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Most Often chickens are bred, of course, to produce eggs or meat. However, in the world there are many decorative breeds of this bird. These chickens keep Basically only for beauty. Looking through the popular literature devoted to the ornamental birds, many have probably seen the luxurious males with incredibly long tails. This bird even the photo is very beautiful, but not all, of course, You know what is the breed of chicken. Sirin Rukh Phoenix — that is “name” of this magnificent bird in Russian. Such long-tailed roosters are bred mainly in Europe. However, sometimes they can be seen and on the farmsteads of the Russian farmers. There is, among other things, and the Asian variety of this dog is grown by the farmers of Japan and China.

The Main feature

Of Course, divorce breeds of chickens Phoenix Lovers decorative birds primarily for their very long tail. A breed standard is considered to be neither more nor less — and a size 3-3.5 m. In contrast to the conventional chickens Phoenix do not shed. And so the tail roosters in a year grows to approximately 90 cm Looks like a bird, of course, extremely impressive.

The Asian variety of this dog wears and does giant tail - to 11 m. such phoenixes are grown in Japan and China. Record of the Asian varieties of this breed is a rooster with a tail length of 13.3 m

chickens breed Phoenix

Breed History

It is believed that originally the chickens were bred in Asia - in China. The first mention of them is found in the annals of this country of the first Millennium of our era. In China the breed is called Feng-Huang. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, the Phoenix in China is supposed to hold in the southern part of the yard. It is believed that it can bring the family a huge fortune.


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Despite the fact that bred these chickens were in China most popular in ancient times, they have won Still In Japan. Once in this country, the Phoenix was considered the elite of the Imperial bird. Their owners were mostly only very rich people.

Immediately after these birds came to Japan, they were renamed Yokohama-Tosi and onagadori. Notable people of this country believed that the longer the tail of the cock, the more valuable it is. Therefore, it is on the increase and was sent at the time the work of Japanese breeders.

Continued improvement of the breed in the country of the rising sun today. Modern Japanese periodically promise to lengthen the tail of the males and 16 m. Elite breed phoenixes in Japan remain today. As in ancient times, selling and buying them is not accepted. Mainly decorative bird of this breed or give, or exchange.

Phoenix in Europe

Thus, in Asia the Phoenix breeding is primarily aimed at maximizing the length of the tail. Europeans, such an approach is considered unacceptable. The fact is that because of the impossibility of active independent movement of birds with too long tails often have different kinds of health problems. Therefore, the European breeders rely primarily on the harmony of the silhouette males and females. In Germany, for example, the standards allow for the length of the rooster tail 3-3.5 m.

Received a European breed of chicken Sirin Rukh Phoenix Alkonost breeders By crossing Asian Yokohama-Tosi mainly with local hens.

Phoenix in Russia

In our country, this special breed a special distribution, unfortunately, has not yet received. However, many farmers, she recently became interested quite seriously. On several farms in Russia these males, all the same bred. Basically it is a small, private farms. Find Phoenix hatching eggs or Chicks of this breed in Russia, thus, quite difficult, but still possible.

chickens breed Phoenix photo

Description of the breed: characteristics of a rooster

Of Course, just superb decorative qualities — is for that first of all are appreciated Chickens breed Phoenix. Photo on the page, a spectacular appearance of this bird clearly show. Of Course, Like any other exhibition, this breed has its certain standards. For males, it is primarily a:

  • Set enclosure with long back;

  • Small head with a straight comb;

  • Dark orange or red eyes;

  • Pale yellow or gray-blue beak;

  • Red earrings medium size;

  • Small white earlobes.

The Tail is a good cock-Phoenix should be set low and flat on the sides. This form, despite the considerable length, does not weigh down the silhouette of a bird. The Shins of the males of this breed are of medium size. The actual limb the bird is not too long. Spurs in males Thin graceful. The Stomach of birds is not very noticeable.

Plumage males

One of the features of chicken breed Phoenix is that they are absolutely not afraid of the cold. In winter, these chickens can freely walk on the street and even without any harm to the body to peck at the snow. This is made possible, of course, primarily due to the very dense plumage of these birds. Look impressive cocks of this breed not only because of its luxurious tail. On the neck they also grow very long and narrow feathers, falling even on the back. This "addition" makes the silhouette of the birds is richer and more solid.

Phoenix Golden breed chickens AR:












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