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Every day is gaining popularity Japanese facial massage. Reviews of cosmetologists argue that this method is very effective. After the second session, the skin is much smoother. And since this massage effect on bones, it also returns them to the correct position. In addition, the procedure affects connective tissue, muscles aktiviziruyutsya, and the face begins to Shine with freshness.

Some important points

Japanese facial massage Asahi (reviews confirm this) – a technique that does not cause pain, but it requires the proper distribution of forces during. To do massage you need with delicacy and caution. Especially careful you must be in the area of the lymph nodes.Japanese face massage reviews cosmetologists

In other areas the work is done with the utmost confidence and intensity. Cosmetologists say that the main feature of this massage – in that it acts both on the surface and located deep in the muscles. Lymphatic drainage that takes place, significantly improves the appearance.

Before you start Japanese facial massage, beauticians recommend to thoroughly clean the skin. This is a very important and obligatory element, because in this way you will loose the ducts, which will move the lymph.

What it do?

In order to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to use auxiliary tools to massage. Classic Asahi is performed with special Oriental cream, which we have not sold. It can be ordered only in the Country of the rising sun.


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But the domestic cosmetologists say that it is a good replacement for him can be a mask of oatmeal, cooked at home. Also for this purpose is the normal milk makeup remover or mild facial cleanser. Can choose in my purse any non-aggressive means to care for skin, the main thing is that it does not clog pores and increased the sliding of the fingers.

Who can't perform a massage?

As with any procedure, the Japanese self-massage (gymnastics face Asahi) has its contraindications. It is not desirable to apply in the following cases:

  • Lymphatic diseases;
  • ENT problems (primarily the inflammation of the tonsils);
  • Pathology of the skin;
  • For every ailment (even if you have the common cold), because the lymphatic system carries inflammation;

Japanese facial massage Asahi reviews

  • During your period, but every girl has an individual reaction: someone everything goes without problems, and others have enhanced bleeding;
  • Fatigue-individual indicator: someone does not tolerate the procedure but for others, it is an excellent tonic;
  • Japanese facial massage Asahi reviews advised to stop the people with thin face as soon as they notice that it became even more drawn.

- Effective but dangerous lymphatic drainage

During the procedure, pay special attention to how your lymph nodes located. To massage them very gently, carefully calculating the force and only lightly pressing on the line, which moves the lymphatic system. Attention! Do not try to put pressure on the lymph nodes! This is the main rule of this technique.

If you damage them, the treatment will take a lot of time and effort. Because if you are not confident in their skills of self-massage, it is better to consult a professional.

Each exercise, except for one, cosmetologists are advised to complete the same admission. In this hands move to the parotid lymph nodes, which are located between temple and ear tragus. Having reached this point, hold her fingers for a second or two. Then continue with light movements at the edges of the face. Work with cervical lymph nodes are two centimeters below the jaw. Then walk down the sides of the neck. The movement ends in the area of the jugular trunk, located between the collarbones.

Smooths forehead

Japanese face massage reviews cosmetologists belong to the wonderful means to get rid of forehead wrinkles. Thanks to smooth movements from the centre to the temples, the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic.

Lymph flow helps to activate regeneration process and rejuvenate this part of the face where you first become noticeable wrinkles.Japanese facial massage techniques Asahi

Even in his younger years this area because of the constant facial activity begins to lose its firmness, and every day small creases in it become more noticeable. But, according to cosmetologists, massage Asahi is able to cope with this problem and remove the burden of years from your forehead.

Prolonged eye

Puffy eyes – sore problem for many girls. Due to improper distribution of liquid cheeks to increase in volume to deform their shape. Particularly clearly seen in the morning. But throughout the day instead of shining a cheerful person often we see in the mirror the picture, the opposite of the desired.

The Asahi Massage for the face, exercises for the eyes, according to beauticians, help to drive away from the skin around them too much deposits of moisture, to tighten the loop, to make it more expressive. But most importantly - this technique helps to increase the size of the eyes, adding them to liveliness and cheerfulness.Japanese self-massage exercises the face of the Asahi

Exercises are conducted separately for the upper and lower eyelids. This allows you to focus on every inch of skin around the eye and make the eyes really shone. Smoothing the skin from the outer corner to the inner and pull it back, return elasticity and help to give the desirable form.

Simulated lower part of the face

Japanese face massage reviews therapists also recommended to use in order to adjust the shape of the mouth and chin. Many girls face the same problem as drooping corners of her mouth, because of which a person constantly feel sad. Many people also suffer from the fact that the second chin spoils their appearance.

Beauty Experts claim that using this technique it is possible not only to adjust the shape of the mouth and get rid of unnecessary pleats at the top of the neck, but also significantly tighten the skin in this area. Thanks to the lifting effect which can be achieved by using the procedure, the facial contours become more clear, sharp, extra body fat from the cheeks out and appearance of the patients transformed.Japanese facial massage Asahi reviews and benefits

Lymphatic drainage facial massage Zogan (Asahi) reviews also recommended for use for shape correction of nasolabial folds, or smooth. Also, according to beauticians, it contributes to lifting of the cheeks, the elimination of wrinkles on them.

With this technique, the face becomes more visible, the extra fat goes and muscle aktiviziruyutsya. Internal and external tissue are filled with life, from the inside of the face becomes elastic, and the outside is smooth, fresh and radiant health. After this massage, any girl looks like after a day at the SPA, even if she really is a whole day of hard work.

Simulated face shape

Japanese facial massage Asahi (reviews and advantages you can learn from any expert on beauty) – a great way to adjust the shape of the cheeks. If by nature they have a plump, rounded, and you dream about the model school, to achieve the desired will help this procedure.

It is Also used in order to lift the upper jaw, to remove from the face excess fat, to correct the form of lips. Cosmetologists say that the drainage, which is the basis of the technology really works and gives visible results already after the first sessions.

Asahi massage, facial exercises

Japanese facial massage Asahi, techniques which are based on the normalization of lymph flow, activation of muscles and rebuilding the bones of the skull, can also raise the lower jaw.

A Simple finger movement over the skin is capable of “paint” the newly features of your face, but this time they will be more perfect, clear and sculpted than before. Beauticians speak about the benefits of massage not only for beauty, but also for health. After all, it accelerates regeneration processes, improves metabolism, making skin ceases to peel off and covered with acne.

Oriental medicine as an alternative to plastic

Japanese facial massage Asahi (exercises you can easily do yourself) – a universal method to correct the shape of the face and combat the signs of aging. Beauty experts say that it is great for people who want to look young and healthy, but not ready for this to go under the surgeon's knife.

Additional funds for it requires only milk or cream. And the whole effect depends primarily on the ability and prudence of the master. Came from the national Oriental medicine massage is gaining popularity among girls and women worldwide.

lymphatic drainage facial massage zogan Asahi reviews

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