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Each product or service must meet certain quality standards. Those goods or services that may impact on human security, must be certified. They are included in a special list, prismatrivalsya annually.certification SchemesDepending on the type and volume of products, goods, services, and certification purposes, there are several diagrams of the procedure. Each of them represents a certain set of actions. Undoubtedly, the choice of a certification scheme agreed with the manufacturer (or importer), because from him comes the desire to get a certificate of conformity. It can be issued for one shipment and for serial production.

Below rassmotreny certification scheme.certification of products No. 1. Used for products with complex design. It is used for products with small output. The specimen is tested in a specialized laboratory having a permit. If the applicant seeks to obtain an additional state analysis of the investigated production, the certification scheme 1A.

No. 2. Here provides control of the inspection. In early tests the products, after which, the initiator of the validation can proceed with the registration of the certificate. Inspection involves checking of the products at different points of its implementation. Tests are conducted in accredited laboratories. Addition to the above certification scheme is a scheme 2A, which includes an analysis of the States of the process up to the issuance of the certificate. Both of these options are recommended for goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation regularly. Document compliance with quality standards is valid for one year.


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No. 3. Sample test conducted in a specialized laboratory having a permit. After the certificate is issued, inspection control, and the procedure is performed before products are put to the direct consumer. Schemes of certification of products of the type 3A require mandatory testing of products, together with the analysis of production and inspection control. The receipt of the documents matching the most expensive and the recommended goods, products and services whose quality is not changed over a long period of time. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

certification services No. 4. The test is performed, as in previous versions, but inspection is different. The samples are taken not only from the manufacturer (or importer), but also on the object of their implementation. In scheme 4A prior to the issuance of the certificate of analysis of production status.

No. 5. In this case, and conducted tests of the model sample, and the analysis of production and control, which is carried out not only through the testing of samples from the warehouse, points of sale, but also through verification of the constancy of the production conditions and the stability of the quality management system.

No. 6. The essence of this certification is to control the quality system of the enterprise specialized on.

No. 7. Here is batch testing. The validity of the document is unbounded, the control is not provided.

No. 8. This scheme involves compulsory testing of all products produced by the enterprise. The certificate granted in case of positive research results.

There are other certification schemes for services, number: 9, 10 and 10A. They used to party with a small production volume. One condition – the existence of a contract.

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