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Toilet water Angel produced on the coast of Spain, is well suited to both men and women, due to the large variety of scents in the line perfume. Spain offers a hot climate, where, as you know, once is the use of heavy fragrances, is capable of opening most intensively during periods of high temperatures. So Angel is specially designed taking into account such natural features of the country and have a refined freshness and vigor. By the way, this fact does not affect the export of perfumery in other countries, because the fragrance of the bordering elegance and subtle notes of floral scents of the garden of Eden - that is those components that are subconsciously captivate every person in the world.

toilet water angel

Almost 20 years of work for 26 bold fragrances for women and men

In the entire range of Angel Schlesser there are about 26 flavors, each unique and distinctive. It is worth noting that the vast majority (17 of flavors available in the market) toilet water is designed for women. On the creation of a vast palette of shades was created by renowned perfumers, starting from 1999 to the present. Among the most prominent I would like to mention such masters as Alberto Morillas, Richard effectively secreted by Natalie Lorson, Thierry Wasser, and others. It is worth listing and scents toilet water Angel Schlesser line:

  1. Absolut Oriental
  2. Agua de Jazmin.
  3. Ambre Frais Femme.
  4. Angel Schlesser Essential (Oriental Edition 2, Femme and as a separate fragrance Femme Eau de Parfum).
  5. Puor Elle (Sensuale, Eau de Toilette).
  6. Eau de Cologne Bergamota.
  7. Eau Frieche Peonia Rose.
  8. Esprit de Gingembre Pour Femme.
  9. Flor de Naranjo.
  10. Oriental Soul pour Femme.
  11. Pirouette.
  12. So Essential.

Toilet water Angel Schlesser men series is not so varied, but this fact does not detract from the capabilities of the fragrance:


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  1. Agua de Vetiver.
  2. Ambre Frais Homme.
  3. Essential for men.
  4. Schlesser Homme Oriental Edition.
  5. Esprit de Gingembre Pour Homme
  6. Madera de Naranjo.
  7. Oriental Dream and Soul Pour Homme.


toilet water angel

Aroma Angel Schlesser Essential is very popular among women. At first glance, it may seem simple and straightforward, but don't buy it because of this quality. Those who choose it, in their reviews have noted that the flavor really fashionable and exquisite. Initial floral notes with a hint of bergamot Essential fill deep, and languid wooden notes that are hidden from the first perception, add the whole composition of sexuality. Gradually revealing the basic floral notes, the aroma brings an unusual combination of violet, rose, peony and freesia. Peony and freesia form the basis of the aroma of toilet water Angel Essential series, which gives it lightness and elegance. The sandalwood and musk in the heart of the composition contribute to the necessary depth, but cannot be the whole blend too heavy. When applied to the skin the aroma will completely played out, in all colors, and will surprise the winner of its durability.

Mens series Essential

angel schlesser

Toilet water Angel for men Essential series will be pleased with the strong half of mankind the exquisite combination of brutality with the insouciance reflected in tree-citrus floral mood. The present concentration of masculine energy, to draw the attention of the opposite sex - the aroma with initial notes of bergamot and green Apple in the heart. Essential for men is a whirlwind of flavors and subtle nuances, subtle interspersed with each other. His effect on women can only be compared with pheromones, a well-known effect of which is described leading sexologists. Wood, citrus, spicy bergamot, coffee, violet, genuine leather, coalescing into a unified modern colours, ideal man whose image is a beautiful combination of courage, charm and charisma.


angel eau de toilette reviews

A Series of Femme, for reviews of toilet water Angel - the best choice for young girls. The main feature of the composition is a combination of Mandarin, juniper root and bergamot. Woody notes, which is barely perceptible, mixed with Lily and red pepper will make spice to give the image a certain zest. Spicy cardamom and sage will add a feminine sensibility to the resulting fruity-floral ensemble, while remaining only a subtle trail.

Actually, the whole series of Angel Schlesser can be described in one word - a mystery. Many are unaware of how the manufacturer was able to combine many components into one bottle that the flavors turned unobtrusive, but on the contrary, air. It is considered that flower arrangements can annoy, but in the case of toilet water Angel is not the case: they want to enjoy forever.


In Addition to perfumes, the house Angel Schlesser specializiruetsya more on clothes and accessories, presenting their models at Madrid fashion week. Every year designer collections, and along with them, and perfumers Spanish manufacturer, become bolder. Their vision is a confident woman, exuding sexuality, the huntress, which itself is entitled to choose whatever you want: work, lover, style of dress, perfumes. Why the fragrance line Schlesser was created as a complement, some highlights to the entire image of a modern successful person: both men and women.

toilet water angel

The Design collection of fragrances is not pathos or excesses. All the bottles of toilet water, regardless of the gender the product is made in strict, almost masculine style. It is a rectangular heavy bubbles, framed by massive caps.

What do you think about the scents Angel women?

Reviews of women, the Spanish fragrances, mostly more than positive. Many of them noted the following advantages of flavors:

  1. Durability (more than 3 hours without change). By the way, it is noteworthy that in our country women are advised to use any modification of the perfume from the line Schlesser, not focusing on the time of year. The flavors are quite versatile, pleasant and memorable.
  2. The Ratio of cost and quality. It is worth noting that the price of a bottle of perfume Angel is quite acceptable and justified.
toilet water angel men

Men's perfume Angel reviews

The Male half of our country have appreciated the products of Spanish perfumers. It was noted that the flavors in the basis of its unusual and slightly sweet. However, their durability has amazed even experts and avid experimenters. Like women, advice men about Schlesser perfume line came down to the fact that they are particularly suitable for the cold season, perfectly invisible plume spreading in all day. However, this does not mean that the use of toilet water acceptable in the winter. Have in mind that the optimal air temperature at which the flavors play the solo in a special way, is from +10°C to -15°C.


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