cascade haircut for medium curly hair type because the hair look very nice, look thick and strong.

  Classic cascade is created a gradual transition from the short hair at the crown to more and more long, forming in some way a sort of natural cascade. Depending on how trimmed curls, this hairstyle can be a smooth and soft lines, and can be performed in the form of a ragged haircut throughout the length.

  Haircut cascade is perfect, as already noted, for any hair, thin and thick, curly and straight, will flatter the oval faces and the faces of slightly elongated shape. Thin and weak strands of this hairstyle will add volume and fluffiness, especially if they are painted in light shades – light brown, wheat or light chocolate. An interesting image can be obtained with highlights - light glare contrasting color on the hair forced to play this haircut is completely different.


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  Creates original and attractive always cut cascade using two techniques, be sure the hair is clean and slightly moist. The first method involves the allocation of the control strands with two parallel partings. Further, this strand of scouring and level, trim to the desired length, after which it is oriented and the length of all of the remaining hair. The second method of obtaining a graded layered structure, a strand by strand, from the control in the direction to the forehead. It should be remembered that only cut cascade should be thinning to hair acquired a certain lightness and easy to installation.

  by the Way, about styling: the initial task is to make the hair (main mass) volume. Daily styling cascading haircuts can be done using the simplest of tools – a hair dryer and fingers. Head it should drop down and drying hair, to smooth strands from roots to ends. To the tips looked more attractive, they can apply gel or wax. To create laying more festive and elegant, the hair should first put a special foam, to evenly distribute, then blow dry sections with a hot air stream, directing it to the ends of the hair from the roots by pulling them at an angle of 90°. You can then style your curls rings with round brush and fix the finished hairstyle varnish.

  Also, the haircut cascade can be beautifully designed and styled using flat irons. Curls definitely need to wash and dry with warm air, to put the means to ensure their thermal protection. Then each section should be ironed with a Flatiron (once to avoid the hair structure damage), preheated to the temperature specified in the instructions, otherwise, instead of shining air hairstyle cascade you can get in big trouble with the restoration and treatment of damaged hair.

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