Diarrhea in chickens: causes and treatments


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Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in birds, often accompanied by irregular bowel movement. Diarrhea in chickens can occur for many reasons, from stress to infection. In the latter case increases the risk of infection of all livestock. To protect laying hens from death, to understand the reasons that cause diarrhea, and be able to treat birds.

What causes diarrhea

Usually diarrhea in chickens caused by infectious pathologies or when fed poor-quality food. To determine exactly what caused the disease, can only be a doctor. If you suspect an infection you should get tested. After receiving the results carried out a correction of the treatment. In some cases, diarrhea may indicate the infection of birds with worms.

Diarrhea in chickens

The Danger of the disease is that the bird is not digested food, and the result is a dehydration, intoxication, reduced immune defense of the body. Without treatment, the bird dies. Make a preliminary diagnosis. It is enough to see the color of feces.

Evaluation of litter quality

In Order to recognize the emergence of the problem, there should be daily assessment of the litter. Normal in chickens it is of two types: intestinal and acalmy. The first type is a selection that you can watch throughout the day. Healthy bird droppings neatly shaped in the form of extruded granules of dark brown color. It is not liquid. The upper part of the stool has white coating. It is removed from the body of salt that enters the cloaca with urine and leaving feces. If litter has no form, it can speak about violation of the diet, the freezing of hens or infection.


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Zekely litter is also called night. It has a liquid consistency and comes out at the birds every day. Zekely cal – it is a derivative of the blind processes of the intestine, in which there is a delay feed. In its consistency of liquid manure, has a dark brown tint, not sticky. Sometimes litter can have a lighter shade. This suggests that in the blind appendages of the feed are retained in large quantities, causing fermentation. In Calais there are bubbles. If the color of stool changes or you see bubbles, it speaks of indigestion.

How to recognize diarrhea

For diarrhea there are a number of characteristics that you should pay attention to. Daily review is needed of the litter in the coop, especially in the night birds. This will allow you to see whether chickens diarrhea. If the total mass of liquid is detected the feces or droppings of an unusual color, it is a cause for concern.

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To ensure That there is a problem, there should be an inspection of poultry. Each chicken is inspected cesspool. Those who are sick, the feather around the vent is stained with feces. Laying hens about the diarrhea, you can speak in the presence of the egg shell, sticky feces, blood. At the onset of diarrhea in chicken cloaca may form. As a result, the bowel defecation is difficult or impossible at all. Within a few days the chick dies.

About the violation of the nature of the feces can tell the behavior of laying hens. She may experience depression, lethargy, increased thirst. The birds start to eat bad food, stay away from other relatives. Such individuals need monitoring. If it identifies the diarrhea, you should immediately begin treatment.

Common causes of diarrhea

What are the causes of diarrhea in chickens? Most often this condition is observed when violation feeding diet and content.

  • Hypothermia. Lowering the temperature causes poor absorption of food. Because of this, the droppings become watery, but its color does not change. Usually this kind of violation takes place independently and does not require any treatment.
  • The Stress of moving. The transportation of chickens can cause stress, and he, in turn, leads to disruption of digestion. The result is diarrhea. As soon as the bird get comfortable and get used to new conditions, the stool will return to normal.
  • A Change in diet and the violation of the feeding regime. The change in the feed leads to stress, consequently, to the occurrence of diarrhea. Most commonly seen when purchasing new birds from farms that were fed a compound feed, and in the new economy she began to give crops, fodder, corn and other feed. For the change of diet went unnoticed for poultry, it is recommended to gradually introduce new foods to the menu of layers. Over time, the amount of new feed adjusted to 100 %.

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  • Low-quality water. In the presence of nipple drinking bowls problems with the feces due to consumption of contaminated water from the chickens are not marked. If the bird is drinking from the container, then the water may be contaminated. As a result, the fluid in the body chicken get pathogens that cause diarrhea. To avoid this, the water tank is necessary every three days to decontaminate, and change the water at least two times a day.
  • Bowel Problems, poisoning. Hens when fed low-quality forage, grain mold can be infection, including Clostridium. As a rule, the replacement of the feed situation improves. To cope with the disease, all livestock probivaetsya antibacterial drugs.

Diarrhea white

If a chicken white diarrhea, then this may indicate infectious disease of the pulloroza. It is a simple bacterium of the genus Salmonella. When the penetration into the body of a bird pathogen affects the intestines, ovaries. In chickens it affects all internal organs. Infection of chickens comes from sick birds, secreting pathogen from infected droppings and carrying eggs.

In Addition to the occurrence of diarrhea in white, in chickens the following symptoms:

  • Rapid breathing with open beak.
  • Indigestion.
  • Depression.
  • In laying hens reduced egg production.

Yellow diarrhea in chickens

If the disease affects chicken, then it starts to lag behind in development, can stand in the corner with his eyes closed and widely spaced legs. To treat this pathology is not profitable, therefore, most of these chickens are sent to slaughter.

Yellow diarrhea

Under poor conditions or as a result of infections may appear yellow diarrhea in chickens. If the conditions leave much to be desired, it is necessary to fix it immediately. If infection is suspected the disease Gamboro. To clarify the diagnosis carried out laboratory testing of feces and autopsy of the dead birds. Yellow diarrhea in chickens may occur as a result of stress. It may also occur after the move and not only. To remove this cause, use a variety of methods, eliminate adverse factors.

Green feces

The Emergence of green diarrhea in chickens may indicate malnutrition or infection, such as pasteurellosis. In the latter case, Kal surrenders to the laboratory for analysis. Infection infection occurs from the sick chickens, mosquitoes and other biting insects, rodents. If the diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory, as soon as possible to begin treatment. If the analysis is negative, it indicates malnutrition. Often green diarrhea cause damaged, expired, or too coarse food. In any case, the treatment begins with the application of activated carbon and replacement of forage on high quality.

Brown droppings

If there is diarrhea brown laying hens, it can talk about the penetration in the organism of poultry pathogens. Most often they penetrate into the intestine in the autumn and spring periods. Infection occurs through litter, feed, infected water.

Clinically brown diarrhea may manifest the following symptoms:

  • In laying hens feather gets ruffled.
  • Appetite completely missing or reduced. The chicken indifferent to the stern, when the other birds snapped at him.
  • Stool liquid, brown, with admixtures of mucus.

Diarrhea in chickens laying hens

Infected birds often sit in one place with your eyes closed. To clarify the diagnosis carried out laboratory tests. Brown stool can be a cause of Eimeria or coccidiosis of chickens. For the treatment of this disease used koktsidiostatiki. Also this group of drugs is used for prevention of the disease. Knowing how to treat brown diarrhea in chickens can be prevented the infection of a chicken coop.

Bloody Diarrhea

Diarrhoea in chickens with blood observed in the coccidiosis. Cause disease protozoa-coccidia affecting the digestive tract. Usually the feces with the admixtures of blood observed in calves aged up to two months. The infection occurs through food, which contains a pathogenic microorganism. With the development of the disease the Chicks become lethargic, refuse to feed. They are sedentary, scallops are pale. A litter of chickens is liquid, it may contain blood, mucus. Change the color of stool – it turns brown. Blood in the stool may indicate injury to the lower intestine or cloaca.

Treatment for diarrhea

Treatment of diarrhea carried out in several stages. First it is necessary to remove the cause, which led to the violation of the characteristics of the feces. Then the selected method of treatment of diarrhea. Are usually used antibiotics, as most...

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