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Currently living without a car is nearly impossible. It is closely related to our daily life. Almost every family has a car, and some and not one. Purchase cars for different reasons: to demonstrate their social status, because he needed to move, just for the collection to “pleased” eyes. Regardless of the reason for purchase, all people are important in the vehicle comfort, quality and safety. Machines that meet these requirements, provides, judging by the reviews, auto show “the Volga motors” in Samara. This can be sure by reading customer comments.the Volga motors Samara reviews

Any potential buyer comes to the dealership only to buy a reliable car that will not break and will easily overcome the path to passing THE first MOT.

A Little about the dealership

Is the auto show “the Volga motors” in Samara on the Moscow highway. In the reviews often write that the organization is located in a very convenient location and to reach it there is no difficulty. Online you can find a lot of positive feedback about the car show “the Volga motors” in Samara. It offers new vehicles and pre-owned. Mostly it is visited by the inhabitants of the Volga region, but there are people from other regions of the country. The dealership sells cars from known brands such as UAZ, VAZ, CHEVROLET, VOLKSWAGEN, RENAULT, SKODA, TOYOTA etc. Judging by the reviews, the range in the showroom “the Volga motors” in Samara large.


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Here you can find a car for any purpose, since the presented model in different versions of a body: a sedan, hatchback, coupe, wagon, crossover, SUV, pickup and van. The cars in the showroom “the Volga motors” presents budget and business class. Also, each buyer can choose for themselves the colors, equipment and accessories for a purchased car from such a great lineup. Reviews about ‘the Volga motors” in Samara they write very different, but a great variety of cars can not fail to please customers, and this moment is always specified.


In Addition to the sale of new and used cars, the company offers the following services:

  • Loan processing. Not all people are ready to pay the full amount for the car. Those customers have the ability to purchase on credit. The showroom has partnered with many banks, so the buyer can choose the most suitable loan conditions. Also, you can arrange hull and CTP.
  • Test drive. This service is designed to make sure you select the car, see how it goes, and so on. To design test-drive the necessary documents, the list of which needs to be clarified in the company's office.
  • Order. If you need any specific model, and it is not available, you can order it from the warehouse or factory. For this it is best to speak to the managers.

the Volga motors Samara negative reviews

  • Purchase with the Trade-In. The essence of this service is that you can exchange your old car for a new salon, while receiving a discount on the purchase. In order to know the size of the discount, you must send car for evaluation, where experts will be called its value.
  • Registration in the traffic police. This service involves the registration of the vehicle in the traffic police without the participation of the owner, which is quite convenient. In this case, the owner need not even take part in it. Usually the procedure is quick.
  • Extra accessories. At the request of the customer on the purchased car can be installed additional support and decorative items.

For more detailed familiarization with all services it is best to contact the managers of the company «Volga motors” in the city of Samara. Reviews of companies often write that on the phone you can obtain all the necessary information. And it can not but rejoice.


Judging by the reviews, in “Volga motors" (the address: Samara, Moskovskoe sh., 19 km., 2) always in stock a huge selection of cars. The cost of any model can be found on the website of the company. Clients note that car prices are not high and are generally lower than in similar companies. It is also worth noting that the auto show “the Volga motors" often holds a variety of promotions, reducing the cost in various ways, including selling cars last year of production. With all the discounts and special offers can be found on the website of the company.

Proposals for the sale of cars last year at the dealership enough. In order to see them, go to the company website, select the desired model and see its value. As a rule, first the price without the discount and then given. Also there will be photos and various information about a specific car. When you call the Manager you can find out the duration of the promotion and more details of her condition.

Before you buy in the showroom you can also see the cost of similar models from other similar companies. Often in reviews about the salon "the Volga motors” in Samara mention car prices that are sometimes significantly lower than the competition. That is why this company is popular.

Test drive

Many people, buying fruit or other products, ask the seller for permission to try this product to understand, whether to buy it. Usually, the sellers agree to it, because for them it is a kind of advertising. Even if a potential buyer would not buy fruit, then he will be able to advise him, sharing the taste. By a similar principle works auto show “the Volga motors». Before the visitor decides to purchase a car, the company offers him a service as a test drive. The client will feel the car, understand how it is managed, and decide whether he wants this model or should I look at another.

What is “Test drive”? This is a service through which you can drive the car, not buying it. The duration of the trip in this case is small, but enough to understand what constitutes a car. For similar service in the showroom do not have to make any payment because the company regards it as advertising.

showroom Volga motors Samara reviews

He Came to the dealership and selecting a particular model, a potential client can't get in it and start the engine, ride in the exhibition hall. There he can only assess the design of the car and find out its specifications. However, the final choice of transport is not enough, therefore, an integral part of the is and trip on it. This is the function of this service.

Test drive usually lasts no more than 15 minutes. Always route communicated to the driver in advance. Usually he laid on tracks with a simple movement and good road surface. This service should be booked in advance and discuss what specific model and what equipment is needed. This is to ensure that dealership employees had to prepare the car.

Buy a new car in the showroom

In Samara and the Volga region, quite a lot of dealers. Among them are people who want to buy a car, choose some specific ones that meet their requirements: reliability, availability and relevance of proposals. All these requirements are met by the company «Volga motors». Here are a huge number of cars. Are available for purchase as a new model, and mileage. In the showroom you can purchase the vehicle for cash or receive a loan. For each customer managers will find optimal conditions on the loan. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of the dealership with many banks.

In the showroom “the Volga motors” some of the lowest prices for new cars among the closest competitors. Here can find a suitable model for every customer. The auto show presents cars from 20 manufacturers. Also, you can always choose the right color and equipment. At the request of the buyer can be installed optional accessories. Most often clients of the showroom are residents of Samara. People choose this company, because here are the most popular models of cars from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

the Volga motors Samara customer reviews

Do Not doubt the honesty of the company. All exhibiting new car models are inspected and tested to identify any faults. Most often, nothing is revealed, but even if you detected any failure, remove it. Cars with mileage in addition to checking the technical condition and checked for purity from a legal point of view. On sale here will not work to find options that are in the hijacking, seizure, or bonded with other problems, as they are here to do.

In the showroom, you can:

  • Buy a new car with the possibility of granting a discount;
  • To receive a loan to purchase a car through banks, which are partners in the dealership;
  • To buy a car at the Trade-In program, that is to exchange your old car for a new one, while receiving a discount equal to the cost of an old car.

Also on the website of the company can reserve the desired vehicle, then customer contact managers. With them you need to discuss a meeting time. After this specified time will need to appear in the showroom with documents and old car. Managers and other employees will quickly assess the quality of the vehicle, and then called discount on the purchased car. All of these actions happen quickly, it saves customers time. All documents will deal with managers, the buyer will just have to wait. Vehicle registration in the traffic police will also be produced by the company.

Buying a used vehicle

If the car is newer, and money for models without run is not enough, you can find a used car at a nice price in the showroom “the Volga motors». Here are a variety of cars - from budget to premium. The company sells used cars for a long time, so she can be trusted.

Any client will find a suitable car among the. Number of models is huge. In the showroom you can find cars with different characteristics, options, engines, colors and cost. The company frequently updated list of used models. In orderin order not to miss the desired car, it is best to follow the information on the website of the company.

Buying a car with mileage without risk

At the present time In any field there are dishonest people, cheaters. They also meet the choice of used car. In the case of buying a used car people often do not use the services of any specialist or company, and begins to search for yourself. As a rule, he begins to search for the desired car on Craigslist or on special markets. In such places you can stumble upon fraudsters. Buying a car from such sellers can turn a string of problems. Most cars that sell the crooks, in legal terms is not clear.

the Volga motors Samara loan reviews

To purchase a used car and not to pick up unnecessary problems, it is best to contact the dealership “the Volga motors». Here all machines are checked for identification and Troubleshooting of all components and assemblies, as well as individual item verification of the documents of the car. Here are some points that must be accounted for in used cars:

  • General condition of the body: the presence or absence of corrosion, paintwork, welding joints;
  • Whether the vehicle was involved in an accident, are there any problems with the documents;
  • Verify all components and mechanisms of the engine, suspension and running gear in General Transmission, etc.

Reasons to buy cars with mileage in the company

Many clients come into the showroom “the Volga motors» buying a used car for various reasons. Most often this is due to the fact that people do not want the hassle. Buying cars with mileage here, it is possible to save much time. The employees treat all the customers equally well, this can be understood by a large number of positive reviews from customers. Auto show “the Volga motors” in Samara very careful in choosing employees. Managers will help in the selection and further development. Throughout the operation, they will help the customer in difficult matters.

If the buyer not from Samara, and came from another city, in this case the company pays all travel costs. After purchasing a used car managers can also help in preparing all the documents, insurance policies, and also in the decision of a car on accounting in traffic police. This will considerably save time to the client.

Loan no down payment

The Accumulation of money - quite a deal. Not everyone is ready quite a long period of time to defer the finances to buy a car. Moreover, there are cases when transport is necessary now. Then the only way - credit. The customer reviews about ‘the Volga motors” in Samara, you can understand that often customers use this service. And the reason for this is more than enough.

This service is very convenient. And judging by the reviews, the loan in “Volga motors" (Samara) and take more beneficial. Due to cooperation with lots of banks for the client there are various credit conditions, among which he can choose the best.

showroom Volga motors Samara Moskovskoe shosse reviews

The credit Department will help you choose a good offer. They will also provide all the necessary documents and assist in their design that should please buyers and they are willing to write positive reviews about ‘the Volga motors" (Samara).

To Acquire a loan like new car and mileage. To do this, the first thing you need to opt for any certain model. Then you need to choose the loan program. After that you should apply to the Bank and wait for approve a loan. Next you need to sign the necessary documents, then the car will belong to the buyer. For credit need to provide a passport.

For people whose time is very limited, there is the possibility of processing the loan through the website of the dealership. In this case, the application will be reviewed in the near future, and will contact the client managers to coordinate all of the nuances. Here you can find the most favorable conditions, as the company has long worked with the banks.

Trade-In Program in auto show “the Volga motors»

Also in the showroom you can exchange your old car for a new one. This service is called Trade-In. Its essence lies in the fact that the customer exchanges his old car for a new one, while receiving a discount equal to the amount of the old machine. The main advantage of this service is that the client does not need to spend a lot of time to find a new owner for the car. Only need to bring the car and all its documents to the dealership, after which experts will make assessment and will begin work on the car. The company has long is selling the cars program Trade-In. During this entire period of time was made just over 300 cars.

After passing inspection exchanged the car up for sale. The advantage of these machines is that their costs are lower than new, but the condition in most cases is almost same. Buying a used car is a risk of buying a problematic machine, as the sale of a car are thoroughly checked for faults and clean witha legal point of view.

If you drive an old car in exchange for a new, in addition to the basic discount, you can get more as the car dealership quite often hosts a variety of events. When you purchase the Trade-In program you can also get a car loan. This is quite convenient, since there is no need to pay immediately the full amount, but it already provides a good discount. The discount is granted immediately, then there is no need to wait for the moment when the old car goes to the new owner.


Showroom “the Volga motors” offers a variety of services. Of course, all of them are very useful. One of the services, which is almost never mentioned, is the formulation of a TC on the account. This procedure is mandatory. Even if the client does not want to be involved dealership, he will have to do it yourself. Staging vehicle registration in the traffic police. It is necessary to collect many documents and to get around a few rooms. In such a case is quite easy to get confused, especially someone who's been doing this for the first time. To exclude such incidents, the dealership offers its services on arrangement of the vehicle on the account. In this case, it is not necessary to run all the offices, and therefore saves time. Typically, the paperwork involved employees of the dealership. During registration, they can keep in touch, but not to attend in person.

Reviews from buyers of used cars

Satisfied customers of the dealership who have purchased cars with mileage, quite often leave reviews. They are mostly satisfied with the quality of the purchased car and the staff. Customers indicate that managers immediately contacted them and began to help in the selection of the car. Usually, they call only the strengths of the car, and about vulnerabilities silent.

That's why you can meet negative reviews. They indicate that the managers have said nothing about any lack of the car, which he subsequently failed. Also it happens that the staff voice not all the terms of the contract, which the client is confused. Some conditions are written in small font, so they are practically invisible. This is what some unhappy customers. But even with the hidden disadvantages of your vehicle pre-sale preparation is always at the highest level.

Customer Feedback “the Volga motors” in Samara about new cars

Showroom “the Volga motors” is the official dealer of various brands of cars. This means that the company monitors the quality of products sold. Customers who buy a new car, also leave comments about the company.the Volga motors Samara Moskovskoe shosse reviews

The Most common positive feedback. Buyers in “Volga motors" (Samara) note that all vehicles are of excellent quality. However, it should be, because it is a new machine. And so before purchasing it is better to carefully study. You can also find and negative reviews of "the Volga motors” in Samara. They most often reported that the price of some cars too high. However, this initially, because thanks to the permanent discounts and promotions, the cost may significantly fall.

In conclusion

It is Worth noting that the auto show “the Volga motors” can be considered as a place to buy a car. However, before that you need to compare the cost of similar models at other dealerships. After all the negative feedback from “the Volga motors” in Samara are also available.

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