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Not so long ago saw the light of the new, fourth fragrance, belonging to the family of Chance-Eau Vive ("Chance Of VIV"). To create the final scent line perfumer Olivier Polge blended with sparkling grapefruit and juicy blood orange. A splash of citrus soothed with elegant Jasmine, in addition, the fragrance are vetiver, white musk and cedar. Many girls became interested in a new and interesting smell. Why the aroma is so attractive to clients, says the article.

A Positive message

The Edition of the acclaimed collection from 2003. Aroma is part of famous line of scents from Chanel in the same shape, but different color vials. But the presence of a series of notes of Jasmine Chance is understandable. This is due to the fact that the company have their own Jasmine fields, so the cultivation of the necessary raw materials for the manufacture of products is carried out independently. Each of these aromas is characterized by the presence of Jasmine and musk, while again and again odor develops in its own way that characterizes definitely a quality perfume.

The Description of the scent often defines it as perfume energetic. It refreshes, tones, gives its owner the feeling of a true positive. After all, a positive perception of reality is simply a must in this modern world full of stress and haste.

chanel chance eau vive reviews

What is a "Chance Of VIV"

A Bottle of perfume has a circular shape, the lid is square. The design is quite simple and at the same time elegant. The bottle is made of transparent glass, and the lid is matte. That is not always flowery and colorful performance need quality branded perfumes.


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The Description of the fragrance is not is to ensure that the composition is perceived as sweet. Such a feeling certainly exists, but is very easy. So tart smell for the owner of the perfume is not typical. The heart of the fragrance is a balance between the musk and Jasmine. Top notes are composed of components such as red orange and grapefruit. And white cedar, iris and vetiver constitute the base notes.

perfume the description of the fragrance

Using the scent in hot weather

We tend to gradually get used to a favorite smell and do not feel it. In the result, and makes others suffer. They have to “enjoy” concentrated flavor, not feeling the slightest pleasure. And to not feel the fear of excess the spread of odors, it is best to use this fragrance like Chanel Chance Eau Vive.

"Letual" – a store that is always ready to make clients interesting offers. His excellent staff know how important it is to periodically indulge myself. And it's not hard to do in the shop, working with the production of the most famous brands in the world. The aroma, which is tacitly gives its owner a chance, you can also find on display "Letual".

How often in the hot season have to give up perfume, thinking that any odor is only valid aggravating. Here perfume Chanel Chance Eau Vive are in this fragrance, which is available all day in the sun. In other words, this juicy summer scent, designed to give happiness.

chanel chance eau vive price

The Smell of happy people

As is known to mood has improved, often quite a smile. Therefore, for the feeling of happiness is quite appropriate placed on the dressing table Chanel Chance Eau Vive. The reviews also confirm that the smell is meant to make people happy.

The nature of the perfume is a stimulating, suitable for those who prefer an active lifestyle. This fragrance is a symbol of youth, sun and good mood. For the smell peculiar to radiate energy and vitality. Fundamental to this are the earth and wood notes.

chanel chance eau vive letual

Smell modern girl

A Fresh and somewhat whimsical flavor can successfully complement the image of any modern girl. To feel fashionable, stylish and beautiful enough to use Chanel Chance Eau Vive. Reviews indicate that the entire outer sabornost the smell does not overwhelm, is perceived as intimate and felt closer to the body.

Also women who say that the perfume is characteristic vigor, freshness, and even swing. It perfectly displays the image of the girl, which has managed to prioritize my life, to define main objectives and is now on his way towards his dream. Those people who are familiar with the smell in malls, mostly noted by his positivity. The reviews also showed willingness to make yourself such a gift to any occasion.

And, as always, the important question of cost. This also applies to the new summer 2015 Chanel Chance Eau Vive. The price of a bottle of toilet water 50 ml is 3,200 rubles, 100 ml-4200 RUB.

perfume chanel chance eau vive

Customers Reviews

Girls in their comments about the product have come to believe that this fragrance in the summer of 2015 is quite popular. The fact that almost every woman became interested and decided to give the new product a chance. Of course, many enjoyed the floral and citrus flavors from different companies before his acquaintance with Chanel Chance Eau Vive. Reviews in any case, unanimously testify that "Chanel" – a well-known name, i.e., the product popular brand, in any event, more prestigious and preferable.

The Citrus smell is pleasant to most ladies. But tastes are different. It is well known that the flavor on the skin is revealed gradually. And to get to know him, test in the store is simply not enough. Spirits you should try and analyze your feelings a few hours.

When applied to the skin perfume "Chanel", is an interesting point. If the hot street to come to a cool room, there is a pleasant and fresh aroma. All the space around capable of filling the smell emitted from Chanel Chance Eau Vive. The reviews confirm that the owner's perfume "Chanel" becomes a source of this wave of freshness. Girls also noted that the aroma is fairly high quality and is fully consistent with the spirit of the time.

chanel chance eau vive description

Mystery flavor

Perhaps we should prefer that smell to attract into your life good luck and happiness? Coco Chanel believed in symbols and secret signs. But really very interesting to read what is happening something is not available for others to consult. Coco Chanel really believed that the chance has to be provided by destiny. The task of each of us is to get to know him and not to be missed.

The Bottle has a rounded shape that is the symbol of the wheel of fortune. And lid made in the form of dice. Life-affirming character, a call to action, setting up a positive characteristic of such a special smell like Chanel Chance Eau Vive. Description of the fragrance in the reviews of the girls says that it is light and sparkling. This feature is not peculiar to a few products of the brand "Chanel".

The Smell is really unusual and can change the mood of its owner. In any case, with the idea of creating a perfume should take it, because it is very positive. After all, the real chance can be given only 1 time. So you should be bold, decisive and motivated to reach for their dreams. This fragrance helps women to awaken the necessary quality.


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